Picture: Echo Park

26 07 2008

The path along the lake has a distance of 1.5 kilometers and by walking/jogging along the streets that surround the park, it has a distance of 1.6 kilometers or 1 mile. This picture was taken last September 2007 but the only difference now is that the lotus plants are gone.


Los Angeles Times

25 07 2008

Reading the newspaper, Los Angeles Times, is my first schedule of the day after I wake up in the morning while drinking my coffee or eating my cereals. We have a subscription of the newspaper and it is being delivered not later than 7:00 AM every day infront of the house which is cheaper than buying the newspaper on a daily basis. At the news stands, the newspaper costs 50 cents (Sunday Edition costs more) and it has 116 pages in it with good stories, balanced news, nice pictures, and a separate section for advertisements.

For today’s edition, two stories caught my attention and I am sharing these with you. The first one is about the “San Diego Highwayman” and the second one is the “1908 London Olympic Marathon Controversy”.

Enjoy reading and have a good day!

Echo Park Run #1

24 07 2008

6:42 PM 22 July 2008

Before going to Echo Park, I did a run around an area covering two blocks within and near the house. One round has a distance of 850 meters and I did two rounds before finally going to Echo Park.

My plan for this workout was to run a conservative pace of 6:00-6:15 minutes per kilometer throughout my run with a goal of running 16 kilometers or 10 miles. I wanted to have a long and steady run to simulate my pace for the San Francisco Marathon and my incoming first ultra trail run next month. I want to control my pace and run consistently for the pace I set forth for this run. I could still accept 6:30 mins/km pace as my slowest pace for the run.

I brought my The North Face Hand-Strapped Water Jug which I carried using my right hand for my hydration.

I decided to run along the sidewalk of the streets that surround Echo Park as the road along the lake was jampacked with lots of joggers, brisk walkers, and recreational bikers. There were few runners using the said sidewalk and the distance of one loop was 1.6 kilometers or 1 mile. Ten rounds along the loop is equivalent to 16 kilometers or 10 miles. After running for 10 kilometers, my GH 305 registered a time of 1:01:20 hours which was within the pace I set for the said run.

I was surprised to see that my son eventually joined me at the park after coming from his office. We ran together for about 400 meters but I told him to leave me and maintain his speed for his own workout. He went ahead and did his run. I did another 8K and my son joined me back to the house.

Distance—18.01 kms     Time—1:55:05         Pace—6:24 mins/km

Gym Workout @ Gold’s (LA) #1

24 07 2008

7:30 PM 21 July 2008 (Los Angeles)

My son, John, and I had our gym workout at Gold’s Gym at Downtown, Los Angeles which is 5-10 minutes drive from the house.

Using my “travel pass” (which I requested days before my departure from Manila) from Gold’s Gym Glorietta, my entry to the facility was fast and efficient. The people at the Gym just told me to sign-in my name & signature on a tabulated form. Thanks, Emil for the “travel pass”.

I did my dumbbell exercises with my arms and chest. I used also some of the machines for my abdominals and back muscles and later for my leg muscles. I did a lot of lunges with 25-lbs dumbbels on my hands. No cardio machines this time as my workout was focused to the bigger muscles of my body, most especially my legs.

Before going to the gym last Monday (while at home), I did 6 X 15 reps Push-Ups using the Nike Push-Up Grips which my son bought and recommended as part of our home workout. I did the push-ups with at least 15- minute rest interval between sets (while reading the LA Times). The Nike Push-Up Grips really work as you can extend your body drop all the way to the floor with more resistance. I am recommending this simple gadget to all the runners.

We ended our workout with a set of machines which I haven’t seen in any of the Gold’s Gym in Manila and I did not mind getting the name/brand of the machine. The machines isolate each muscle group using small weights with string attach to the set of weights. I like the machine that strengthens the ankles.

We finished our workout in 2 1/2 hours and walking to the parking area was our cool-down exercise.

Bulldog 50K Ultra Run

23 07 2008

Last Friday, I requested my son, John to register me on line for my first ultramarathon trail run which will be held on 23 August 2008 in Calabasas, California. Hereunder is my confirmation to join the said running event. Click the name of the race for the details.


This message is generated as confirmation of your recent registration on You have been successfully registered for the following:



Bulldog 50K Ultra Run

Purchase Date:



Bulldog 50K


Jovenal Narcise

CLICK HERE for a complete version of this registration.




Wish me good luck!

Bike Patrol @ TFZ

22 07 2008

I was surprised to see a news item posted on my e-mail courtesy of Google Alert. I am already retired and the people in Zamboanga City are still talking of the things that I’ve done and implemented during my stint as the Commander of Task Force Zamboanga (TFZ) in 2000.

