Official Result: 6th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

9 11 2015

6th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Ultra Challenge

5:00 AM To 5:00 PM November 8, 2015 (Sunday)

Cut-Off Time @ The Crater: 6 Hours

Cut-Off Time @ The Finish Line: 12 Hours

Start/Finish Line: Barangay Hall, Barangay Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac

Number Of Starters: 34 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 32 Runners

32 Starters + 2 Late Runners

32 Starters + 2 Late Runners

RANK                             NAME                                   TIME (Hours)

  1. Ryan Mendoza (Overall Champion) ———— 5:39:51
  2. Ian Goff (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ————– 6:32:35
  3. Nel Valero (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) ———- 6:46:48
  4. Roy Garcia —————————————– 7:15:54
  5. Alain Vincent ————————————– 7:30:53
  6. Martin Jardbo ————————————- 7:31:03
  7. Lao Ogerio —————————————– 7:55:14
  8. Duckie Labayan ———————————– 8:26:03
  9. Rod Losabia ————————————— 8:26:04
  10. Julie Ann Luchana (Female Champion) ——- 8:33:13
  11. Khristian Caleon ————————————– 8:37:12
  12. Nino Edison Guerra —————————— 8:37:27
  13. Ron Ilana —————————————— 8:56:13
  14. Jerry Peralta ————————————– 8:56:15
  15. Joseph Ryan Serano —————————– 9:00:47
  16. Oliver Banag ————————————–9:00:49
  17. Loradel Hanopol (1st Runner-Up, Female)—-9:39:26
  18. Maricris David (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —-9:40:49
  19. Richard Reyes ————————————9:41:29
  20. Gene Parchamento ——————————-9:49:57
  21. Jeric Miranda ————————————-9:49:58
  22. Jawe Rivera —————————————9:49:59
  23. Benjie Dantic ————————————-9:50:20
  24. Adel Laking (Female) —————————10:08:21
  25. Bren Bulso —————————————10:08:23
  26. Rimberto Del Rosario ————————–10:11:09
  27. Ricardo Gregorio ——————————–10:18:41
  28. Kenneth Dela Cruz ——————————10:41:06
  29. Ryan Garcia ————————————–10:41:08
  30. Cleo Gevero (Female) —————————11:11:56
  31. Fernando Torres ———————————11:19:49
  32. Ted Araullo —————————————11:58:43
2015th Edition Champion Ryan Mendoza

2015th Edition Champion Ryan Mendoza

2015th Edition Female Champion Julie Ann Luchana

2015th Edition Female Champion Julie Ann Luchana

Congratulations To All The Finishers!!!

Official Result: 5th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

10 11 2014

5th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

5:00 AM – 5:00 PM November 9, 2014

Start & Finish Area: Barangay Hall, Barangay Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac

Cut-Off Time: 12 Hours/6 Hours @ Mt Pinatubo’s Crater Lake

Number Of Starters: 28 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 28 Runners

Group Picture Before Start Time

Group Picture Before Start Time



They Are Off!!!!

They Are Off!!!!

RANK                       NAME                                        TIME (Hours)

