Bike Patrol @ TFZ

22 07 2008

I was surprised to see a news item posted on my e-mail courtesy of Google Alert. I am already retired and the people in Zamboanga City are still talking of the things that I’ve done and implemented during my stint as the Commander of Task Force Zamboanga (TFZ) in 2000.

I bought ten (10) Mountain Bikes to include 10 helmets and 10 pairs of biking gloves from Manila and had them shipped through one of the shipping lines. I trained at least 20 of my soldiers on the fundamentals of cycling (use of bike gears & spinning) and ordered distinct long-sleeved cotton shirts for them with the proper TFZ markings as their uniform. And the TFZ Bike Patrol was born.

This Bike Patrol became a hit and highly appreciated by the populace as my men were faster in responding to emergency situations than the local police. After almost two months, the City Mayor of Zamboanga, the late Mrs “Caling” Lobregat donated another ten (10) mountain bikes for my command, thereby, increasing the strength of my bike patrol into 20 bikers. Each night, ten (10) teams (2 bikers per team) would each be given a specific area to patrol and conduct checkpoints in key roads inside the city limits. Each team was provided with Motorola radios for more responsive communication between teams. Its accomplishments during my stint provided a deterrent force in preventing kidnapping incidents and other criminal activities within the city.

I am glad the people of Zamboanga City still remember my Bike Patrol. Read this.




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22 07 2008

You did great things while you were head of TFZ — we could do a lot of with Bike riding cops here in the metropolis — even in EDSA, the traffic is ideal for bikers to handle the load, the only problem will be pollution from the buses. I remember a television show a few years back with the same theme, although I can’t remember the title. I say you deserve a 21-gun salute from everyone!

17 08 2008


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