Result: 2012 BDM 50K “Test Run”

2012 Bataan Death March 50K “Test Run”/Mariveles To Abucay, Bataan/10:15 PM January 14, 2012 To 7:15 AM January 15, 2012.

1 652 Henry Laron 5:27:19
2 777 Simon Pavel Miranda 5:33:05
3 878 Jerome Bautista 5:53:45
4 693 Almar Danguilan 6:00:29
5 881 Carlito Buenaventura 6:04:54
6 747 Fernando Dellomos, Jr 6:11:14
7 663 Alvin Adriano 6:14:06
8 874 Bob Castilla 6:24:07
9 877 Ernesto Badong 6:28:46
10 696 Ric Adrian Salay 6:36:32
11 695 Miguel De Alba 6:36:33
12 896 Jessie Llarena 6:38:14
13 591 Teodulo Alferez, Jr 6:44:20
14 745 Allan Palomares 6:44:21
15 889 Allan Martos 6:51:04
16 882 Kharl Ocampo 6:59:36
17 686 Alain Cuchas Ilaguno 6:59:37
18 879 Jason Sison 7:05:48
19 698 Frederick Quitiquit 7:08:17
20 887 Wesley Orana 7:09:14
21 890 Carl Balagot 7:09:15
22 654 Chips Dayrit 7:10:58
23 653 Darryl Panado 7:11:01
24 778 Angelo Anillo 7:11:02
25 661 Jorell Paringit 7:13:19
26 694 Dennis Carcamo 7:13:20
27 657 Emmanuel Chavez 7:18:41
28 692 Candy Balaba (Female) 7:19:40
29 894 Mark Anthony Delumen 7:25:41
30 872 Benedict Muriel 7:25:45
31 873 Harold Ramirez 7:25:46
32 892 Ofelia Lorete (Female) 7:27:53
33 665 Mary Jane Villamor (Female) 7:32:08
34 664 Jerome Aragones 7:32:09
35 883 Nap Ocampo 7:36:52
36 669 Don Armand Gutierrez 7:43:16
37 885 Choy Zaguirre 7:43:35
38 689 Jojo Paguia 7:44:11
39 880 Carmeli Ortega (Female) 7:45:11
40 884 Alex Jones 7:45:30
41 697 Maria Stephanie Hefti (Female) 7:55:33
42 875 Vic Delima II 7:56:02
43 876 Ruben Fajardo, Jr 7:56:03
44 662 Jonah Rivera 7:59:59
45 886 Jericho De Jesus 8:06:44
46 667 Jinky Yray 8:07:37
47 748 Perkins Briones 8:09:17
48 871 Russell Sanchez  8:12:06
49 893 Harold Lorete 8:42:59
50 891 Jinkee Guerrero 8:43:27
51 895 Joseph Ligot 8:43:29

See you on the next BDM 52K “Test Run” on February 11, 2012. Assembly Time is 6:00 AM @ BDM Kilometer Post #50 in Abucay, Bataan.

Keep on training!

In Memory Of Our Fallen Heroes In The Name Of Peace & Freedom
2012 BDM 102/160 "Brave Warriors" (Photo Courtesy Of Simon Pavel Miranda)

Reminders: 2012 BDM 102 “50K Test Run”

To All BDM 102 Runners:

This “test run” will simulate your run on Race Day, on March 3-4, 2012. This test run will be held tomorrow, January 14, 2012, which will start at the Bataan Death March (BDM) Shrine in Mariveles, Bataan where the BDM Kilometer Post/Obelisk #00 is located. The Assembly Time is 9:00 PM as most of the participants had signified their intention to register On Site. The Registration Fee is P 500.00 as this event will be properly timed and recorded.

BDM Shrine Kilometer Post #00 In Mariveles, Bataan

The Gun Start is at 10:00 PM (the same time for the Race Day). The “test run” has a cut-off time of nine (9) hours for the runners to reach/cross the Finish Line at the BDM Kilometer Post #50 which is located within the vicinity of the Abucay Public Market in Abucay, Bataan.