1.  Edwin Fernandez (Champion, Overall)——-6:45:07

2.  Aaron Laron (1st Runner-Up, Overall)——-6:45:11

3.  Jay Pagcu (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)———6:45:14

4.  Alain Vincent ———————————–6:48:51

5.  Almar Danguilan ——————————-6:56:28

6.  Kenneth Manibo ——————————-7:10:45

7.  Roy Garcia—————————————7:16:53

8.  Joey Neil Canaya——————————-7:27:05

9.  Levi Bitangcul———————————-7:34:54

10. Bong Alindada———————————8:00:20

11.  Melan Ku Marquez (Champion, Female)—8:29:15

12.  Elmer Caballes ——————————–8:33:52

13.  Henry Laron ———————————–8:36:57

14.  Imelda Laron (1st Runner-Up, Female)—–8:38:52

15.  Arlene Agulto (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—8:38:53

16.  Ceejay De Leon ——————————–8:42:22

17.  Christian Pabatao —————————–8:47:31

18.  Darryl Panado ———————————8:47:51

19.  Dennis Uy————————————8:47:52

20.  Werner Cruz ————————— ———-8:47:53

21.  Chips Dayrit ————————————9:11:12

22.  Gay Baniwas (Female) ————————9:25:00

23.  Joey San Diego ——————————–9:26:39

24.  Bong Anastacio ——————————-9:52:38

25.  Randy Miranda ——————————-9:57:38

26.  Christopher Estacio ————————-10:15:56

27.  Reese Rogel (Female) ———————–10:40:58

28.  Tom Baniwas ——————————–10:40:59

Overall Champion Edwin Fernandez

Overall Champion Edwin Fernandez

Female Champion Melan Ku Marquez

Female Champion Melan Ku Marquez

Congratulations To All The Finishers!


RD’s Report: 4th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

20 10 2013

Five years ago, I went to Mt Pinatubo together with a group of ultra runners where five of us were training for the 1st BDM 102. While the 5 of us were having our “pit stop” at the edge of crater lake, I started to discuss with the group about my plans in promoting ultra marathon events in the country. And the rest is history. The ultra runner’s group whom we asked to join in our trek to Mt Pinatubo just completely “vanished”. I wonder why.

Every edition of the Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge has a unique story and experiences to every runner as the landscape of the route would completely change every year. In short, there is a different story for every runner every year. And the challenges brought about by the landscape, the river, the lahar, the rocks, the elevation, the heat and the rains make this event totally different from the other trail running events in the country. This is a trail running event where you need agility, quick thinking, smart running strategy and orienteering skills in order to run safely back to the finish line.

If you look closely on the elevation profile of the race route, this could be the first ultra “FKT” (Fastest Known Time) event held in the country. The fastest recorded time was 5:35:09 hours by Marcelo Bautista while the Lady’s Course Record is 8:00:59 by Majo Liao. These course records stand up to the present.

Mt Pinatubo Elevation Profile

Mt Pinatubo Elevation Profile

For this year, the event was held after a day when Typhoon Santi’s strong winds had devastated the towns of Tarlac, Pampanga, Bataan and Zambales. The roads to the starting area, Barangay Santa Juliana in Capas, Tarlac had been filled with fallen trees and debris but with the immediate response from the Local Government Disaster Committee, the roads were cleared for traffic.

Much to my desire to personally recon the route on the day before Race Day, I was advised by the local authorities that It would be best to wait for the river’s depth to subside and start the race when there would be natural lighting as the sun arises.

I was expecting only 52 runners to join this race. I guess, 3 of the runners who requested to be included in the list of registered runners decided not to join the race as a result of the typhoon. I decided to run the race as the “sweeper” and safety marshal for the last runners.

Most of the runners arrived at the assembly area few hours before the start of the race and they were surprised to see the devastation brought about by Typhoon Santi. I made clear to all the runners that the race start would be delayed for us to wait for the day’s sunlight to appear. At exactly 5:35 AM, the race started in front of the Barangay Hall of Santa Juliana, Capas, Tarlac with 49 runner-starters. My salute goes to these runners who braved to be at the starting area.

Runners who had their first time to join the race are always surprised with the first river crossing which is about 1.3 kilometers from the starting area. It is always the same feeling and apprehension for all the runners. The river had been wider and some portions are deep and the current is strong. Runners would cross the river deliberately in groups trying to test the depth and current of the flowing river. At a distance, every runner would see the road that leads to the cogon/tall grasses and that was the target of all the runners.

Due to the loose and unstable ground brought about by the typhoon, the first 4 X 4 vehicle to serve the runners as the Aid Station had been stalled at Km 8. The 2nd 4 X 4 vehicle move on to about a few kilometers.

I started to run the race after 5 minutes from the Gun Start time. I purposely made myself as the “sweeper” and safety runner for the runners at the rear. After one hour of hiking and running, I was able to spot the stalled 4X4 vehicle and the last runners leaving the Aid Station. I immediately called my staff at the Starting Area to send another 4X4 vehicle to reach Kilometer 17, if possible.

I have to wait for about 45 minutes for the replacement 4X4 vehicle to arrive at the stalled vehicle. Once it arrived, I continued my run with the instruction for the replacement vehicle to move forward closer to Km 17 if the condition of the ground and the river permit. The replacement vehicle passed me somewhere in Km 10 and I could still see the last runners in front of me with a distance of about 500 meters. However, the driver of the replacement 4X4 vehicle had to stop the vehicle about 1-2 kilometers ahead of me due to loose ground and deeper parts of the river.

