TD 100 @ Ultra Signup

Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run (TD 100) is already one of the Ultra Races being administered by Mark Gilligan of Ultra Signup.

If you are used and familiar in registering to International Marathons, most probably you have experienced registering your participation through For Ultra Trail Races in the United States and other countries, registration of participants are done through Ultra Signup.

TD 100 is the FIRST Ultra Race in the Philippines and Southeast Asia to be under the processing of Ultra Signup.

Lately, I registered for the 2012 Cobra Half-Ironman Triathlon and I was charged with a registration fee of $ 225.00 (US Dollars) plus $ 16.00+ (US Dollars) as Processing Fee, a total of $ 241.00+ for my participation in the event. In comparison with Ultra Signup, it does not charge additional processing fee for the registration fee. So, if you are interested to join this event, you will be charged with the stated registration fee ONLY.

Registration for this event is NOW OPEN.

BR & Mark Gilligan of Ultra Signup

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