Official Result: 5th WEST COAST 200K Ultra Marathon Race

28 08 2017

5th WEST COAST 200K Ultra Marathon Race

5:00 AM August 19, 2017 To 5:00 AM August 21, 2017

Starting Line: Remy Oval Track, Subic Freeport, Olongapo City

Finish Line: Barangay Lucap, Alaminos City (Pangasinan)

Cut-Off Time: 48 Hours

Number of Starters: 29 Runners

Number of Finishers: 28 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 96.5%

2017 West Coast Start

Group Picture @ Starting Area

RANK       NAME                  TIME (Hrs)

  1. Rolando Espina (Overall Champion & New Course Record) — 26:45:18
  2. Thomas Combisen (1st Runner-Up, Overall & New Course Record) — 29:08:58
  3. Ian Piza (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —- 32:27:55
  4. Remedios Barcelo (Female Champion & New Female Course Record) — 35:13:45
  5. Badong Sietereales —– 35:40:55
  6. Rod Losabia —- 37:23:17
  7. Ryan Fabie —- 37:27:22
  8. Jonathan Moleta —- 38:01:23
  9. Frederick Peñelosa —- 39:08:36
  10. Aldrin Pallera —- 39:16:52
  11. Gibo Malvar —- 40:46:35
  12. Engelbert Pantig —- 41:00:41
  13. Tess Leono (1st Runner-Up, Female) —- 41:04:12
  14. Khris Calleon —- 41:52:17
  15. Gammy Tayao —- 43:41:13
  16. Richard Gano —- 44:29:10
  17. Jeff Velasco —- 46:21:39
  18. Vicente Zapanta —- 46:24:35
  19. Kathleen Piñero (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —- 46:27:25
  20. Laico Tolentino —- 46:28:54
  21. Isagani Zuñiga —- 47:11:58
  22. Elmar Casaway —- 47:15:41
  23. Tina Andaya (Female) —- 47:16:45
  24. Jonathan Baysa —- 47:16:45
  25. Avin Sauler —- 47:19:40
  26. Mick Teaño De Jesus —- 47:24:17
  27. Kerwin Ng —- 47:28:11
  28. Reese Rogel (Female) —- 47:36:50
2017 West Coast Champ

Overall Champion & New Course Record Holder Rolando Espina

2017 West Coast Female Champ

Female Champion & New Female Course Record Holder Remedies Barcelo

Congratulations To All The Finishers!


Final Instructions: 4th Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 65K Ultra Run

20 08 2014

1. Due to military-related activities in Fort Magsaysay scheduled for the weekend, all the Transient Facilities inside the Camp, to include the Special Forces Regiment and SOCOM Transient Facilities are FULL. However, runners who would like to spend Saturday night within the vicinity of Fort Magsaysay, they can avail of the hotels and commercial transient facilities in Santa Rosa-Cabanatuan City area. Most of these hotels are located along the Maharlika Highway. For those who choose to arrive early in the camp and rest inside their respective Support Vehicle, they can park their vehicle at the back of the 7th Infantry Division Headquarters and . Parking of Vehicles in front of the Headquarters Building is strictly prohibited. All the other roads surrounding the Headquarters Area is available for Parking.

Intersection Philippine Coast Guard/Pier And Umiray Road

Intersection Philippine Coast Guard/Pier And Umiray Road

2. The race will end on the shore of the Pacific Ocean at Purok Tanguige, Barangay Aplaya, Dingalan, Aurora. From the usual finish line at GINA’s Resort, follow the highway that is descending towards the Poblacion of Dingalan, Aurora. Runners would be able to pass the short section of commercial establishments and follow the road that leads to the Philippine Coast Guard/Dingalan Pier. Runners have to TURN RIGHT once they reach an intersection with a PETRON Gasoline Station on the right and a tarpaulin with an Iglesia Ni Cristo 100th Anniversary hanging across the said Gas Station. The road leads to Barangay Umiray.

Turn Left On This Alley With The Sign "Purok Tanguige"

Turn Left On This Alley With The Sign “Purok Tanguige”

3. From the road leading to Umiray, turn left on an alley which is a paved path, about 400 meters away from the PETRON Gas Station, good for one vehicle which is marked with PUROK TANGUIGE. Runner would see the seashore and the Finish Line will be few meters before the beach. On your right will be the Seaside Restaurant where lunch will be served and for the runners can have their shower.

