BDM 102 @ Ultrarunning Magazine

Months before the publication of the April 2010 issue of the Ultrarunning Magazine, Ben Gaetos, a BDM 102 veteran and ultrarunner from Los Angeles, California, sent me an e-mail informing me that the article I sent to Tia Bodington of the Ultrarunning Magazine last year will be published in the April 2010 issue of the said magazine.

I was so excited about this information as this will serve as a venue for the ultrarunners in the United States and other countries to be aware of the presence of an ultrarunning event at the very same place where history happened in the last World War II.

My reply to Ben Gaetos was to request him to buy one copy for me as I thought that the said magazine is available in the newsstands, magazine stores and bookstores in the United States. I found out later that the said magazine is only available to subscribers.

Last week, I was surprised when I received a copy of the said magazine from Ben Gaetos which he sent through First Class on the US Postal Service. Thanks, Ben for sending to me your subscription copy of the Ultrarunning Magazine. I hope you will send also your personal Race Report for the 2010 BDM 102 to Tia Bodington this time. We’ll expect that to be published on the April 2011 issue of the said magazine. 

Cover Page of April 2010 Issue of Ultrarunning Magazine

The following article can be seen on page 44, under the Adventure Run Section of the Ultrarunning Magazine:


By Jovenal Narcise, RD 

It started as a dream and it became a reality.

Having been a retired Two-Star General from the Armed Forces of the Philippines last year and a passionate runner, I thought of conducting an ultramarathon road race by adopting the actual route of the infamous Bataan Death March that happened on April 6-15, 1942 after the US and Philippine Forces surrendered to the invading Japanese Imperial Military Forces. This March resulted in the deaths of almost 700 US soldiers and 20,000 Philippine troops and Auxiliary members due to the atrocities of the Japanese soldiers, lack of water & food, weak bodies due to diseases, and the scorching heat of the sun during the day being April as the peak of summer hot weather in the country.

In memory of our heroes, this ultramarathon race was dedicated to them in celebration of the country’s National Heroes Day. The other purpose was to promote ultra running events in the country and develop future ultra runners for international exposure. Lastly, I would like to make this celebration as an annual running event to raise funds for the living survivors of the Bataan Death March in the country who are few and proud to have served to defend the country in the name of freedom and democracy.

A total of 82 runners, consisting of 8 runners from other countries (US, Japan, France, Indonesia, and Singapore) and 5 lady runners, became part of history of this ultra road running event as they started the race at 30 minutes passed midnight of April 4, 2009.

The event followed the actual route where our heroes had to walk from the coastal town of Mariveles, Bataan up to the Old Train Station in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga covering a distance of 102 kilometers. Runners started their uphill climb after 3 kilometers from the Starting Line, traversing the first mountain along the route. The next 35 kilometers would be a roller-coaster run with uphill and downhill as more towns would be reached and passed by the runners. The next 60 kilometers and down to the final stretch of the race are all plain but the heat of the sun would be the most important concern among runners in order to have the strength and endurance to reach the Finish Line.

Each runner was encouraged to bring with them their hydration belt, at least, one container for water and another one for their sports drinks for mineral replacements. The Aid Stations were located every 20 kilometers while 3 Roving Aid Stations aboard vehicles were constantly in touched with the runners, giving bottled water and sports/energy drinks and food along the way. At the Halfway mark (Km Post 50), an Aid Station was available to serve breakfast to all the runners and it became a recovery point for Drop Bags of the runners. Three (3) Ambulance Vehicles were available moving with the runners and One Ambulance was dedicated to follow the last runner of the event up to the Finish Line.

The first half of the race was a test of patience for all the runners. But the second half was a test of endurance as the heat of the sun would reach up to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit and this condition would slow down most of the runners. Due to proper information and previous “test run” along the second half of the route two months before the race and long runs along the main streets in Metro Manila during daytime, runners knew how to deal with the early signs of “heatstroke” and the finishers were proud to have overcome such condition and challenge along the way by applying those preventive measures they have learned from their past long runs and training.

Out of the 82 starters, 63 runners were declared Finishers beating the cut-off time of 18 hours. Out of the 5 lady runners, 2 of them finished the race within the prescribed time. Each finisher was immediately awarded with a Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, and Certificate of Finish immediately after passing the Finish Line. To top it all, a separate Awarding Ceremony Dinner Party was held at the Philippine Army’s Officers Club with all the participants and sponsors celebrating as a community of ultra runners, a week after the running event.