The race marshals and volunteer that I requested to be positioned at the Crater Lake had to walk for about 6 kilometers but decided not push through to the peak of Mt Pinatubo due to the lack of time. With this situation, the runners who will be reaching the turn-around at the Crater Lake will not be able to see my Race Marshals.

I was amazed and surprised to see the landscape to have completely changed after a year! Gone are the temporary trail where the 4X4 vehicle would run through. Another landscape of rocks and lahar had appeared. The temporary waiting area for the 4X4 vehicle at a place called “GMA” is completely gone. Most of the runners at the rear were lost at this portion but with the presence of the Race Marshals and Volunteer, they were advised to go to their position and were able to get their proper direction.

When I reached the “GMA” area, I was able to catch up with the last runner. The distance to the peak is still 7-8 kilometers from this point. From here, I pushed the last runner to continue the race and be able to reach the turn-around point. The first runner going back to the finish just dropped by at the “GMA” as we started our trek to the peak. After about 500 meters, we met the 2nd runner, Robert Watson and the third runner, July Oconer was 200-300 meters behind. After 15 minutes of hiking, we met the 4th runner, Graciano Santos. As we reached the Waiting Sheds at the foot of Mt Pinatubo, we were able to meet a group of 5 runners coming from the peak. More runners would be going down from the peak as we were trying to trek the last 2 kilometers to the peak of the mountain.

As we reached the peak of Mt Pinatubo, we were able to catch up with the last 4 runners who just came from the Crater Lake. After a brief “pit stop” at the Crater Lake, we were ready to move on for the last half of the course.

Coming from the peak and going back to the finish line could had been very easy if not for the numerous rocks to step on, more time spent on looking for open ground to land your feet, and the river to cross. After a few kilometers, the last runner, Joel and I were able to catch up with the 4 last runners.

It was already noon time and the sun was already on top of us as the sky went clear from clouds. It became hotter and we tried to conserve the water we had in our hydration bottles and tried our best to reach the Aid Station at Km #11/49. Three of the runners of the last 4 runners went ahead of us and the 4th runner, Allenstein joined us as the last 3 runners.

After hiking, jogging and telling some “running” stories with my companions, we were able to reach the Aid Station. This is where we ate boiled eggs and bananas; refilled our hydration bottles; and drank lots of soda drinks sponsored/provided by our ultra runner and friend, Jun Padilla.

I was surprised to see that the river had subsided and became narrow. More lahar grounds were exposed as a result of few hours of sunshine but some were not stable as our feet would sink for a few inches when walking. At one point, I would remove my shoes and clean them from the accumulated lahar/sand with the flowing river. The flowing river carries a lot of sand/lahar and they ultimately gets inside the shoes and accumulate on the toe box/sole portion of the shoes.

After a few kilometers, we reached the last Aid Station and we were able to catch up with the rest of the runners as some would eat, refill their bottles and wash their shoes from the lahar/sand. It was the last 8 kilometers to the finish line but some runners have the tendency to be lost on this part of the route.

I was with another runner-friend, Many Ocampo, from this point as I tried to encourage him to run with a faster pace and by taking the shortest route/trail to the last river crossing. After some “hit and miss” and “bushwacking” on tall grasses, we were able to reach the 2nd to the last river crossing that would lead us to the trail to the last river crossing.

At this point, I became the “guide” for the rest of the runners at the rear on the last 3 kilometers of the course. I felt strong and faster with my pace from this point. It is just a matter of time and I know I would be able to finish the race in less than 12 hours!

