BDM102 @ Ultrarunning Online!!!

The Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race (BDM 102) is now officially scheduled as one of the International Ultra Running Events at the Ultrarunning Magazine’s Online edition.

Please check it out at and browse their Calendar Page.

In addition, I am hoping that the Race Report I’ve submitted to the said magazine on the conduct of the 1st Edition this year will be published soon.

My congratulations and thanks go to the participants, sponsors, running friends/supporters, and staff of the Bald Runner for making this “dream” a “reality”.

Finally, my sincerest appreciation and thanks go to Rick Gaston & Ben Gaetos, my ultrarunner friends in California, for their support and inspiring words.

See you next year in Mariveles, Bataan!!!

28 thoughts on “BDM102 @ Ultrarunning Online!!!

      1. kingofpots

        joe, the preparations/coordination will be bigger this time as we will adjust to stricter rules and regulations. after determining some problems & lapses during our first run, we’ll try our best to come up with rules and regulations so that the race will be done efficiently.


  1. Congratulations! I hope to see your article soon. More people should know about your race here in the US, especially with all the history tied to it. More power to BDM 102.

    UltraRunning is a great magazine too, managed and distributed by ultra runners. The publisher, John Medinger, is the RD for my favorite race, the Quad Dipsea. Tia Bodington, the editor, is the RD for the Miwok 100k, another great local race here and Business Manager Lisa Henson I always run into at races. Lately every time I’ve seen her she has been injured, I hope that changes soon.

    When the article comes out, let me know if you need a copy sent to you.


    1. kingofpots

      jinoe, thanks! this is my simple way of contributing to “sports tourism” for the country. i am just frustrated that the DOT did not support me in the first edition of BDM102.


  2. levyang

    Congratulations Sir Jovie.. This will definitely put the Philippines in the map as one of the running destinations!!! Great Job!!!


    1. kingofpots

      levy, i am sure, more foreigners will come to commemorate this event in the history of mankind. i envisioned this ultra event as the “Comrades Ultramarathon” in Asia.


  3. benwah

    Tia was so eager to hear about BDM 102. I emailed her when I came back from my Phil. vacation. Every year (Mar or Apr) UR Mag features ultra races outside the US. We should encourage our runners to send their ultra race reports. Albert’s (Run2D Moon) BDM report for one was well written. I have an article coming up in Aug issue about Old Goats 50 Miler.

    I’m almost certain to run BDM102 next year. I will have to cancel my LA Marathon plans (back to March date) but have to be back for my favorite marathon, Catalina Marathon (Mar 13). Going for my 10th straight and special finisher’s pin. Sir Jovie, you should consider running this race next time you visit LA. It’s only 1 hr boat ride from Long Beach. Avalon 50 Miler in Jan, Buffalo 1/2Mar in on Feb, Catalina Mar in Mar, Catalina Eco Mar in Nov. offer great challenge and adventure. Check for more info on the island. This race got me back into running.


    1. kingofpots

      ben, thanks for joining the 2nd BDM102. maybe, i’ll try to run one of the races in catalina island soon. i’ve heard nice stories about the said place.


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  5. broj

    This is good news for BDM102. Congratulations Sir Jovie! Wishing you the best for the 2nd ultramarathon – international level! More power Sir! – from BroJ and Baby


  6. runnerforchrist


    A man who labored well has the right to taste the fruit of his hardship, and truly, you deserved this one.

    To be included on that list was such a great honor… And I’ll start training for that this coming November, hoping to break my 17+ hour record.

    God bless.


  7. speedsterbikster

    sir jovie. congrats and thank you for continously pushing for a bigger, better, and “world class” BDM 102. it makes us more proud to be participants and finishers of it. keep up the good work sir and more power! god bless!



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