The race was a successful one and more runners had already signified their intentions to join in the next year’s edition of this ultra road race. The 2nd edition of the race will be held on the midnight of March 6, 2010.

The 3rd edition of the BDM 102 is now listed among the Ultra Running Events in the Calendar Link of Ultrarunning Magazine. However, an additional calendar entry will be requested for the 1st BDM 151 soon. Please check at

Race Director’s Report: 2010 BDM 102

I presented this report during the “Get Together & Awarding Ceremony” of the 2010 BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race last March 11, 2010 at the Tejeros Hall, AFP Officers Club in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. This post then is for the benefit of my readers who were not part of the 2010 BDM 102 and who in the future would like to experience this ultrarunning event.

Top 10 List: What Is Unique About The BDM 102?

10. It commemorates the infamous Bataan Death March of World War II along the exact route where history happened. This is in honor of the 20,000 to 25,000 soldiers who died during the said March.

9. At present, the BDM 102 is the Longest Solo Road Race in the country.

8. Every Finisher within the cut-off time of 18 hours is awarded with a medal & individual trophy.

7. A Test of One’s Endurance Limit.

6. A Test of Teamwork between the runner & his/her support crew.

5. A Race where every runner helps each other to finish the course.

4. A Running Event where you can have a “fashion show” of your running apparel.

3. A venue where a runner can raise funds for his selected Charitable Institution.

2. A Running Event where a runner can take a shower & massage along the route.

1. The ONLY Road Race with an Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party days after the event!!!

On Statistics:

1st BDM 102 2nd BDM 102
Date of Race: 4-5 April 2009 Date of Race: 6-7 March 2010
Runner-Applicants: 150 Runner-Applicants: 186
Registered Runners: 82 Registered Runners: 142
Race Starters: 82 Race Starters: 128
Finishers: 63 Finishers: 104
% of Finishers: 77% % of Finishers: 81.25%

On Comparison of the 1st BDM 102 with the 2nd BDM 102:

1st BDM 102:

1. The result that I published was UNOFFICIAL due to the following reasons: (a) there were “cheaters” and I personally observed cheating among the runner-participants; (b) the Actual Route was not followed as the leading runners did not pass “critical” kilometer posts along the way.

2. I was the Race Organizer and Race Director and also one of the Runner-Participants.

3. There were Aid Stations in every 20 kilometers plus a Breakfast Station at Km Post #50.

4. There were four (4) Checkpoints where I placed “secret marshals” who handed color-coded wrist bands.

5. There were Cash Prizes to the Overall Top 3 Male & Female Categories and Trophies to Top 3 in the Age Category for both Men & Women Categories.

6. There were seven (7) Foreign Runners but only five (5) finished. There were five (5 lady runners but only two (2) of them finished.

2nd BDM 102:

1. The result that I published a day after the event was OFFICIAL.

2. The prestige and integrity of the race were maintained as there were no reports of cheating among the runners.

3. The actual route of the BDM was followed.

4. I was the full-time Race Director of the event.

5. I removed all the Aid Stations, instead, each runner must have his/her Support Vehicle & Support Crew in order to compete in this event. The halfway Aid Station at Km Post #50 was maintained and it offered breakfast, foods & drinks to all the runners.

6. Submission of a Medical/Doctor’s Certificate for each runner is a MUST.

7. I have placed seven (7) Time Stations & Checkpoints that gave colored string necklace to every runner.

8. Final Briefing & CarboLoading Party were conducted two days before the Race Day. Administrative matters were done during this event.

9. No Cash Prizes. Awards/Trophies were given to the Top 3 Men’s & Ladies’ Categories.

10. There were eleven (11) Foreign Runners and all of them finished. There were thirteen (13) Lady Runners but only ten (10) finished.

2010 BDM 102 Winners

Men’s Category

Champion: Alvin Canada—10:01:5 hours

1st Runner-Up: Randy Bumahit—10:44:27 hours

2nd Runner-Up: Jonnifer Lacanlale—11:01:47 hours

Women’s Category

Champion: Whreachelle Cordova—16:00:07 hours

1st Runner-Up: Raiza Tulan—16:23:01 hours

2nd Runner-Up: Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe—16:38:48 hours


1. The Last Day of Registration and Payment of Fees for Invited/Qualified Runners were scheduled six (6) weeks before Race Day.