Participants have to take note of the following BDM Kilometer Posts where critical intersections are located: Kilometer Posts #14; #23; and #32. Once the runners see these posts, they have to TURN RIGHT on the road intersection in order for them to be on the actual route of the Bataan Death March.

As the runners would be staying on the left side of the road, facing the incoming traffic, the BDM Kilometer Posts are located on the right side of the road throughout the route of the event.

Runners are reminded to test the following during the run: wearing of reflectorized vest; race strategy; hydration & nutrition strategy; the positioning of one’s support vehicle & crew; running shoes & kit; use of first aid kit for blisters & other running-related injuries; and the use of one’s choice of lighting system.

Runners should be aware that the road will be dark during the run and there is a possiblity of rain showers and windy environment on the first 20 kilometers of the run. Practically, you will be running on top of a mountain with the wind coming from the sea/coast.

There is a lot of stray dogs on populated areas along the road. Make sure that your Ipod/MP3s volume are not too loud for you to determine the distance of the barking dogs from you. Take necessary precautions for these barking dogs.

There is a lot night spots/karaoke bars along the route and some of the customers could be drunk or surprised to see runners on nighttime. Find time to greet, wave or smile at them before they could say anything. Be friendly and smart.

For safety purposes, try to find somebody who has the same pace with you and at least, you have a companion during the run. Better if you can run with a group. However, remember to run on single file on the left side of the road. If the shoulder of the road is wide enough for two runners abreast, then it is allowed with care and vigilance.

When crossing the road to the other side to approach your respective support vehicle, be sure to stop, listen, and look around for any incoming vehicle before crossing. Support vehicles are also advised to stay on the right side shoulder of the road when on stop.

Remember, the starting area is in MARIVELES (not in Bagac, Bataan where another BDM Km Post #00 is located). The BDM Shrine in Mariveles, Bataan is located beside the JOLLIBEE. You will never get lost once you see the sign of the fastfood establishment.

(Note: For those who are joining this test run without support vehicle, you can take the Genesis Bus or Bataan Transit from their Cubao Terminal. Allocate at least 5 Hours as Travel Time)

Good luck! See you at the Starting Line!

Trinity Of Sports

Carl Von Clausewitz’ book “On War” stated that “War is the continuation of policy by other means”. Success in war and in any military endeavor requires adherence to what he calls the “Trinity of War” which are the main elements to be considered and satisfied. The Trinity of War consists of: (1) United Government; (2) Support of the Citizenry/Populace; and (3) Strong and “well-oiled” Armed Forces.

In relation to Sports, I think there is also what it is called the “Trinity of Sports”. First is Government Support; Second is Population/Public Support & Interest; and Third is National Pool of Athletes (being represented by the different National Sports Federations). Absence of one of the elements would mean FAILURE in any of the competition event that the country would participate.

Government Support is a “must” if we want to excel in international competition like the SE Asian Games, Asian Games, and the Olympic Games. It is very self-explanatory as the government has the bulk of resources for the promotion of sports and support for the athletes.

Populatiom/Public Support & Interest is where the Corporate Sponsors would come in and the Media has a great contribution in creating awareness to the whole citizenry. Population is obviously the source of our athletes.

National Pool of Athletes is where good leadership is needed in the different Sports Federations in the country. Poor selection of athletes, “favoritism” and lack of sports development in the grassroots level will surely derail the quality of athletes we are sending in international competition. This is where proper training, equipment, international exposure, good coaching, nutrition, sports psychology, sports medicine and other sports advancement will come in.

If only we could adhere to these elements of the “Trinity of Sports”, we could easily excel in any sports discipline we would like to compete. But going back to the words of Carl Von Clausewitz, “the simple things are the hardest things to do”, these Trinity of Sports could be easily understood but doing something about them would take a gargantuan task for eveybody. However, I still believe that there is still hope for the country as long as we stick to the basics—discover more raw talents in the grassroot level through awareness and local sports competitions and “nurture” them to become world-class elite athletes!