The following were the observations made and some adjustments to be implemented on the next edition of this race:

  1. Despite the more challenging situation of this year’s edition, all the starters were able to finish the race. I could see that our runners are becoming braver, stronger and smarter.
  2. Runners attempting to join this race must have some knowledge on orienteering. Some skills on tracking would also be needed. A runner is smart if he/she tries to look for marks/foot prints or signs of runner’s track along the rocks and trails.
  3. Most of the runners are “repeaters” in this event and I am glad they were able to act as guide/pacers to other runners. This is the essence of trail running—everybody helps each other to overcome the challenges along the route and be able to finish the race safely.
  4. Integrity of the race was maintained and the runners went down to the crater lake despite the presence of eroded portion of the stairs. Next time, I would advise that handheld digital camera will be required for each runner and for them to submit a “selfie” picture of themselves with the Crater Lake as the background as an evidence that they reached the turn-around point. This is an “out of the box” way just in case the Race Marshals would not be able to reach the Crater Lake.
  5. Since I included a First Aid Kit as a required equipment carry-on for each runner, this will be thoroughly inspected before the race. I am glad there were no serious accidents during the race.
  6. Runners must be always vigilant and observant with the course features that they would pass on their way to the peak. These land and river features would be needed for the runner to guide him/her back to the finish line. There are steel towers along the left side of the open space/river as the runner would run towards the peak. The same towers would be seen on the right side of the runners as they go back to the finish line.
  7. Last year, we had time to prepare for ribbons tied on bamboo sticks but on race day, most of the sticks were taken by Aeta kids and made as souvenirs. What is worse was that most of the runners were not able to see these ribbons that we placed along the route on the first 5 kilometers as most of the runners followed the trails. For this year, we were not able to place those ribbons but runners were smart to follow the river and made their run with due direction towards the South.
  8. The Aetas/local tribe in the area were very helpful that they made some access trails on the steep banks of the river for the runners. They even see to it that they give instructions on where to go to avoid the deeper parts of the river. Nobody from the tribe asked for any food or money from the runners.
  9. If not for the typhoon, we could have pushed the 4X4 vehicles to reach “GMA” where runners would be able to replenish their hydration before their final trek to the peak of the mountain. I know that some runners were asking for some water after coming from the peak but they persevered until they reach the stalled 4X4 vehicle on the last 12 kilometers. On the next edition, we will see to it that every runner must be able to carry at least 2 liters of water on the last Aid Station before their trek to the peak or before reaching the turn-around point.
  10. All Finishers were able to receive new versions of the Finisher’s T-Shirt and Finisher’s Medal.
  11. On the next edition of this race, we have to add some amount for the registration fee in order for us to offer Cash Prizes to the podium finishers. We will adopt what we will do with the next edition of the Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race.
  12. We will continue to announce the details of the next year’s edition through our Facebook Event Page.
  13. Every year, we have Foreigners in this race and we hope to continue accommodating them in our next editions.

Official Results can be seen here:

Pictures of the Event Can Be seen Here:

Pictures at the Start & Finish Can Be Seen Here:

Mt Pinatubo's Peak & Crater Lake

Mt Pinatubo’s Peak & Crater Lake

Result: 4th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

15 10 2013

4th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

5:30 AM-5:30 PM October 13, 2013

Barangay Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac To Crater Lake, Mt Pinatubo and Back

Number Of Starters: 50

Number Of Finishers: 50

Cut-Off Time: 12 Hours

Rayman delos Angeles 6:48:39 Champion (Men)    
Robert Watson 7:15:59 1st Runner Up (Men)    
July Oconner 7:29:27 2nd Runner Up (Men)    
Graciano Santos 7:47:35      
Arnold Eming 9:07:34      
Nicolas de Leon 9:08:16      
Andro Garcia 9:10:34      
Jon Borbon 9:10:40      
Richelle Perez 9:28:05 Champion (Women)    
Meljohn Tezon 9:28:06      
Benj Termulo 9:34:02      
Goldy dela Cruz 9:53:59 1st Runner Up (Women)    
Arnold Banaay 10:01:20      
Michael Dauz 10:01:36      
Junar Layug 10:01:40      
May Santos 10:02:49 2nd Runner Up (Women)    
Januarius Padilla 10:11:23      
Dexter Tabaug 10:17:37      
Randy Bierso 10:17:52      
Allan Bulos 10:27:41      
Mon Iti 10:27:43      
Orlando Ylaya 10:29:31      
Rochelle Sumagang 10:31:28      
Ruben Herrera 10:31:36      
Merwin Torres 10:31:37      
Mish Miravilla 10:34:25      
Wesley Oraña 10:34:26      
Mark Sigue 10:36:58      
Rexie Jane Saldivar 10:37:31      
Timothy John Tiburcio 10:37:32      
Gringo Aquino 10:40:16      
Paul Ian Japay 10:40:17      
Christian Almendrala 10:54:16      
Doodsie Mallari 10:55:30      
Alfred delos Reyes 10:55:39      
Simon Pavel Miranda 10:55:40      
Jean Lim 10:55:41      
Mark Banatlao 10:57:11      
Michael Flores 10:58:14      
Jovenal Narcise 11:15:37      
Kathleen Fresnido 11:17:53      
Ian Mabilangan 11:22:27      
Gerson Yuson 11:23:59      
Kelly Lim 11:24:02      
Jonathan Moleta 11:24:03      
Mark Capistrano 11:24:04      
Marlon Saracho 11:24:32      
Manny Ocampo 11:36:14      
Joel Sison 11:41:12      
Allenstein Co 11:44:00      