I bought ten (10) Mountain Bikes to include 10 helmets and 10 pairs of biking gloves from Manila and had them shipped through one of the shipping lines. I trained at least 20 of my soldiers on the fundamentals of cycling (use of bike gears & spinning) and ordered distinct long-sleeved cotton shirts for them with the proper TFZ markings as their uniform. And the TFZ Bike Patrol was born.

This Bike Patrol became a hit and highly appreciated by the populace as my men were faster in responding to emergency situations than the local police. After almost two months, the City Mayor of Zamboanga, the late Mrs “Caling” Lobregat donated another ten (10) mountain bikes for my command, thereby, increasing the strength of my bike patrol into 20 bikers. Each night, ten (10) teams (2 bikers per team) would each be given a specific area to patrol and conduct checkpoints in key roads inside the city limits. Each team was provided with Motorola radios for more responsive communication between teams. Its accomplishments during my stint provided a deterrent force in preventing kidnapping incidents and other criminal activities within the city.

I am glad the people of Zamboanga City still remember my Bike Patrol. Read this.

Manhattan Beach Run

21 07 2008

8:00 AM, Saturday, 20 July 2008 (Los Angeles Time)

My son and daughter planned to have a long run on the morning of Saturday and I informed them that I will be joining them for their running workout. I knew that after resting on Friday, I could have another long run for the week as my right upper thigh rashes had completely healed.

We left the house at 8:00 AM and proceeded to CA Highway 110 South and went towards the CA Highway 105 that goes to the LA International Airport and finally ended in one of the paid Public Parking Areas near Manhattan Beach. We paid $ 4.00 (16 quarters) on the parking meter for our 4-hour stay.

After 10-15 minutes of going to the Public Toilet and having our stretching routines, we started our run along what they call “The Strand” along the beaches of Manhattan Beach City, Hermosa Beach City, and northern part of Redondo Beach City. The route is a well-paved road for bikers, walkers, and joggers which has a width of 5-6 meters and properly divided at the middle to designate opposing traffic. A runner should always stay on the right of the road as many people could be seen running, biking and walking along the said route. From the northern tip of the paved road at Manhattan Beach up to the wall that separates Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach (going south), it has a distance of 3.95 miles or 6.32 kilometers.

“The Strand” is lined up with beautiful houses and restaurants on the side farther from the beach while the other side (beach side) is lined up with so many Beach Volleyball Courts. In my estimate, there could had been a hundred of beach volleybal courts (with ladies in bikinis playing!) along the 4-mile stretch of the beach. I was not surprised when my son told me that Manhattan Beach is the “birthplace” of Beach Volleyball and as such, Manhattan Beach City is now proudly called “The Home of Beach Volleyball”.

We took off at 8:40 AM and it was nice running along the running strip with all the people around us, some are white, black, Asians, Hispanics, old, young, walkers, joggers, surfers, and bikers. The cloudy sky, clean air and headwind that meets us while running south contributed to a comfortable long run. I ran side by side with my son while my daughter was left behind with an slower pace.

My son and I ran a total distance of 20.07 kilometers with a time of 1:58:10 hours. After the run, we walked another 4 kilometers while watching those people ( I mean, ladies in bikini swimsuits) playing beach volleyball and taking pictures along the way. My son and I linked up with my daughter on the place where we started running.

Later, we had a lunch at The Olive Garden in Manhattan Beach City.

These were some of the pictures I’ve taken while I was at Manhattan & Hermosa Beaches.

Lots of Beach Volleyball courts are evenly spaced on the beaches of Manhattan & Hermosa. I am not surprised why the USA Beach Volleyball Teams (Men & Ladies) are seeded Number One (together with Brazil) for the Olympic Gold on next month’s Summer Olympics in Beijing.

This is a portion of “The Strand”, a cemented strip along the beach of Manhattan & Hermosa Cities, where people can jog, run or walk. Another bike route is at the lower area which runs parallel with this route but at some point, these two routes merge along the Hermosa Beach area.

This is a Hotel along Hermosa Beach on my background. Note that there are bikers on this part of “The Strand”. The route has water fountains along the sides where anybody could drink to include dogs!

The pier, building and small park on my background were renovated by the Shumacher Family of Hermosa Beach.

Ladies on swimsuits about to play beach volleyball on my palm!

Guys, this is the best thing that I can do with my camera! I forgot to adjust it using my Zoom function. I’ll get you a better picture next time!

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