2. The responsibility of logistics/support was given to the individual runner.

3. Some of the runners are still fond of last day submission of race requirements.

4. Administrative matters were done during the Final Briefing & CarboLoading Party which resulted to a shorter processing at the Starting/Assembly Area during Race Day.

5. For this year, the Race started earlier (11:30 PM of Saturday) and it was finished earlier, too!

6. Published Rules & Regulations were followed but some minor violations were observed.

7. Our Time Stations/Checkpoints were effective to pinpoint/deter cheaters. We deployed more checkpoints this time.

8. Support Vehicles were more responsive to the needs of the runners than placing stationary Aid Stations.

9. There was a tie in 4th Place. This thing will never happen again or else both runners will be disqualified for pacing with each other.

10. There were some runners who registered to have Support Vehicle but in reality, they were not supported by such vehicle. A stricter measure will be implemented in the next edition in order to monitor runners without any support vehicle.

11. Some runners lack “heat training” and the necessary training to finish an ultramarathon distance race. They understimated their supply of water & drinks needed for the road race.

12. There were cases of “bandit” runners. I had to warn Norio Tanaka from Runnex, a finisher in the 1st BDM 102, to stop running during the race as he was a “bandit” in the race. Another unidentified runner was also warned to stop “brisk walking” at Km Post #14.  Guys, if you want to “bandit” in my race, please don’t do it! If you want to experience running the BDM route, please don’t do it during my race day. You have the remaining days of the year to do it by yourself.

13. Some runners have two or more vehicles tagging along with their authorized support vehicle. I know that this race is a family affair among the participants but please limit the vehicles tagging along with the support vehicles.

14. We did not commit a mistake in our Finisher’s Medal. What you see in your Finisher’s Medal is the Official Seal of BDM 102 with the year 2009 as its founding year. I requested the finishers to have the date of the 2010 Bdm 102 engraved at the back. In next year’s edition, we will correct and place the engraved date at the back of the medal.

2010 BDM 102 Trivia:

1st Husband & Wife Finishers—Ria Go Tian & Emerson Go Tian

1st US/American Finisher—Charles Fletcher

1st Grandson-Finisher of a BDM 1942 Survivor—Jose Maria Galauran

Youngest Finisher—Mark Peralta, 19 years old

Oldest Finisher—Artemio Ladia, 54 years old.

1st Active General of the AFP To Finish The Race—Major General Samuel D Narcise AFP

1st Active PNP Officer Finisher—P/Supt Gregorio Torres

1st Father & Son Finishers—Major General Samuel D Narcise & Lemuel Narcise


1. 2010 BDM 102 was a successful event. Although we did not earn any profit or proceeds from this year’s edition, the support of the “Friends of the Bald Runner & Team BR-Professionals” covered the expenses/support for the additional logistics and activities to make this event a successful one. The BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race will remain to be a simple race devoid of unnecessary “distractions” and funfare.

2. Planning and Execution were almost perfect this time due to the experience from the 1st BDM 102. Our staff, volunteers, and marshals were fully briefed, rehearsed, focused and coordinated for the event.

3. The weather conditions were extreme but runners were able to adapt to the situation.

4. Teamwork & Unity were displayed among competing runners and support crew were responsive to the needs of the runners.

5. Lastly, this event would not be successful without the support & cooperation of the runners/support crew; sponsors & supporters; volunteers; and the Elite Team Bald Runner & Staff. Thank you very much!!!

See you on the 3rd BDM 102 & 1st BDM 151!!!

Champion: 2010 BDM 102/PDI News

Corporal Alvin Canada of the Philippine Army won as the Overall Champion in the latest edition of the Bataan Death March (BDM) 102K Ultramarathon Race which was held last March 6-7, 2010 from Km oo in Mariveles, Bataan to Km 102 in San Fernando, Pampanga.

The following is a news clipping from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Sportwatch section on page A17 dated March 11, 2010. Thanks, Carrey for the publication.

Philippine Daily Inquirer's News dtd March 11, 2010

 A total of 143 runners were invited after they have registered and properly screened. On race day, 128 runners showed at the Starting Line. Out of the 128 runners, 104 runners were able to reach the Finish Line within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

Congratulations to all the runners, sponsors/donors, friends of Bald Runner, Elite Team Bald Runner, Volunteers & Team Bald Runner-Professional Group, and the staff of Bald Runner’s Events. Your cooperation, unity & teamwork have made this event a successful one. My heartfelt thanks to everybody.