Pinatubo Run 2013

Pictures of the event can be seen here:

Pictures of Start & Finish of the Event can be seen here:

Congratulations to the “Warriors of Mt Pinatubo”.

My special thanks to the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM), AFP, Philippine Air Force, Tarlac and Capas PNP, Light Armor Division (LAD) of the Philippine Army, Barangay Sta Juliana Personnel, Jun Padilla for the Pepsi Products & Drinks, Ronnel Go for the Photo Coverage, Volunteers, and Staff of Bald Runner’s Events for their untiring efforts to make this event safe for the runners and for the success of this event.

See you again next year!

Lace up, go out of the door and run!

Official Result: 3rd Mt Pinatubo 50K Ultra Trail Challenge

22 10 2012

3rd Mt Pinatubo 50K Ultra Trail Challenge

5:05 AM-5:05 PM October 21, 2012

Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac To Crater Lake & Back

Starters: 102 Runners

Finishers: 100 Runners

Group Picture Before Start Of The Race

RANK N    A      M    E T I M E (HRS)
1 Marcelo Bautista (Champion, CR) 5:35:09
2 Ronie Nullar (1st Runner-Up, CR) 5:47:15
3 Mark Carlo Villafuerte (2nd Runner-Up, CR) 6:00:38
4 Jerome Lagumbay (CR) 6:08:25
5 Rayman Delos Angeles 6:31:01
6 Edge Madronio 6:32:08
7 Jon Las Bruce 6:32:58
8 George Killo 6:38:40
9 Raffy Gabotero 6:40:02
10 Laurencio Lao Ogerio 6:43:03
11 Henry Laron 7:04:08
12 Calvin John Escandor 7:21:53
13 Simon Pavel Miranda 7:22:10
14 Mark Aethen Agana 7:36:28
15 Roberto Delos Santos 7:38:56
16 Marlon Zarate 7:41:50
17 Ruben Torralba 7:45:51
18 Jeffrey Diaz 7:54:33
19 Bong Alindada 7:57:30
20 Chris Kapher 7:59:02
21 Maria Josephine Liao (Lady Champion, CR) 8:00:58
22 Jessie Llarena 8:13:18
23 Paolo Osmena 8:19:43
24 Andrew Aquino 8:23:43
25 George Javier 8:26:56
26 Nicolas De Leon Jr 8:26:58
27 Jon Borbon 8:27:00
28 Vener Roldan 8:27:53
29 Ronnel Go 8:28:07
30 Rod Gotos 8:29:18
31 Jarred Baliguat 8:33:07
32 Philippe Arenillo 8:35:01
33 Cheryll Bihag (Lady 1st Runner-Up) 8:36:24
34 Dennis Chavez 8:45:16
35 Dindo Diaz 8:45:22