Do you believe that “Sports is also a continuation of policy by other means”?

Another food for thought for the day. See you at the Starting Line!

2012 BDM 160 Participants

Number N A M E
1 Gilbert Gray (USA)
2 Paolo Osmena
3 Ronnel Go
4 Julius Cervantes
5 Dindo Diaz
6 Muhammad Sallehan (Singapore)
7 Lemuel Narcise
8 Albert Salazar
9 Caloy Nobleza
10 Carlos Napoleon Ocampo
11 Alfred Delos Reyes
12 Roberto Delos Santos
13 Carlito Buenaventura
14 Arman Fernando
15 Nelson Mallillin
16 Jose Arturo Virata
17 Leo Tugade
18 Kelly Lim (Female, Singapore)
19 Reginald Santos
20 Bong Bernadez
21 Marcos Lontoc
22 Earl Warren Navor
23 Keshia Fule (Female)
24 Mark Anthony Rodica
25 Christian Oting
26 Kenneth Alonte
27 Ferdie Cabiling
28 Heide Acuna (Female)
29 Wilfredo Parcon, Jr
30 Francis Andrew Santiago
31 Rosgar Apolinario
32 Anthony Mark Alindada
33 Bob Castilla
34 Bert Camangonan
35 Chito Vegim
36 Larry Daliwag
37 Jose Duenas
38 Jimmy Ong
39 Cesar Abarientos
40 Jemuel Bayot
41 Carlo Bacalla
42 Christopher Montaos
43 Victor Ting
44 Marlo Guloy
45 Mark Hernandez
46 Kharl Ocampo
47 Junar Layug
48 Emerson Go Tian
49 Rhia Go Tian (Female)
50 Graciano Santos
51 Randy Rubio
52 Terence Chen (Singapore)
53 Samuel Narcise
54 Jonel Mendoza
55 Benjamin Gaetos (USA)
56 Jonnifer Lacanlale
57 John Radich (USA)
58 Benedict Meneses
59 Jose Lorenzo Mina
60 David Buban
61 Noel Hernandez
62 Ellen Abigail Castillo (Female)
63 Mar Marilag

64. Blas Ople Tiangco

65: Ed Yonzon

66. Frederick Gabriel

67. Manuel Dela Serna

68. Melvin Pangan

69. Jag Irasga

70. Rain Ordonez

71. Cenen Milan Jr.

72. Sandy Alentajan

73. Michael Angelo Fabian

74. Vans Cammanong

75. Sherwin Tommy Botabara

76. Paul Pajo

77. Tom Moreno

78. Barry Red

(Note: If ever your name is not included in the list, please resend the scanned copy of your deposit slip as soon as possible to this e-mail address: Please bring your deposit slip to the Briefing & Carboloading Party (CLP) on or about 6:30 PM of January 26, 2012, Thursday at the AFP Officers’ Club in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City).

TD 100 @ Ultra Signup

Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run (TD 100) is already one of the Ultra Races being administered by Mark Gilligan of Ultra Signup.

If you are used and familiar in registering to International Marathons, most probably you have experienced registering your participation through For Ultra Trail Races in the United States and other countries, registration of participants are done through Ultra Signup.

TD 100 is the FIRST Ultra Race in the Philippines and Southeast Asia to be under the processing of Ultra Signup.

Lately, I registered for the 2012 Cobra Half-Ironman Triathlon and I was charged with a registration fee of $ 225.00 (US Dollars) plus $ 16.00+ (US Dollars) as Processing Fee, a total of $ 241.00+ for my participation in the event. In comparison with Ultra Signup, it does not charge additional processing fee for the registration fee. So, if you are interested to join this event, you will be charged with the stated registration fee ONLY.

