Brief Chat With Pam Reed

Ten minutes before the start of the 10AM Group in the Badwater Ultramarathon, I followed Pam Reed to her support vehicle and called her attention and she faced me immediately after she heard her name. The following were the details of our brief conversation:

Bald Runner (BR): Hi, Pam! I am a runner fan of yours from the Philippines who just arrived in the States last Saturday to witness the start of the Badwater Ultramarathon. My wife accompanied me here to Badwater (introducing my wife to her)

Pam Reed (PR): From the Philippnes? Wow, that’s great!

BR: I read your book and it is a very inspiring one. I am advertising it by posting a review in my blog, bald

PR: Ha..ha..ha! Thanks! Did you bring your book? I can sign it now before the start of the race!

BR: Unfortunately, no. I prefer to have a picture with you as the ultramarathon woman! Can I have a picture with you?

PR: Sure!

My wife took the picture.

BR: Thank you very much, Pam & Good luck!

PR: You are welcome & Thanks

Pam Reed proceeded to her support vehicle to drink more fluids before going to the starting line.

While Pam Reed was running towards Furnace Creek, I parked the car on the side of the road and took some pictures of her. However, when she saw me from a distance infront of her, she shouted to her crew (who was about to give a water jug to her) and while pointing her finger to me and said, “The guy who is taking a picture is from the Philippines!”

After taking a picture of Pam Reed and after passing on my position, the lady crew approached me and we had a brief chat.

Crew: Are you from the Philippines?

Bald Runner: Yes, I am a runner and I came here to meet Pam Reed and watch the start of the Badwater.

Crew: Pam and I just visited Malaysia!

Bald Runner: That’s good! I hope you can visit the Philippines, too!

Crew: We will!

The following is the picture I’ve taken while Pam Reed was on her way to Furnace Creek:


The lady crew of Pam Reed was giving a water jug to her while telling that I am from the Philippines.

4 thoughts on “Brief Chat With Pam Reed

  1. syjohnny

    Hi Baldrunner!! Wow! You’ve started your adventures in the States na!! I should leaving by the 26th to go to Boston and will be in San Francisco by August 2. I’m looking forward to catching up with you and sfrunner at the San Francisco Marathon — but I’ll be running 5K lang. I’m glad I was able to arrange my schedules to be in that area just in time for the event. I hope you enjoy your tour and good luck with the SF Marathon.


  2. kingofpots

    syjohnny, thanks for dropping by and for your comment. hope to see you in the SF Marathon. please approach me if you see me there. good luck & happy trip, too!

    loony, thanks! being bald has its advantages!..hehehe!


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