Echo Park Run #1

6:42 PM 22 July 2008

Before going to Echo Park, I did a run around an area covering two blocks within and near the house. One round has a distance of 850 meters and I did two rounds before finally going to Echo Park.

My plan for this workout was to run a conservative pace of 6:00-6:15 minutes per kilometer throughout my run with a goal of running 16 kilometers or 10 miles. I wanted to have a long and steady run to simulate my pace for the San Francisco Marathon and my incoming first ultra trail run next month. I want to control my pace and run consistently for the pace I set forth for this run. I could still accept 6:30 mins/km pace as my slowest pace for the run.

I brought my The North Face Hand-Strapped Water Jug which I carried using my right hand for my hydration.

I decided to run along the sidewalk of the streets that surround Echo Park as the road along the lake was jampacked with lots of joggers, brisk walkers, and recreational bikers. There were few runners using the said sidewalk and the distance of one loop was 1.6 kilometers or 1 mile. Ten rounds along the loop is equivalent to 16 kilometers or 10 miles. After running for 10 kilometers, my GH 305 registered a time of 1:01:20 hours which was within the pace I set for the said run.

I was surprised to see that my son eventually joined me at the park after coming from his office. We ran together for about 400 meters but I told him to leave me and maintain his speed for his own workout. He went ahead and did his run. I did another 8K and my son joined me back to the house.

Distance—18.01 kms     Time—1:55:05         Pace—6:24 mins/km

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