Pacific Ocean's Open Water Swimming Pool

Pacific Ocean’s Open Water Swimming Pool

4. Warning for those Runners with Support Vehicle. There is a limited parking space along the shore and vicinity of the Seaside Restaurant. Runners should advise their support driver/crew to park along the road leading to Umiray. The road is safe with few vehicles passing in the area and with the Barangay Hall within the vicinity.

5. The 65-Kilometer distance will be short by about 500 meters. As I don’t want each of the runner to make an additional distance along the Umiray Road and somewhere have a U-turn back to Purok Tanguige, this arrangement might result to some confusion, most specially when the runner is thinking of a cold beer waiting for him once he crosses the Finish Line. Just reserve that lacking 500 meters for your open water swim on the shore of the Pacific Ocean once you cross the Finish Line!

Good luck and see you at the Starting Line!

Official Result: 1st Tagaytay To Naic 100K Ultra Marathon Race (T2N100K)

13 05 2014

1st Tagaytay To Naic 100K Ultra Marathon Race (Road)

1:00 AM May 11, 2014

Starting Line: Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City

Finish Line: Municipal Plaza, Barangay Poblacion, Naic, Cavite

Number Of Starters: 35

Number Of Finishers: 27



1 Alfred Delos Reyes (Champion, Course Record) 13:25:01
2 Eric Cruz (1st Runner-Up, Overall) 13:48:31
3 Simon Pavel Miranda (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) 14:09:32
4 Aldrin Pallera 15:30:45
5 Michael Dauz 15:58:18
6 Laurencio Ogerio 16:12:01
7 Irrol Novenario 16:25:30
8 Lurvin Ocampo 16:27:28
9 Erwin Tolentino 16:44:40
10 Archie Tiu Gascon 16:45:50
11 Bing Baltazar Brillo 16:49:50
12 Benedict Meneses 17:02:34
13 Allan Sabado 17:30:16
14 Loradel Hanopol (Champion, Female) 17:32:57
15 Mel Severino 17:41:25
16 Herbert Puyat 17:53:27
17 Mary Grace Lao (1st Runner-Up, Female) 17:59:08
18 Jerome Paulo Castro 19:18:18
19 Inocencio Rosario, Jr 19:20:18
20 Carlos Sadalsund 19:20:19
21 Isabelo Estacion 19:20:30
22 Nap Ocampo 19:41:40
23 Merlito Mallari 20:21:25
24 Laurice Rogel (2nd Runner-Up, Female) 20:21:26
25 Ciriaco Manalansan 20:21:27
26 Joseph Balbino 20:21:28
27 Mark Capistrano 20:22:07

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Pictures By Epoy Poblete:

2013 PAU Grand Slam Award

8 03 2014

On the first quarter of last year, 2013, I came up with an award for ultra runners to look forward to and try for them to challenge themselves. I shared my idea with my ultra friends and on Facebook and I forgot to write about it in my blog. So, let me explain the concept and details about this special award among ultra runners.

As I copied the concept from the US Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Award which consists of four (4) famous 100-Mile Trail Races which are done within a period of four months, the PAU Grand Slam Award also consists of four races—two 100-mile road races; one 100-mile trail race; and a 200K single stage run. To be specific, they are: Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race which is done in the month of January; Antique 100-Mile Ultra Marathon Race which was held in October; West Coast 200K Ultra Marathon Race in the month of November; and Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run in the month of December.

A Silver Buckle is being awarded to each of the Finisher of these 4 ultra marathon races. A runners who finishes the 4 races shall be awarded with the PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy.

Since I just made the announcement of my concept to my close ultra running friends after the conduct of the Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160), I told them that if they were not able to join the said race event, they can still have a chance to complete the four (4) races if they finish the next year’s edition of BDM 160.

I took the risk of coming up with the Single Stage of the West Coast 200 Ultra Marathon after a successful 3-day stage race on its first edition. I had to go also to Antique on the first week of May last year in order to run the whole distance from San Jose De Buenavista in Antique to Caticlan, Malay, Aklan with a total distance of 166 kilometers. It did not matter whether I have only 5 or 10 runner-starters on these two new races. What matters most was to be able to try and find out the response from my ultra friends.

