Comments From 1st BDM 102

The following are the latest comments sent to me by the Moderator/Administrator of BDM 102 website (, Eric Pasion aka Run For Change as a result of the conduct of the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race:

All of you great athletes have much to be proud of and a job well done to all of you. Last year, April 8-9 2008, myself and my good friend Ariel Lesap from Panay Island marched this same route which took us 2 days. The heat and sun was relentless and how happy we were to put our hands on the 102 km. marker! So it astounds me to see your website ! Not only did you run it, you ran it in hours ! I am 50, but some of your ages are unbelievable ! Younger generations will be inspired by your run ! Thank you for bringing much needed awareness to Bataan and the infamous Death March where so many brave souls perished and still sleep beneath the hallowed ground of Bataan. God Bless you all,….Paul Dillon

I am very thrilled to know that there is some kind of a memorial marathon for the Bataan Death March. I would however would like to make a couple of suggestion:

1. Make it a two day walk with a campout somewhere inbetween the start and the finish.
2. Create a foundation to honor the Bataan Death March participants in the Bataan such as erecting some kind of a monument and museum.

My father was a survivor and even before he passed away two years ago, could not discuss the details of the ‘death march’.

If this was made into a two day walk and advertised in the Philippines and the U.S., I’m sure that you will receive quite a number of applicants, including me and my family. I would like to walk my father’s walk and do it in his memory as well as his grandchildren. This can also help the economy of Bataan for it will need hotels and restaurants and maybe tour guides.

This is not to commercialize the horrific experience of those that walked to their death and those that survived but to let us, the living experience what they went through and how they dedicated their lives for Freedom, and what it stands for.

Thank you.
Terry Kelley

3 thoughts on “Comments From 1st BDM 102

  1. runnerforchrist

    In our BDM Ultra, you have given us plenty of power gels, bars etc with still many back-up foods and drinks. Plus the trophy, medal and a lavish foods in the awarding ceremony. I would say, that our fee for your Ultra was well-managed and worth it…(Copied from my post, “What do runners need during a race?”)


  2. jolibee

    Hi Sir, I really admire what you are doing. I recently went to Capas National Shrine and saw the names of the soldiers who died. Having your event yearly would be a great honor to the soldiers who passed away. It will also be a good reminder for us, who easilly forget, of our past.


    1. kingofpots

      i’ll try my best to sustain this very important event so that more will be inspired to know the importance of freedom & independence


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