See you on the next year’s edition of BDM 102/145.

BDM102 @ Ultrarunning Online!!!

The Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race (BDM 102) is now officially scheduled as one of the International Ultra Running Events at the Ultrarunning Magazine’s Online edition.

Please check it out at and browse their Calendar Page.

In addition, I am hoping that the Race Report I’ve submitted to the said magazine on the conduct of the 1st Edition this year will be published soon.

My congratulations and thanks go to the participants, sponsors, running friends/supporters, and staff of the Bald Runner for making this “dream” a “reality”.

Finally, my sincerest appreciation and thanks go to Rick Gaston & Ben Gaetos, my ultrarunner friends in California, for their support and inspiring words.

See you next year in Mariveles, Bataan!!!

Comments From 1st BDM 102

The following are the latest comments sent to me by the Moderator/Administrator of BDM 102 website (, Eric Pasion aka Run For Change as a result of the conduct of the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race:

All of you great athletes have much to be proud of and a job well done to all of you. Last year, April 8-9 2008, myself and my good friend Ariel Lesap from Panay Island marched this same route which took us 2 days. The heat and sun was relentless and how happy we were to put our hands on the 102 km. marker! So it astounds me to see your website ! Not only did you run it, you ran it in hours ! I am 50, but some of your ages are unbelievable ! Younger generations will be inspired by your run ! Thank you for bringing much needed awareness to Bataan and the infamous Death March where so many brave souls perished and still sleep beneath the hallowed ground of Bataan. God Bless you all,….Paul Dillon

I am very thrilled to know that there is some kind of a memorial marathon for the Bataan Death March. I would however would like to make a couple of suggestion:

1. Make it a two day walk with a campout somewhere inbetween the start and the finish.
2. Create a foundation to honor the Bataan Death March participants in the Bataan such as erecting some kind of a monument and museum.

My father was a survivor and even before he passed away two years ago, could not discuss the details of the ‘death march’.

If this was made into a two day walk and advertised in the Philippines and the U.S., I’m sure that you will receive quite a number of applicants, including me and my family. I would like to walk my father’s walk and do it in his memory as well as his grandchildren. This can also help the economy of Bataan for it will need hotels and restaurants and maybe tour guides.

This is not to commercialize the horrific experience of those that walked to their death and those that survived but to let us, the living experience what they went through and how they dedicated their lives for Freedom, and what it stands for.

Thank you.
Terry Kelley

The “Few, Proud, & Brave Warriors” Of Bataan 102 Ultramarathon

Finally, this is the list of participants in the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race to be held on 05 April 2009 along the exact route where history happened where each runner must be able to finish the race within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