To my surprise, I got positive response and encouragements from the runners and I got full support from them. And the whole concept of the 1st PAU Grand Slam Award was implemented. And everything is already history.

During the 2014 Bataan Death March 102K & 160K Ultra Marathon Races’ Awarding Ceremony and Philippine Association of Ultrarunners’ (PAU) Recognition Party, I have awarded the 1st PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy to the following ultra runners:

1. Graciano Santos

2. Ronnel Go

3. Raffy Gabotero

4. Anthony Mark Alindada

5. Wilnar Iglesia

6. Meljohn Tezon

7. Glairold Recella

8. Elmar Bob Tolete

9. Benedict Meneses

10. Yob Red

Congratulations to these First Awardees of the 1st PAU Grand Slam Award!

For the year 2014, the PAU Grand Slam Award will start with the Antique 100-Mile Endurance Run in September; West Coast 200 in November; Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run in December; and the last race will be the Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race in January 2015.

PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy (Courtesy of Ronnel Go)

PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy (Courtesy of Ronnel Go)

BR & 9 PAU Grand Slam Awardees. Raffy Gabotero was not in the picture. (Photo Courtesy of Bong Alindada)

BR & 9 PAU Grand Slam Awardees. Raffy Gabotero was not in the picture. (Photo Courtesy of Bong Alindada)

2011 Ultrarunner of the Year Awardees

8 03 2012

2011 Philippine Association of Ultrarunners’ (PAU) Runners of the Year Awardees: Dick Balaba & Keshia Fule

Result: PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Run

18 07 2011

The following is the Official Result of the PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Road Race from Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City to Dingalan, Aurora on July 16, 2011.

