Gym Workout @ Gold’s (LA) #1

7:30 PM 21 July 2008 (Los Angeles)

My son, John, and I had our gym workout at Gold’s Gym at Downtown, Los Angeles which is 5-10 minutes drive from the house.

Using my “travel pass” (which I requested days before my departure from Manila) from Gold’s Gym Glorietta, my entry to the facility was fast and efficient. The people at the Gym just told me to sign-in my name & signature on a tabulated form. Thanks, Emil for the “travel pass”.

I did my dumbbell exercises with my arms and chest. I used also some of the machines for my abdominals and back muscles and later for my leg muscles. I did a lot of lunges with 25-lbs dumbbels on my hands. No cardio machines this time as my workout was focused to the bigger muscles of my body, most especially my legs.

Before going to the gym last Monday (while at home), I did 6 X 15 reps Push-Ups using the Nike Push-Up Grips which my son bought and recommended as part of our home workout. I did the push-ups with at least 15- minute rest interval between sets (while reading the LA Times). The Nike Push-Up Grips really work as you can extend your body drop all the way to the floor with more resistance. I am recommending this simple gadget to all the runners.

We ended our workout with a set of machines which I haven’t seen in any of the Gold’s Gym in Manila and I did not mind getting the name/brand of the machine. The machines isolate each muscle group using small weights with string attach to the set of weights. I like the machine that strengthens the ankles.

We finished our workout in 2 1/2 hours and walking to the parking area was our cool-down exercise.

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