1. John Frederick Abenina

2. Albert Henson

3. Francisco Lapira, Jr.

4. Constante Mendoza

5. Jonathan Babsa-ay

6. Kim O’ Connell (F)

7. Jo-Ar Calvadores

8. Regie Buljoran

9. Dionisio Potonia

10. Roel Ano

11. Ricardo Cabusao, Jr

12. Norio Tanaka

13. Jerome Cartailler

14. Arman Fernando

15. Aniceto Grimaldo

16. Jessie Ano

17. Martin Lorenzo

18. Jonnifer Lacanlale

19. Don Ubaldo

20. Charlie Chua

21. Ralph Salvador

22. Eric Socrates

23. Noel Hernandez

24. Albert Sama

25. Bonifacio Dalisay

26. July Oconer

27. George Dolores

28. Jose Marie Javier

29. Willy Suarez

30. Vincent Tongson

31. Albert Salazar

32. Victor Ting

33. Alipio Narciso

34. Enrico Tocol

35. Michael Sudario

36. Ivy Macainan (F)

37. Jerry Karundeng

38. Fernando De Lara

39. Regidor Samar

40. Jay Lee Cu-Unjieng

41. Ronald Declarador

42. Nicomedes Jaranilla

43. Odessa Coral (F)

44. Ezekiel Mangune

45. Edwin Bien

46. Hermogines Olvis

47. John Nickko Nolasco

48. Carlos Nobleza

49. Raiza Tulan (F)

50. Dennis Enriquez

51. Felipe Nama

52. Pepito Deapera

53. Melchor De Lara

54. Arman Abalos

55. Nonilo Onoya

56. Richard Poquiz

57. Edilberto Severino

58. Filomeno Duterte IV

59. Cesar Abarientos

60. Christian David Alacar

61. Mark Bata

62. Roselito Bernardo

63. Eduardo Vilanueva

64. Rodolfo Tacadino

65. Romeo Marquez

66. Alvin Canada

67. Esmeraldo Ondoy

68. Mamerto Corpuz

69. Adons Lubaton

70. Andrico Mahilum

71. Randy Bumahit

72. Rey Antoque

73. Bowen Montecillo

74. Isidro Vildosola

75. Bald Runner

76. Rey De Los Reyes

77. Ellen Tolentino (F)

78. Lucas

79. Baldwin

80. Andy Ho

81. Mario Salumbides

82. Jayson Fabricante

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your support and Good Luck!!!


Results: Bataan 52K “Test Run”

BATAAN 52K “TEST RUN”/ 22 FEB 2009

(Start Time: 7:23 AM)

       Name                   Arrival Time   Time 

1.       Isidro Vildosola                 2:04 PM        6:41

2.       Mario Salumbides             2:06 PM        6:43

3.       Jose Mari Javier                 2:06 PM        6:43

4.       Hiroshi Takei                      2:07 PM        6:44

5.       Jayson Fabricante              2:07 PM        6:44

6.       Felipe Nama                        2:07 PM        6:44

7.       Arman  Fernando              2:11 PM        6:48

8.       John Frederick Abenina  2:13 PM        6:50

9.       Bald Runner                         2:13 PM        6:50

10.   Jerry Karundeng                 2:18 PM        6:55

11.   Ralph Jerome Salvador   2:18 PM        6:55

12.   Constante Mendoza         2:25 PM        7:02

13.   Albert   Henson                 2:25 PM        7:02

14.   Hermogenes Olvis            2:27 PM        7:04

15.   Ben Gaetos                          2:29 PM        7:06

16.   Victor Ting                            2:34 PM        7:11

17.   Alipio Narciso                     2:34 PM        7:11

18.   Michael Sudario                 2:38 PM        7:15

19.   Filomeno Duterte IV        2:38 PM        7:15

20.   Albert Salazar                      2:38 PM        7:15

21.   Francisco Lapira                  2:44 PM        7:21

22.   Ricardo Cabusao                2:54 PM        7:31

23.   Charlie Chua                        3:05 PM        7:42

24.   Ronald  Declarador            3:09 PM        7:46

25.   Lawrence Trinidad            3:09 PM        7:46

26.   Jun Jaranilla                         3:10 PM        7:47

27.   Aniceto Grimaldo              3:10 PM        7:47

28.   Odessa Coral                       3:11 PM        7:48

29.   Enrico Tocol                         3:11 PM        7:48

30.   Richard Poquis                    3:19 PM        7:56

31.   Norio Tanaka                       3:20 PM        7:57

32.   Edilberto Severino              3:21 PM        7:58

33.   Regidor Samar                    3:25 PM        8:02

34.   George Dolores                   3:25 PM        8:02

35.   Jay Lee Cu Unjieng              3:25 PM        8:02

36.   Christian Alacar                  3:25 PM        8:02  

In order to officially document the accomplishment of each participant, an appropriate Certificate of Completion will be given to the participants. Congratulations!!!          

The New Warriors Of Bataan

6:30 AM 22 February 2009 @ Bataan Death March Kilometer Post # 50 in Abucay, Bataan

All the runner-applicants for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race to be held on 05 April 2009 were asked to join the 52K “Test Run” from Km Post # 50 to the Finish Line in San Fernando, Pampanga as a requirement for each runner in order to orient them on the actual route and have them experience the feeling of running under the heat of the sun and over the “hot” paved/cemented roads of Bataan and Pampanga. The “test run” was announced through my posts at and this blog. Other runners reached to them through the words and information from the other runner-bloggers and the “Hardcores”.

As the race organizer for the ultramarathon event, I had to make coordination for the support requirements of this event, to include the conduct of this “test run”. This includes security, logistics, administrative and other miscellaneous requirements. Aside from those runners who have the capability to provide themselves with their own suport system, I also prepared a general support vehicle which served as our “mobile” Aid Station throughout the duration of the “test run”. An ambulance with a Medical Team was also available courtesy from my brother who is now the Commander of the Light Armor Division of the Philippine Army based in Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac. My staff prepared 100 bottles of Gatorade; 100 bottles of Propel Drinks; 100 pieces of Sponges/Foams; Cloud 9 Chocolates; lots of boiled sweet potatoes and bananas; hard-boiled eggs, and packs of Sky Flakes. Runner-participants Arman Fernando & Jonel aka Bugobugo85 donated 500 bottles of bottled water.