Rank Name Time Points
1 Dick Balaba 6:25:46 60
2 Junrox Roque Jr 6:32:11 59.08
3 Gene Olvis 6:36:02 58.45
4 Alfred De Los Reyes 7:04:58 54.49
5 Jose Duenas 7:08:47 54.03
6 Tina Narvaez (F) 7:16:51 53
7 Bert Camangonan 7:21:25 52.43
8 Chito Vegim 7:37:28 50.6
9 Deo Jaravata 7:41:59 50.1
10 Salvador Castilla Jr 7:47:33 49.52
11 Randy Rubio 7:51:44 49.08
12 Magno Rafael Gabotero 7:52:36 49.02
13 Jerome Bautista 7:54:18 48.81
14 Graciano Santos Jr 7:54:37 48.77
15 Simon Favel Miranda 7:55:01 48.73
16 Jonel Mendoza 7:59:37 48.26
17 Keshia Fule (F) 8:02:57 47.92
18 Elmer Tolete 8:07:11 47.51
19 Paolo Osmena 8:07:39 47.46
20 Frederick Quitiquit 8:13:33 46.9
21 Carlos De Los Santos 8:21:04 46.19
22 Ronnel Go 8:23:40 45.96
23 Junn Besana 8:27:49 45.58
24 Allan Martos 8:37:13 44.75
25 Roberto De Los Santos 8:37:25 44.74
26 Victor Verry 8:41:43 44.37
27 Gil Brazil 8:42:17 44.32
28 Allen Gaspar 8:52:30 43.47
29 Christian Oting 8:52:50 43.44
30 Jose Cando 8:56:50 43.12
31 Jael Wenceslao 8:56:52 43.1
32 Emerson Sto. Domingo 9:03:21 42.6
33 Kharl Ocampo 9:05:44 42.41
34 Ceasar Aquino 9:05:57 42.4
35 Bong Bernadez 9:08:11 42.22
36 Kokoy Delmo 9:08:12 42.21
37 Ferdie Cabiling 9:10:07 42.07
38 David Buban 9:15:25 41.68
39 Rodel Montejo 9:15:34 41.66
40 Jose Lorenzo Mina 9:15:40 41.65
41 Wilfredo Parcon 9:16:00 41.63
42 Jerome Aragones 9:16:17 41.61
43 Arnel Vizmonte 9:16:47 41.57
44 Nuestro Arman Garcia 9:17:54 41.49
45 Camilo Paran Jr 9:18:10 41.47
46 Julius Savella 9:19:32 41.37
47 Chaps Grande 9:24:31 41
48 Mel Severino 9:25:27 40.93
49 Chito Carrion 9:26:01 40.89
50 Emilio Hulipas 9:28:00 40.75
51 Edward Villareal 9:29:54 40.61
52 Irene Ong (F) 9:30:08 40.6
53 Mac Millan 9:31:26 40.51
54 Vans Camano 9:32:13 40.45
55 Ricardo Cabusao Jr 9:33:59 40.33
56 George Dolores 9:34:06 40.32
57 Anthony Alindada 9:35:37 40.21
58 Junar Layug 9:36:41 40.14
59 Camilo Kagaoan Jr 9:38:48 39.99
60 Fernando Sy Jr 9:38:48 39.99
61 Steve Paul Dumlao 9:40:33 39.87
62 Julius Cervantes 9:43:54 39.64
63 Francis Frio 9:52:17 39.08
64 Ronel Gallardo 10:01:01 38.54
65 June Villamor 10:01:04 38.52
66 Randy Racho 10:01:05 38.51
67 Alladin Cordero 10:01:32 38.5
68 Nelson Anthony Malillim 10:01:39 38.48
69 Cesar Abarientos 10:02:35 38.41
70 Rod Apolinario 10:03:29 38.35
71 Gaphet Grande 10:05:42 38.21
72 Art Virata 10:06:46 38.15
73 Ofelia Lorete (F) 10:07:45 38.1
74 Jake Pescador 10:08:27 38.04
75 Bee Yen Soberano 10:10:08 37.94
76 Bart Torralba 10:13:09 37.75
77 Vic Topacio 10:13:18 37.74
78 Alex Jonesy Jones 10:13:19 37.74
79 Michael Joseph Ko 10:15:37 37.6
80 Ronald Illana 10:17:35 37.48
81 Marvin Pangan 10:22:41 37.17
82 Mar Marilag 10:27:08 36.91
83 Ed Escalante 10:33:21 36.55
84 Wesley Orana 10:37:36 36.3
85 Janus Ajusto 10:39:11 36.21
86 Carmeli Ortega (F) 10:40:50 36.12
87 Erlinda Pamesa 10:42:40 36.02
88 Larry Daliwag 10:42:42 36.01
89 Nap Ocampo Jr 10:42:45 36
90 Ronel Espinoza 10:43:12 35.98
91 Harold Lorete 10:43:47 35.95
92 Joseph Ligot 10:44:01 35.94
93 Sherwin Botabara 10:46:02 35.83
94 Andy Joshua Oting 10:49:05 35.66
95 Jerome Jamili 10:51:28 35.53
96 Marco Christopher Montaos 10:52:55 35.45
97 Jonly Sabaricos 10:53:50 35.4
98 Sammy Delena 10:54:10 35.38
99 Emil Perez 10:56:34 35.25
100 Carlo Serrano 10:56:38 35.24
101 Eric Caramay 10:56:55 35.23
Finishers After Cut-Off Time
102 Vince Rodriguez 11:21:16
103 Garry Garcia 11:24:48
104 John Paul Bautista 11:25:53
105 Zaldy Santillan 11:43:14
106 Mark David Aquino 12:53:10
107 Ellen Castillo (F) 12:55:46
108 Brandy Simbe 13:22:18
109 Dindo Magallanes 14:19:30

Update: PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Run

22 06 2011

Update: PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Run (July 16, 2011)

This is the 2nd PAU Race for the year (2011) and it will start at the 7th Infantry Division Headquarters of the Philippine Army inside Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija) at 5:00 AM of July 16, 2011. The Assembly Time will be at 4:00 AM and Race Bibs will be distributed to the registered runners during this period before finally starting race.

There are 223 applicants to this race as listed in the PAU Races’ site at and acceptance of application had been CLOSED since the last week of May 2011. We are expecting 223 runners who will finally register to run the said race. If ever there are slots to be vacated (from the 223 slots) due to non-registration of applicants, such slots could be filled-up with late registrants before the start of the race.

