Bulldog 50K Ultra Run

Last Friday, I requested my son, John to register me on line for my first ultramarathon trail run which will be held on 23 August 2008 in Calabasas, California. Hereunder is my confirmation to join the said running event. Click the name of the race for the details.


This message is generated as confirmation of your recent registration on Active.com. You have been successfully registered for the following:



Bulldog 50K Ultra Run

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Bulldog 50K


Jovenal Narcise

CLICK HERE for a complete version of this registration.




Wish me good luck!

10 thoughts on “Bulldog 50K Ultra Run

  1. BR – I wish you all the best. Please do not forget to hydrate properly. The air is dry in US. It is common for Tropical folks like us to mistakenly think we don’t need water because we do not seem to sweat as much in the US. It’s the dry air which wicks away the sweat unlike the humid weather we have in the Philippines. Drinks lots of liquids in the run!!!

    Good luck and keep us posted on your run.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin


  2. i ran bulldog last year, but only the 25k option. it was hot, and i was glad my run took only about 3 hours instead of more than double that had i picked the ultra. but of course, you being from the phil, the heat should not be that big of a deal. i suggest doing some hill work if that’s not already part of your regimen.

    like what m8parco said, stay hydrated. and of course, have fun out there.

    now let’s do some trails after sf to get you ready for this.


  3. rayabe, i just want to experience the feeling of running an ultra trail run and get to know the administrative and technical aspects of the event and maybe copy them for an ultra trail event in the philippines. i think this is doable.

    mark & tiffin, thanks for the advise/reminder. my son & daughter had been telling me about the weather and the need to drink regularly during the run. i’ve been also reading blogs/experiences of seasoned ultra runners lately and the number one advise is to hydrate..drink water & electrolytes. thanks!

    eric, you have a very impressive blog and running times in your ultra runs. congratulations! i really admire you together with ben gaetos aka benwah and carmela layson who had been running 100-mile events in the western states. you really inspire me to have a feel of ultra running. i hope to meet you after the SFM. i hope to make a post on this blog about you, ben & carmela. thanks for the advise.

    bugo2x, thanks for the cheers!


  4. Watch out America!! Fear the Baldrunner!! Can’t wait to read your posts on this one.. Also your ultra training tips.. God bless sir!



  5. highaltitude, for sure, i’ll be wearing the TNF items i bought for my trail running workouts and races here. good luck on your TNF Race today!

    aldz, my aim for this run is to be able to finish the race and experience my first ultra. good luck on your TNF race this morning.


  6. Hi Br ! I see that you are going to run the Bulldog Run. my friend Ben Gaetos has been asking me to run this too but I have not trained for trail run. I always run a regular marathons. I also sent your website to my friend Ben and I am sure he already visited your website. Hey how long are you going to stay here in California? are you going to run Long Beach Marathon this October?
    good luck and have a good run. Rowell


  7. rowell, thanks for dropping by and for your comment. i will be here for two months and will be running the san francisco marathon this coming sunday with my son and daughter. will try my first ultra with the bulldog 50k run this august, too! how i wish i could practice with you, ben and carmela and feature you in this blog. thanks!


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