36 Dean Cordero 8:50:42
37 Clyde Imperio 9:00:42
38 Carlito Buenaventura 9:05:45
39 Jojo Dela Cruz 9:08:41
40 Rodell Mendoza 9:10:32
41 Daphne Rose Codilla (Lady 2nd Runner-Up) 9:10:42
42 Meriam Torres (Female) 9:11:50
43 Alex Jones 9:12:08
44 Luke Mark Odon 9:13:35
45 Edgardo Vocal 9:14:36
46 Nixon Pasiken 9:15:43
47 Errol Regaya 9:20:13
48 Ejercito Suyo 9:20:57
49 Johann Marquez 9:22:12
50 Edrick Nicdao 9:22:56
51 Jayson Canete 9:25:37
52 Arman Garcia 9:26:06
53 Gerson Patriana 9:27:00
54 Harold Manalo 9:34:58
55 Jason Sison 9:39:56
56 Joseph Pineda 9:49:07
57 Noel Veloso 9:58:58
58 Dexter Cruz 9:59:41
59 Arnel Distor 10:15:11
60 Jeffrey Enverga 10:15:19
61 Gay Baniwas (Female) 10:15:23
62 Stephanie Hefti (Female) 10:15:29
63 Carl Balagot 10:15:57
64 Marc Conrad Molina 10:16:39
65 Venn Lamela 10:17:37
66 Jayson De Ocampo 10:17:46
67 Benj Termulo 10:17:54
68 Tom Baniwas 10:30:43
69 Steve Paul Dumlao 10:34:25
70 Armand Belen 10:34:36
71 Juvy Pagtalunan (Female) 10:38:35
72 Nap Ocampo 10:41:33
73 Jericho De Jesus 10:41:35
74 Darwin Avila 10:42:20
75 Ofelia Lorete (Female) 10:45:36
76 Sheryll Quimosing (Female) 10:45:37
77 Harold Lorete 10:45:38
78 Brian Casorla 10:48:18
79 Kim Youngju 10:55:09
80 Park Kwangyeol 10:55:19
81 Danny Consigna 11:03:13
82 Aileen Manat (Female) 11:03:29
83 Lyra Cruzette Rosario (Female) 11:06:37
84 Joseph Ronquillo 11:07:46
85 Gia Estrella (Female) 11:10:06
86 Zaldy Santillan 11:10:07
87 Emmanuel Tan 11:10:22
88 Choy Zaguirre 11:12:43
89 Benett Silario 11:13:26
90 Jeje Ajusto 11:14:23
91 Chari Sevilla (Female) 11:17:26
92 Lester Evangelista 11:17:27
93 Jinky Yray (Female) 11:17:28
94 Hazel Arnaiz (Female) 11:17:29
95 Carmeli Ortega (Female) 11:17:30
96 Katrina Constantino (Female) 11:17:31
97 Chie Angeles (Female) 11:17:32
98 Maynard Villamer 11:18:04
99 Ric Cabusao Jr 11:20:59
100 Ramon Flores 11:21:04

2nd Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

30 08 2011

Note: The pictures above were taken last July 31, 2010 during the Birthday Run of July Oconer to Mount Pinatubo.