Registration and payment of registration fee can be done at the A Runner’s Circle Store located at Aloha Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila or simply deposit the registration fee of Nine Hundred Pesos Only (P 900.00) to LANDBANK Savings Account # 1686-0795-85 and keep the deposit receipt for confirmation of your payment. Bring your deposit slip and present it to our staff to claim your Race Bib on Race Day. Deadline of Registration/Payment of Registration Fee is July 13, 2011 or before the Closing Time of the ARC Store on the said date.

There will be no late registration on Race Day (if all the 223 applicants had registered and paid their registration fees).

Starting Area of the 60K Run (7th ID Headquarters)

Rules and Regulations of the Race:

1. The race will start on or before 5:00 AM of July 16, 2011.

2. There will be No Aid Stations along the route. Runners are “self-supported” in this race. Runners may bring their respective support vehicle and/or support crew. Support vehicles should always “leap-frog” their runner/s. Support Vehicle shadowing their runner/s is strictly not allowed. Reports of such incident will be a ground for disqualification from the race. Support Vehicle must always park on the right shoulder of the road.

3. Pacers are not allowed in this race. Support crew will be there to simply hand in the needs of the runner-participant or help/assist on the needs of the runner. Support crew are not “mules” for the runner-participant.

4. Runners without any support vehicle can run the race on “self-support” and they are allowed to ask assistance from other runners. The route has a lot of local convenience stores and eateries but they have to pay for their own needs.

5. Runners are advised to run on the left side of the road, however, they could also have the option to run on the right side. Stay safe and be observant on your surroundings while running.

6. There will be no restrictions on the use of earphones and “wires” attached to the runner. However, the volume of such earphones should be set on a lower tone for the runner to still hear what is happening to his/her surroundings.

7. Strictly, “bandits” will not be allowed in this race.

8. Race Bib should be displayed in front of the runner’s shirt or shorts. Runners who are using race belts must be always aware that their race bib is always on the front. There will be “secret marshals” who will be listing your number on different locations along the route.

9. If possible, runners must be on “single-file” or two runners abreast, if there is no incoming traffic on the road. Personal discretion and judgement are needed on how a group of runners run along the route. Safety is the foremost consideration on this race.

10. Cut-off time for the 60K Run is 9 hours. The Official Finishers of this race should be able to cross the Finish Line on or before 2:00 PM of the same day.Finish Line will be at the View Deck at Dingalan, Aurora, specifically at the vicinity of the GINA’s Restaurant & Resort.

11. Official Finishers will receive Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-Shirt, and Finisher’s Certificate.

Finish Line Area in Dingalan, Aurora (GINA's Place & Resort)

Finish Line Area @ GINA's Place & Resort In Dingalan, Aurora

12. There will be Medical Team/s and Ambulance/s deployed along the route. However, runners must bring with them basic First Aid Kit as a “stop-gap” measure on the brief period before the arrival of the Medical Team.

13. Do not look for portalets along the route! There is a vast space of vegetated areas and tracts of land along the route and they need “fertilizer”. Make sure you are covered or hidden by the terrain or trees during these “spraying” and “depositing” moments.

14. In case of emergency and other incident reports to be relayed to the Race Director, calls and/or text messages shall be sent to this number—0918-910-0825. Sender must be able to identify himself/herself if message is sent through SMS.

15. The integrity of the race shall be maintained. Reports of cheating will be investigated immediately and runner/s involved shall be disqualified from the race and future races of the Bald Runner’s Events Management and PAU Races. Runners are deputized to report acts of cheating and/or violation of the race’s rules and regulations.

16. If you are new in ultra marathon and this is your first ultra road race, be prepared to submit a copy of a Medical Certificate or a Doctor’s Certificate stating therein that you are capable of participating in any endurance sports like long distance running and that you don’t have any heart-related ailments. Such Certificate shall be submitted to our Staff at the Starting Area.

17. It is the personal responsibility of each runner to arrange for his/her trip/travel arrangement or itinerary to the venue of the activity and lodging accommodation before and after the race.

Last reminder: We always maintain our signature/reputation of starting the race ON or BEFORE the scheduled start time. Arrive at the Race Venue ahead of time.


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