Manhattan Beach Run

21 07 2008

8:00 AM, Saturday, 20 July 2008 (Los Angeles Time)

My son and daughter planned to have a long run on the morning of Saturday and I informed them that I will be joining them for their running workout. I knew that after resting on Friday, I could have another long run for the week as my right upper thigh rashes had completely healed.

We left the house at 8:00 AM and proceeded to CA Highway 110 South and went towards the CA Highway 105 that goes to the LA International Airport and finally ended in one of the paid Public Parking Areas near Manhattan Beach. We paid $ 4.00 (16 quarters) on the parking meter for our 4-hour stay.

After 10-15 minutes of going to the Public Toilet and having our stretching routines, we started our run along what they call “The Strand” along the beaches of Manhattan Beach City, Hermosa Beach City, and northern part of Redondo Beach City. The route is a well-paved road for bikers, walkers, and joggers which has a width of 5-6 meters and properly divided at the middle to designate opposing traffic. A runner should always stay on the right of the road as many people could be seen running, biking and walking along the said route. From the northern tip of the paved road at Manhattan Beach up to the wall that separates Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach (going south), it has a distance of 3.95 miles or 6.32 kilometers.

“The Strand” is lined up with beautiful houses and restaurants on the side farther from the beach while the other side (beach side) is lined up with so many Beach Volleyball Courts. In my estimate, there could had been a hundred of beach volleybal courts (with ladies in bikinis playing!) along the 4-mile stretch of the beach. I was not surprised when my son told me that Manhattan Beach is the “birthplace” of Beach Volleyball and as such, Manhattan Beach City is now proudly called “The Home of Beach Volleyball”.

We took off at 8:40 AM and it was nice running along the running strip with all the people around us, some are white, black, Asians, Hispanics, old, young, walkers, joggers, surfers, and bikers. The cloudy sky, clean air and headwind that meets us while running south contributed to a comfortable long run. I ran side by side with my son while my daughter was left behind with an slower pace.

My son and I ran a total distance of 20.07 kilometers with a time of 1:58:10 hours. After the run, we walked another 4 kilometers while watching those people ( I mean, ladies in bikini swimsuits) playing beach volleyball and taking pictures along the way. My son and I linked up with my daughter on the place where we started running.

Later, we had a lunch at The Olive Garden in Manhattan Beach City.

These were some of the pictures I’ve taken while I was at Manhattan & Hermosa Beaches.

Lots of Beach Volleyball courts are evenly spaced on the beaches of Manhattan & Hermosa. I am not surprised why the USA Beach Volleyball Teams (Men & Ladies) are seeded Number One (together with Brazil) for the Olympic Gold on next month’s Summer Olympics in Beijing.

This is a portion of “The Strand”, a cemented strip along the beach of Manhattan & Hermosa Cities, where people can jog, run or walk. Another bike route is at the lower area which runs parallel with this route but at some point, these two routes merge along the Hermosa Beach area.

This is a Hotel along Hermosa Beach on my background. Note that there are bikers on this part of “The Strand”. The route has water fountains along the sides where anybody could drink to include dogs!

The pier, building and small park on my background were renovated by the Shumacher Family of Hermosa Beach.

Ladies on swimsuits about to play beach volleyball on my palm!

Guys, this is the best thing that I can do with my camera! I forgot to adjust it using my Zoom function. I’ll get you a better picture next time!




4 responses

22 07 2008

with all those ladies in bikinis my heart rate monitor might go off the charts when i am running. your heart must be very strong to withstand that BR! nice photos again!

22 07 2008

prom, i guess, i am too old already for those sexy lady beach volleyball players! hahaha!

22 07 2008

I guess you’ll be running that route more often. : )

22 07 2008

Hi BR!! Looks like you found a runner’s paradise — great location with great views. Too bad our beaches are far from the city and the Roxas Blvd area is polluted — both in the water and along the streets. I used to swim along the shore when I was very young — miss those days. I remember running from the Quirino Grandstand to Cultural Center and the pollution then wasn’t bad. Nowadays, just running around the Grandstand area already makes your lungs scream from all the jeepney fumes. Looks like you’re having a great vacation. Hope to meet up with you and sfrunner in San Francisco before the marathon.

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