Registration for this event is NOW OPEN.

BR & Mark Gilligan of Ultra Signup

“The 160 Km Journey” By Candy Balaba

The 160 Km Journey

by Candy Pastor- Balaba on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 3:53pm
Last Saturday, the first 100-mile Trail Run in the country dubbed as TAKLANG DAMULAG 100mile ENDURANCE RUN, was staged. Taklang Damulag is a landmark inside the army division in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.  In recent years, it was used as an impact area for live fire training for canons/artillery guns, and currently being used as a training ground for the Special Forces Regiment.

Race Director, Gen Jovie Narcise (Ret) a.k.a. The Bald Runner is the brains behind the Taklang Damulag 100mile Endurance Event. We learned that this would be the 1st 100mile Ultra Trail Run Event in Southeast Asia. Being a retired soldier, he is familiar with the place and thought that this would be a challenging route for ultra runners who seek for the toughest course. The route has a total ascent of 17,000 feet and a total descent of 18,000 feet. The course will take them to climb Taklang Damulag 4 times which would total 52kms, and twice on a 54 kms outer loop, hence given a total distance of 160kms

Even when the event was only on its planning stage early this year, hubby was already telling me that he wanted to try out this race. He has signed up for the 2012 BDM160 which will be on January, and thought that Taklang Damulag race will be a good training for his BDM 160 (Bataan Death March).  I didn’t think he would be too serious about it, because he has never been too keen on Trail runs.

Fast forward to Dec 17, my son JB and I found ourselves in Ft Magsaysay doing what is most expected from us… to be his support crew.


Ultra runs are usually the “no- frills” races. There are no grand pre and post race activities. No prizes, no loot bags.  Its usually just a small group of happy and fun hard core ultra runners that gather on this races. For this event, only 19 brave warriors signed up.  Two foreigners, a German and Malaysian guy who came all the way from Hongkong and China, respectively. The rest in the pack were Filipinos from all walks of life, a doctor, 2 lawyers, a grandson of an ex-president, a writer, entrepreneurs, professors and 2 military officers.  It’s a nice mix of interesting people who share the same passion for ultra running.


The race briefing and carbo loading Friday night was time for runners to get to know more of each other. Everyone was happy, excited and maybe jittery too on the challenge that was coming their way, especially when The Bald Runner started to brief them on the route (it was not disclosed until Friday night). However, for some unknown reason, one runner backed off immediately after the briefing.  So 1 down, 18 to go.


As I was unable to leave work that Friday, and Benedict needing to attend the course briefing and carbo loading that day, he had to go ahead without us. I packed all the necessary stuff he would need, gave him clear instructions on all that has been loaded, and promised that I would be there Saturday before noon.


I called up Benedict an hour before gun start. He said he was all geared up and just ready to go. I gently reminded him to take it slow and to just enjoy the race.

53 KMS

Arrived Fort Magsaysay with my older son JB just before noon, my father-in-law with my daughter Icee – who was on their way to Baguio, drove us there.   Shortly after arriving at Fernandez Hill where an aid station was set up, the first 2 runners – Andre Bloomberg and Jones Mortega arrived. Both had their lunch of noodles, boiled sweet potato, boiled eggs and some crackers. They also took time to reload their hydration packs. After more or less 35 mins of doing all these tasks, the runners were back on the trail to proceed with 2 loops in Taklang Damulag.

Benedict together with 4 other runners came 15 min after Andre and Jones left. He told us how he got lost with Malaysian guy – Seow Kung Ng in kilometer 9, which meant an added 6 kilometers to find their way back to the route. Benedict had his lunch, we reloaded his hydration packs, rested for a few minutes and then left again with the 4 runners.

The rest of the runners started arriving 30min after. They all took time to rest, eat, change clothes, tape their feet, prick those blisters (ouuuuch!!), someone even decided to take a short nap.  Everyone seemed to be holding on strong except for 1 runner who looked very wasted, he couldn’t even eat and just took sips from the recovery drinks offered to him.  After a short nap, he got up removed his race bib and raised the white flag.