Rules and Regulations: 2nd Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

  1. The race starts at 5:00 AM of September 4, 2011 (Sunday) at the vicinity of the Barangay Hall of Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac.
  2. This race is a solo run and the distance is 50 kilometers. The distance from the Starting Line to the Mt Pinatubo Crater Lake (turn-around) is 25 kilometers. From the turn-around point, the runner has to go back to the Starting Line which will serve also as the Finish Line. Pacers are not allowed.
  3. The cut-off time for the race is twelve (12) hours. Runners must be able to reach the turn-around point in 5:30 hours. Runners who will reach the turn-around point in more than 5:30 hours will be advised to ride on the available 4X4 vehicle in going back to the Starting Line. Such runners will be declared as DNF.
  4. Each runner must be able to have their respective hydration system/belt. The runner’s hydration system must be able to carry liquid/water needed to cover a distance of at least 15 kilometers. There will be Aid Station at Km#8-9 & Km#16-17 and these same Aid Stations will serve as Stations at Km# 33-34 and Km # 42-43 (on the way back). These Aid Stations will be 4X4 vehicles manned by Race Marshals. Be sure to carry some food for you to eat at the Crater/turn-around point (Km #25). The park at the Crater has faucets where you can fill water for your hydration system.
  5. The Aid Stations will have water, cola drinks and limited food supply. The foods served will be chocolate bites, salted biscuits, boiled eggs, and boiled bananas.
  6. Runners are encouraged to prepare their own “drop bags” which will be carried/transported by the 4X4 Vehicle-Aid Stations. Drop Bags should be properly marked with the runner’s name, race number, and Aid Station Number/Km Point where it will be available.
  7. Runner has the option to provide his/her own support vehicle from the 4X4 vehicles for rent available through the Barangay Officials at the Barangay Hall of Sta Juliana. The rent/cost of one vehicle is P 2,500.00 (last year’s price). The fee for a guide is P 500.00 (optional for the runner to get one). However, such individual support vehicle should not “shadow” the runner. It is advisable that support vehicles must “leap-frog” from the runner.
  8. The exact turn-around point is at the edge of the Crater Lake. Runners should go down the stairs as each runner must be able to register to the marshal-recorder upon his/her arrival thereat. Runners shall be properly “marked” at the turn-around point by the Race Marshal thereat.
  9. Runners are advised not to ride on their respective support vehicle even for a short distance or while crossing the river. Riding on the vehicle is tantamount to “cheating” during the race.
  10. Since most of the route towards the Mt Pinatubo has no established or designated trail or path due to changing landscape as a result water & earth movements, the runner can improvise or have his/her own personal choice in establishing his/her direction towards the crater. The rule of thumb for the direction towards the crater is ALWAYS STAY ON THE LEFT PART OF THE EXPOSED AREA going southerly direction.
  11. It is advisable to run with somebody or with a group with the same pace. If not, each runner must be able to have a sight on the runner in front and runner at his back.
  12. This is a trail run which is considered as a RACE. However, it is advisable to help each other on matters of emergency and occurrence of accidents along the route. Any casualty or runner who needs medical attention should be brought to the nearest Aid Station.
  13. Each runner must carry with them basic First Aid Kit. This is a MUST and it is a ground for Disqualification if a runner is without this basic requirement. The First Aid Kit should consist enough cotton, sanitary gauze, medical adhesive tape, betadyne/iodine, and anti-biotic ointment.
  14. Runners must be extra careful in stepping those big rocks along the route. Most of the rocks are slippery and some are not stable. It is safer to walk rather than run on these rocks. Always think safety when you encounter rocks along the way.
  15. There will be a lot of river crossing. Find time to be deliberate in crossing such flowing rivers, most especially where there are a lot of rocks. There are some places where the current of the river are strong, take time in establishing a firm and balance footing as you cross such rivers.
  16. Basically, you will have damp/wet running shoes throughout the run. It is advisable for each runner to apply petroleum jelly to their feet before the run to prevent blisters.
  17. Walking sticks or Trekking Poles are allowed on this run.
  18. At the Crater Lake, if you are not a swimmer, please do not attempt to swim at the lake. We don’t have any Lifeguards for this race.
  19. If in case there will be typhoon or continuous raining on race day, the event will be cancelled and it will be postponed to a later date when weather is favorable for the safety of the participants. Please check on the recent race updates on the Event Page on my Wall at Facebook.
  20. Top 3 Overall and Ladies will receive trophies. Every Finisher will receive Individual PAU’s Finisher’s Medal; Finisher’s T-Shirt; and a Certificate of Achievement (to be given later). This trail run is included in the Ranking of PAU Runners for the Year.
  21. Parking Areas will be available on one side of the Road at Barangay Sta Juliana and at the area near the banks of the river (500 meters from the Barangay Hall). Barangay Tanods will serve as the security/”look-out” to your parked vehicles. Be prepared to pay P 50.00 as Parking Fee for each vehicle to the Barangay Tanods.
  22. The RD and Race Marshals will be conducting random checks on each runner’s hydration system and the mandatory First Aid Kit along the route. It is mandatory for each runner to show their First Aid Kit as he/she checks-in at the Starting Area.
  23. Lastly, please maintain the Integrity of this Race.
  24. For those who paid/deposited their registration fee at LANDBANK, please bring your deposit slip/receipt at the Starting Line for verification.
  25. No bandits to be allowed on this event. Insisting to be a Bandit? Go ahead, make our day!!!

Good luck and Have FUN!!!!

Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge Elevation Profile (Courtesy of Mark Hernandez)

Official Result: 1st Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

12 10 2010

The following is the Official Result of the 1st Mt Pinatubo Challenge (MPC) 50K Trail Run.