My staff and I left Manila at 4:00AM yesterday morning with all the prepared logistics support for the “test run” and the personnel needed. We arrived in Balanga City just in time for the opening of Jollibee where 12 of us had our breakfast. At 6:30 AM, we arrived at the pre-designated assembly area which is a 6-km drive from Balanga City. There were almost 20 runners and their support vehicles were already there. Some of the runners had to take the bus from Pasay City as early as 3:00AM just to be able to be at the place before the assembly time. From one group of runners to another, I had to personally greet and ask their names of the new faces I’ve seen in the area. I tried as much as possible to extend my thanks to each runner for their support and attendance to this “test run”. At 6:45AM, all the runners were already prepared and we had to get and list their names for accounting purposes.

Camanava Runners--Jun Lapira, Jeff Abenina, & Bert Henson
Camanava Runners--Jun Lapira, Jeff Abenina, & Bert Henson
Tarpaulin Signs For Support Vehicles
Tarpaulin Signs For Support Vehicles
Final Briefing From the "General" To His "Warriors"
Final Briefing From the "General" To His "Warriors"

I requested the runners to gather around for my personal briefing for the “test run”. In my briefing and remarks, I personally extended my thanks for their support in this ultramarathon event and told them the very purpose of this “test run” and warn them on the preventive and safety measures to make this run as a success and meaningful to each one of us. Details of the route and the support arrangements were  explained to them. We had an accounting of the runners and the “test run” consisted of 38 runners with two (2) Japanese runners—Norio Tanaka and Hiroshi Takei. Three of the 38 runners are not runner-participants for the Bataan 102K Race. Coach Salazar led a simple stretching exercises. We had a photo-ops at the Kilometer Post # 50 and then Coach Salazar (again!) led a simple prayer for everybody.

"Warriors" Were Attentive To Receive Their "Mission"
"Warriors" Were Attentive To Receive Their "Mission"
Stretching Exercises Led by Coach Salazar
Stretching Exercises Led by Coach Salazar
Group Picture With Bataan Death March Km Post # 50
Group Picture With Bataan Death March Km Post # 50
Another Group Picture With The Bataan 102 Logo
Another Group Picture With The Bataan 102 Logo
Coach Salazar Leading The Prayer Before The Run
Coach Salazar Leading The Prayer Before The Run

The run started at 7:23 AM (GF 305 time) with me leading the group of 38 runners with a slow and comfortable pace. The sun was already shining and the sky was cloudless when we started the run and it maintained to be cloudless throughout the run. The running group ran with the traffic making sure that each runner whould run along the very edge of the paved road or along the dirt road on the sidewalk. After running for five minutes, Albert Salazar aka Run2Dmoon, Hiroshi Takei and a lady runner overtook me with a fast pace and after ten minutes, Victor Ting, a 63-year old and 30-year veteran of road racing  and another companion runner overtook me and these runners led the group and later went ahead of the group for almost 2 kilometers.

The Run Started With Me Infront Of The Group
The Run Started With Me Infront Of The Group
At The Orani-Hermosa Area
At The Orani-Hermosa Area With Norio Tanaka Behind Me

My plan for this tes run was to maintain an average pace within the range of 6:45 to 7:00 minutes per kilometer; brisk walk at least 5 to 10 minutes every 12-15 kilometers; and spend at least 3-5 minutes stop on the “mobile” Aid Stations to eat and drink; have my “bandana” dipped on the cold water; and place a soaked foam/sponge on my upper back & clipped with the upper edge of my white Patagonia long-sleeved shirt. I decided not to wear my Nathan Water Belt or my TNF Water Pack but I saw to it that I have a water bottle tucked on the “small on the back” portion with my tight compression shorts and have the option to have another bottled water on my hand.