The Taklang Damulag loop has an elevation of 409 meters. To quote Bald Runner, “it is a short course and a very low mountain, but if you think of going up to this mountain for 4 times in a single event, then you have a very high mountain”.  The runners thought of it as an easy trek, and clearly no one expected that it would take them 3 hours to complete 1 loop which was only 13kms. It must have been a tough climb because after Andre’s first loop, I overheard him confirming from Bald Runner if they needed to do another loop and that he hoped he heard it wrong during the briefing to do 2 loops.


The 83km- SOCOM AREA is also the Starting and Finish marks.  An aid station was set up so runners can have their dinner, reload their hydration packs, change clothes etc.

Jones came in a few minutes ahead of Andre, but he decided to quit after a bad fall that left him with a sprained ankle. As for Andre, he seemed to be holding on strong.  He left immediately after a quick dinner and after reloading his hydration packs.

Benedict came in 45min after Andre left, he said he got lost again on the 81km mark when he missed a turn which eventually led him to a longer route back to SOCOM area.

After having dinner, a quick wardrobe change (his rubber shoes was soaked, torn and beaten up), he was off to cover the next 83kms. It was already 8:30pm, dark, cold and drizzly. I began to worry now about how he would be able to get through the next 83kms alone. A pacer is already allowed for every runner from this point, unfortunately no one can pace him, I am not prepared to run an 80km distance, neither can our son JB. So, there was no other choice but for him to go alone and run in the DARK, COLD, DRIZZLY, CREEPY TRAIL.

The cut off time for the first loop (83kms) was 15hours. Only 7 runners were able to make it before the cut off. Bald Runner decided to allow those who didn’t make it to cutoff to continue if they still wanted to.


As runners started to arrive at the 83 km mark, the DNF list also started to rise. A swollen knee, sprained ankle, bouts of chills and dizziness, or just totally wasted to continue, were the reasons that 6 runners decided to seal the nail in their DNF coffin.

So from the 83km mark, where the second loop will start, only 7 runners have decided to continue.

110 KMS

Our son JB was supposed to pace his Dad from this point, unfortunately Benedict wasn’t able to spot the car which was parked on the side of the road, so he decided to run and continue to go alone.  We also eventually left the place after staying there for 3 hours, we decided to move to the next aid station which was the Fernandez Hill.

A few kilometers before reaching Fernandez Hill, we finally spot him running in that long dark road. He was glad to see us as he was running out with energy drinks.  JB was all geared up and ready to go, so after reloading their hydration packs, the boys were off to cover the last 45kms.


I arrived Fernandez Hill around 5:40am after I got back from the early morning mass that I attended in the nearby church. I was surprised to see JB resting on a makeshift hammock. He told me that Benedict did not allow him anymore to trek Taklang Damulag as it was still too early and the path was dark.  Benedict left for his first loop to Taklang Damulag at 4:30AM. I got a bit worried, because it was raining and the trail was pitch- dark, wet and slippery.

After a few minutes, Andre arrived.  I was surprised he came in after Benedict. He told us that he got lost on his way to Fernandez hill, and wasted 2 hours finding his way back to the route. He didn’t look good. I could read disappointment in his face.  He didn’t talk much and just sat quite in one corner. After 30 minutes, I saw them pack their bags and asked me if I could give them a lift back to SOCOM. He has decided to quit too.  Paper, her girlfriend, and I tried to persuade him to continue. There was still enough time for him to cover the 2 loops.. He said that after getting lost on his way back to Fernandez Hill, and a bad fall that caused him much pain, he is now unable to think clearly and feels too wasted to continue.

I felt so bad that he had to quit after already covering 130kms. He was really a good and strong runner. Although, he said that this is his first 100 miler, he has also done quite a number of TNF ultra runs around the globe. I wonder what went wrong for him to decide to DNF.