I would like to specifically mention that the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines gave me the “GO” signal to push through with the trail run as the Balikatan Exercise (Proper) is scheduled to start yet on October 14, 2010 with the AFP components and the US Armed Forces Counterpart. I did not want that the race would be cancelled, re-scheduled, or terminated when most of the runners are still on the trail. I have the impression that the Philippine Air Force scheduled a practice run on the events/activities that they will be performing during the said military exercise with our US counterparts on the prescribed scheduled dates.

However, the top runners who were fast and strong were not affected with the practice runs of our Philippine Air Force and I have decided that their Finish Times will be upheld as the prevailing record for a solo run finish time from Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac up to the Crater Lake of Mt Pinatubo and back. As I could not determine the exact elapsed time for each runner who were directed to stop in one of the Aid Stations due to the helicopter-airborne firing from a MG helicopter, the finish times reflected below will be considered as the official time. Guys, you will have your chance to redeem yourselves and improve your finish times on the next edition of this trail race!

Due to this predicament, I decided to remove the prescribed cut-off time of 10 hours and allowed everybody to finish and awarded each one who crossed the finish line with their “finisher’s trophy” and Finisher’s T-shirt.

My congratulations to all who started and finished the race. You have finished what I consider as the “hardest and most challenging 50K trail race” in the country.  

1st PAU Mt. Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge
October 09, 2010
              NAME TIME  
1 Hermogines Olvis 6:33:36 Champion (Male)
2 Jonel Mendoza 6:45:56 1st Runner-up (Male)
3 Moses Moreno 6:46:18 2nd Runner-up (Male)
4 Chito Vegim 7:05:13  
5 Graciano Santos 7:10:13  
6 Noel Hernandez 7:43:20  
7 Marcos Lontoc 7:47:13  
8 George Dolores 7:47:57  
9 Mon Marchan 7:57:20  
10 Dindo Diaz 8:34:47  
11 Camilla Brooks 8:37:46 Champion (Ladies)
12 Rufino Morimonte 8:37:58  
13 Melvin Pangan 8:38:06  
14 Don Ubaldo 8:49:21  
15 Earl Warren Navor 8:50:54  
16 Christian Oting 8:53:45  
17 Ian Colendra 8:54:53  
18 Allan Bandiola 8:55:52  
19 Christian Neil Pioquinto 8:55:52  
20 Paolo Osmeña 8:55:52  
21 Saturnino Camamongan 8:57:51  
22 Gil Brazil 9:01:41  
23 Mark Adrian Hernandez 9:04:39  
24 Simon Pavel Miranda 9:06:35  
25 Dennis Ravanzo 9:22:05  
26 Vicky Ras 9:22:05 1st Runner-up (Ladies)
27 Grimaldo Anecito 9:26:10  
28 Marie Anne Constantino 9:29:29 2nd Runner-up (Ladies)
29 Joey Baladad 9:30:54  
30 Ronnel Go 10:52:09  
31 Raul Tapia 10:57:27  
32 Allen Gaspar 11:01:05  
33 Jose Lorenzo Mina 11:03:55  
34 Marcelino Tomas 11:04:19  
35 Bong Bernadez 11:04:54  
36 Ed Yonzon 11:05:09  
37 John Jeffrey Avellanosa 11:05:15  
38 Precy Hernandez 11:08:42  
39 Emma Alvarez 11:14:39  
40 Kian Vicera 11:05:08  
41 Wellington Yao 11:05:10  
42 Carlos Nobleza 11:18:44  
43 Christian Paul Forbes 11:18:48  
44 Roberto delos Santos, Jr 11:18:52  
45 Greg Mana-ay 11:24:32  
46 Sherwin Tommy Botabara 11:25:02  
47 Vans Camanong 11:27:59  
48 Leigh Arnel Biscarra 11:34:15  
49 Larry Daliwag 11:38:18  
50 John Allan Maigue 11:51:20  
51 Ian Ferrer 12:20:50  
52 Mark Fer Castillo 13:06:59  
53 Ruben Acebelo 13:10:52  
54 Jinkee Guerrero 13:10:52  
55 Norberto Mortel 13:14:58  
56 Marco Christopher Montaos 13:15:06  

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