Result: 1st Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Road Classic

2:30 PM July 14-15, 2012/Rosario, La Union Via Marcos Highway To Baguio City & Back To Rosario, La Union Via Kennon Road

R A N K N   A     M   E T  I  M  E
1 Marcelo Bautista 7:56:50
2 Almar Danguilan 10:25:52
3 Henry Laron 10:25:54
4 Bob Castilla 10:42:09
5 Michael Fabian 10:44:33
6 Marlon Ponce Ian Zarate 11:00:24
7 Edilberto Yonzon 11:04:45
8 Arman John Jison 11:07:01
9 Bernadette Schleuter (F) 11:07:44
10 Smile Ellasus 11:39:53
11 Ryan Jucutan 12:14:18
12 Jojo Dela Cruz 13:44:06
13 Jorell Paringit 13:53:33
14 Carl Balagot 13:53:34
15 Jonathan Navalta 13:58:58
16 Calvin John Escandor 14:02:26
17 Jonel Mendoza 15:07:59
18 Ron Yllana 15:08:00
19 Randy Racho 15:34:28
20 Fernando Sy Jr 15:34:29
21 Stephanie Hefti (F) 16:51:23
22 Roger Villareal 17:29:01
23 Joel Balagtas 17:38:43
24 Carmeli Ortega (F) 17:43:18

Congratulations to the 1st Batch of Podium Finishers/Finishers of this historic event who realized that the route for cyclists is now a favorite route for runners/ultrarunners!

BIG thanks and snappy salute to the Local Government of Rosario, La Union under the leadership of Honorable Bellarmin “Red” Flores III, Municipal Mayor; former Mayor Larry Flores; Wap Forbes Flores, a friend and ultrarunner; PNP Rosario Chief of Police Supt Erwin Dayag; PNP Sr Supt David Lacdan of Baguio City; PMA Superintendent Major General Nonito Alfredo Peralta Jr AFP ; and to all the staff & support personnel of the Office of the Mayor of Rosario, La Union for their “all-out support” to make the event as a memorable experience to all the runners.

See you at the Starting Line!

25 Brave Warriors/1st Batch of MK50 Runners
Champion Marcelo Bautista with a Course Record of 7:56:50 Hours
Lady Champion Bernadette Schleuter of Guam, USA With a Course Record of 11:07:44 Hours

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