At The Lubao-Guagua Road/National Highway At Vicinity Km # 75
At The Lubao-Guagua Road/National Highway At Vicinity Km # 75

The test run went well as planned where our “mobile”  Aid Station had be prepositioned every 2.5 to 3 kilometers along the route. Our Ambulance was positioned at the back of the last group of runners. Our staff had to check each runner as they pass on our “mobile” Aid Station and they had to monitor also how far are the lead runners. As the runners had completed 10 kilometers and about to reach the boundary of Orani and Hermosa, Bataan, the runners’ location had stretched within the range distance of 4-5 kilometers of the race route. I was beginning to suspect that this “test run” was evolving to be a road race for everybody! I was in the company of Jerry aka High Altitude, Norio Tanaka, Mari Javier, Gene Olvis, Rollie and Ralph “Raffy” Salvador along the stretch from Abucay to Hermosa, Bataan.

Eating Halo-Halo at Razon's in Guagua, Pampanga
Eating Halo-Halo at Razon's in Guagua, Pampanga

After running 17 kilometers, I saw one of the lead runners walking and I had to walk with him and started to ask how & what he feels on the progress of the run and the effect of the heat of the sun to his body. The runner answered that he is okey and just needed to walk. Talking while walking with runners was my way of advising them of hydrating and feeding themselves with the food needed to fuel their body. After 5 minutes, I was back on the road, running towards the junction of the Dinalupihan-Subic Road where Km Post # 68 is located.

The next 15 kilometers along the highway from Dinalupihan to Kilometer Post # 83 was the hardest part of the run because of the heat of the sun and the overstretched location of our “mobile” Aid Station. From every 2.5 to 3 kilometers of distance where the Aid Station would prepositioned itself, it became to almost every 5-6 kilometers. The lone “mobile” Aid Station became two after the pick-up of Jonel aka Bugobugo85 volunteered as support for the slower runners. At this point, the span of the spread of the runners almost covered a range of 6 kilometers when we reached Kilometer Post # 75.

Group Picture Before Starting Our Last 11K Leg
Group Picture Before Starting Our Last 11K Leg

The faster runner were directed to stop and rest and wait for the other runners at the Petron Gas Station in Guagua, Pampanga where the Original Razon restaurant is located. At this point, we were already at the vicinity of Kilometer Post # 91 and we still have 11 kilometers to go before the Fnish Line. The first 25 runners were treated with the famous Halo-Halo at Razon’s courtesy of the Bald Runner. We had at least a 45-minute rest in this area and I just kept my GF 305 running to get the overall elapsed time for the duration of the test run. As we resumed our last leg of our test run from this point, my GF 305 registered an elapsed time of 5:46+ hours.

The last 11-km stretch  was also a hard part of the run but each runner had to condition into his mind that this is just a simple 10K run for him. It was already about 1:00PM and the heat of the sun was really taking its effect to every runner as our strides became shorter and our breathing became faster. Our “mobile” Aid Stations were there in every kilometer along this last segment and we had to drink a lot of water and Gatorade in order to last up to the Finish Line. Finally, along this stretch, every runner could see from a distance the next Kilometer Post marking as he passes one kilometer marking until the last kilometer post on the Highway which is Kilometer Post # 101. Seeing the grounds of the Pampanga Provincial Capitol was a sight of relief as it would be almost 200 meters before the Finish Line.

Finally, At The Finish Line, Bataan Death March Km Post # 102
Finally, At The Finish Line, Bataan Death March Km Post # 102 With The Hardcores--Mari, Armand, Jerry aka High Altitude & Jonel aka Bugobugo85
Our Guest Ultra Runner Ben Gaetos Who Had Arrived From Bangkok Before The Run
Our Guest Ultra Runner Ben Gaetos Who Had Arrived From Bangkok Before The Run

I finished the “test run” in 8th place with an elapsed time of 6:52+ hours (including the 45-minute rest at Razon’s). All the Thirty-five (35) runner-applicants finished the “test run” with more time to spare before the 9-hour decent time to finish the run. Without the mandatory 45-minute “rest & stop” at Razon’s, each of the runner must have registered a faster time.

My congratulations to the finishers of this “test run”. I now consider and pronounce you as the “new warriors of Bataan”. You had passed the test and you can have the bragging rights as an “ultramarathoner” or ultra runner in the country. I know most of us had learned some lessons in this run and I hope you can continue to train and prepare for the final race on 05 April 2009.

The Ultra Runners Of The Philippines/"New Warriors Of Bataan"
The Ultra Runners Of The Philippines/"New Warriors Of Bataan"

My sincerest thanks to those people who have helped and supported us in this “test run”. May you help us some more in our advocacy to promote ultramarathon events in the country and at the same time commemorate events in the history of our country for the benefit of our heroes and to the younger generation.