Eventually, I learned that 4 more runners have DNF’ed on the 110km mark, including Malaysian guy- Seow Kung. Seow Kung  is an equally seasoned ULTRA RUNNER, having  done Les Sable in Africa, Amazon Ultra Run, Comrades Marathon. 


Benedict was back in Fernandez Hill after 3 hours of trekking Taklang Damulag . He looked fine and was not complaining of anything other than hunger. He was surprised to know that Andre has already quit the race. As of 9AM, we had confirmation that only 5 runners continue to be on the race, with Benedict leading the pack.

Cut off time is 32hours. It was 9AM and Benedict had 4 more hours to cover the last 18kms.   A whole loop to Taklang Damulag is 13kms plus 5 kms to the Finish Line. I was completely in awe with his grit and sheer determination to move on and continue. Everyone was telling him that he could be the only one to finish the race within the cut off time. With all that being said to him, he was all the more determined to GO FOR THE WIN!!!

Benedict also finally allowed JB to pace him on his last loop to Taklang Damulag.  JB acted like a giddy 7 year old who immediately jump up to join his Dad again.


I was back at SOCOM- Finish Line to wait for the 2 boys. I was surprised to see that the runners who DNF’ed were eagerly waiting for any finisher to make it before cut off time. It was almost 12noon, cut off was just an hour away.   The waiting seemed endless, I was getting so worried. Will the boys make it?

Then at about 12:05, 2 guys were seen moving towards the finish line. Everyone started jumping, screaming, clapping and cheering. Finally someone is going to make it before the cut off time.  It was raining outside yet everyone got up, forgot about all the pain in their legs, ran outside and started to cheer on Benedict and JB who was coming towards the finish line. Everyone was asking who he was running along with, I proudly told them, he was our 15yr old son. That gave them even more reason to cheer. My heart melted and tears welled up in my eyes at the sight of our son- JB pacing his Dad onto his glorious triumph. THIS IS ONE MEMORABLE MOMENT THAT WILL FOREVER BE IMPRINTED ON MY MIND’S EYE AND ETCHED ON MY MIND’S HEART. 


Benedict raised his tired arms like a “V”.  JB slowed down a bit to let his Papa  cross the finish line alone. But even before Benedict could cross the finish line, he was swarmed by the other runners, gave him high fives, shook his hand and embraced him. IT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME SIGHT!! I WAS ALL BEAMING AND FILLED WITH SO MUCH PRIDE!!!

After 31 hours 11 minutes and 26 seconds …HE MADE IT!!!

As of this writing, Dick and I continue to share stories about last weekend. He is overwhelmed and humbled by all the congratulatory messages he receives everyday, and all the nice words being posted on his FB.

The very daunting feat has earned him blisters, sore muscles, chafed seams, 10 dead toenails, that will last for days, but it has also tattoed his pride with a memory of a great finish that will last him forever.


PS:  Benedict was the lone finisher who made it before cut off, making him the only one to earn the Silver Buckle for the 1st 100miler Endurance Event in the country. 4 other runners were able to cross the finish line  with a time of 41hrs. The Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run was organized by the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners and was participated in by local and international ultrarunners and is officially considered as the first and only 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run in Southeast Asia.

Running Is Patience

This is the most important virtue that a runner must have, whether he/she is a beginner, average, or competitive one.

Patience is having more time to wait for things to unfold, as a result of your training program, before being reckless and do things the wrong way. As a result, you will regret for the things you have done. Your actions in running should be deliberate as there are NO “magic bullets” or “quick fix” in the sports we love.

In training, you need patience for you to develop your aerobic endurance and overall, improve on all the aspects of running. It does not take days or weeks to happen, but it would take months and years to develop your maximum potentials in the said sports. There are “ladders and steps” to overcome from one level to another level. Patience means you don’t have to go through a marathon (42K) training without experiencing what it takes to finish a simple 3K run. If you think you are good in 3K distance, you can go to the next step of trying a 5K run and so forth. However, there are training programs that you must follow in order to get the full potentials of your body’s capabilities if you want to excel in the distance you want. If you want to finish a marathon race, you need patience. Believe me if I tell you that I prepared for one year to experience what it takes to finish my first marathon. More patience is needed, if you desire to finish your first ultra marathon race.

Not adhering to patience by trying to do so much too soon in one’s mileage have always been the number one problem among runners. Not following the time-tested 10% rule of increasing one’s mileage on a weekly basis always brings runners to being injured and stale in their improvement. As a result, patience will always be the solution of this problem—patience to let the injury heals itself.

In races, runners would always forget what it takes to be patient. The tendency of most runners is to go out too fast once the gun is fired only to realize that mistake had been done when he/she is “crawling” to reach and cross the finish line. We always don’t have the patience to remember and stick to our race strategy and the training we have done in preparation for the race.

We need also patience in choosing our first running shoes and running attire. We have the tendency to look like the elite runners who are featured in “glossy” international runner’s magazine with the thought that we look “cool” and better runners than others. We have also the tendency to buy what we see for the first time not knowing that there are better fitting shoes with less cost if we waited and had time to look around. It is not the brand, color-combination, and the weight of the shoes that count most, but the proper fit to our feet. As for the running attire, you need patience to find out what is more comfortable for you considering our weather and humidity.

We need also patience in trying to find out what food and drinks that are good and work best for our performance.  Depending on the distance you want to race or run, you can experiment on what nutritional needs for your training, pre-race, during race, and recovery period.

We need patience to find out what races we want to join in the future and patience to prepare for these races.

We need patience to finish what we have started. Because finishing a race is what matters most!

Like life itself, we need patience. There are lots of options but we need to have smart choices and decisions.

In running and in the race called “Life”, always think and remember…PATIENCE.

See you at the Starting Line!

"Running Is Patience" (Photo By Ding Quinto/The Frontrunner Magazine)

2012 Schedule Of BR’s & PAU Events


 January 14, 2012—BDM 50K “Test Run” (Mariveles to Abucay, Bataan)

January 21, 2012—MOUNTAIN & TRAIL RUNNING 101  (10K & 16K)

January 28-29, 2012—2nd BDM 160K Ultra Marathon Race

February 11, 2012—BDM 52K “Test Run” (Abucay, Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga)

February 26, 2012—MOUNTAIN & TRAIL RUNNING 101  (16K & 21K)

March 3-4, 2012—4th BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race

March 18, 2012—MOUNTAIN & TRAIL RUNNING 101  (21K & 32K)

April 15, 2012—MOUNTAIN & TRAIL RUNNING 101 Marathon  (42K)

April 21, 2012—2nd MAYON 360 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

May 20, 2012—3rd T2N (Tagaytay To Nasugbu) 50K Ultra Marathon Run

June 2, 2012—Taklang Damulag 50-Mile Mountain/Trail Run & 50K Run

July 7, 2012—2nd Tanay 50K Ultra Marathon Run

August 11, 2012—24-Hour Endurance Run (By Invitation)

August 25, 2012—2nd ILOCOS NORTE (Burgos To Pagudpud) 60K Ultra Marathon Run

September 15, 2012—PAU NATIONALS/Championship 50K & 100K

October 13, 2012—3rd Mt Pinatubo 50K Ultra Trail Run/Zambales Trail Traverse 100K Run

November 1-4, 2012—WEST COAST 200K RUN (3-Day Multi-Stage Run)

December 2, 2012—4th T2N (Tagaytay To Nasugbo) 50K Ultra Marathon Run

December 15-16, 2012—2nd Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run & Half-Marathon

December 30, 2012—4th RIZAL DAY 32K Run

(Note: Details of these Events will posted on this Blog and/or on Facebook’s Event Page)