“Mortal Sins” Of Pinoy Ultrarunners

6 07 2017

In my nine years as a Race Organizer and Race Director of Ultrarunning events in the Philippines, I have observed two distinct “mortal sins” of our local ultrarunners. I have mentioned these sins/concerns in my Race Reports as I am also guilty on these in my previous races, whether they are road or trail races.

First “mortal sin” is starting too fast on the course. Most of the runners are too excited to start the race and due to such excitement, the race strategy that one had prepared to be followed is completely lost and gone from the mind of the runner. Aside from the excitement, the fact that you are still running as a group among the starters adds the idea that you are better and faster than the runners in front of you! Your mind thinks that the race is just another 10K or a half-marathon distance or a marathon distance where you can easily finish the race without hiking or walking along the course.

A fast start on a race makes the runner to be uncontrollable even if his/her support crew would advise him/her to slow down. The sight of another runner, whether he is located in front or behind, gives a feeling of insecurity to the runner. Most of the time, it is that “macho” attitude that you can easily pass the runner in front of you to the point that you would observe every movement of the runner trying to find signs if the runner is slowing down. On the other hand, you have also that “fear” that you would be passed by the other runner behind you, knowing that the runner is weaker than you from your past running events with him. As much as possible, you would not like to be overtaken by that runner.

There is also the thinking or misconception that you are trying to be fast at the beginning or early phase of the race so that you have enough “buffer” or “miles on the bank” as spare if ever you will be walking or hiking on the later stage of the race. Most often, such “buffer” could be easily squandered or wasted by the second “mortal sin”.

Second and most abused “mortal sin” is staying too long for rest and “refueling” in a “pit stop”. Which means that if, in event that a Road Ultrarunner sees his/her Support Vehicle, the tendency of the runner is to stop the run (still far from the Vehicle) and then walk for a few meters to reach the Support Vehicle. Once the runner reaches the Support Vehicle, he/she can not decide which one to do first: drink, refill the bottles, or eat some food. More often, runners would forget to refill their bottles even if they stayed too long in their “pit stop”. Sometimes, they would simply sit if there is a chair being offered by their Support Crew. Even if their bottles are still filled with water and there is no need to stop, the mere sight of their Support Vehicle gives an excuse for the runner to stop and approach the vehicle. Even if they have still food stashed in their hydration pack, the runner would still ask for some food from their Support Crew.

In road or trail ultras, there are runners who would not like to sleep in the Aid Stations or near their Support Vehicle. Others would take it easy, compute their “buffer” time, and then simply take a nap or sleep. There is nothing wrong with sleeping or taking a nap during the event but this habit takes a lot of wasted time for the runners. If you have properly trained yourself for the expected night runs and did your assignment, then there is no need for you to have an extended sleep during the night run. I know of seasoned ultra runners who have trained for their night runs and made used of their training during the actual event. The result is that they have better finish times!

To some, their rest is coupled or combined with unnecessary change of outfits, change of shoes, and/or change of socks! In most of my ultra races where I’ve joined, the outfit that I have on the start of the race is the same outfit that I have once I cross the finish line. I am very fortunate that I’ve never experienced any blisters on my feet or chaffing on any part of my body during my races. I sweat a lot during races but I don’t change my outfit when they are wet even if I have extra dry outfit in my drop bags waiting at the Aid Stations!

There are some runners who would take a shower while the event is on-going. I have observed a lot of runners in my BDM Races who find time to have their shower at the halfway mark! I am not sure if they are doing this ritual when they are training for it. It is fine with me as long as they finish the race within the cut-off time of the event.

When the runner reaches and crosses the finish line, he/she is very happy and emotional that he/she had finished the race. However, once the Official Result is posted and published, the runner would scan on the list of finishers and look for the ranking of the other runners. Most of the time, the runner could not believe that another runner had a faster time than what he made in the event. That’s the only time that he/she would think of those times squandered or wasted because of these two “mortal sins” of every ultra runner had experienced.

The challenge now is to have a better time for the next edition! And this is the “third mortal sin” of every ultra runner! However, there are so many ways to avoid this “third mortal sin”. If you have a problem of controlling your pace or speed once the race starts, you have to relax and remember those training days you have put in preparation for this race. Start slow to warm-up your muscles and then slowly increasing your pace during the run. Listen to your body and gauge your pace on the effort you are exerting during the run. That is only half of the story. The other half is to be able to maintain your hydration and nutrition strategy to fuel up your body as you increase your pace. Whether it is a road or trail ultra race, I always start behind the pack of runners and slowly inching my way to the middle pack or among the upper 50% of the runners or sometimes finishing on the upper 20% of the runners.

With regards to being “hard-headed” in expecting comfort from the sight of your Support Vehicle or the location of the Aid Station, there are so many things that you should remember. First, do not stop and refill your bottles with water if you haven’t consumed anything from your bottles or hydration pack. If you want to eat, consume first the food you have stashed in your hydration pockets before you get refills from your Support Crew. Second, if you intend to refill your bottles and get some foods, make it fast and systematic! You should be back on the road and continue your run in less than 1-2 minutes! Third, for those would like to take a “nap”, make it short and ask your Support Crew to force you to wake up after the agreed number of minutes of “nap” time! Fourth, there is no need for showers, change of outfit, change of shoes and socks, and “selfies” during the race. Everybody smells the same once a runner is drenched by his/her sweat! As for the outfit, whatever worked comfortably with you during your LSDs in your training, use them! Fifth, train your self to eat and drink while you are power-hiking as this would minimize your time in the Aid Stations. Sixth, whether it is road or trail ultra, organize your needs in plastic containers with markings on what point or Kilometer point where you need such items stored inside them (placed inside the Support Vehicle in Road Ultras). In ultra trail races, make sure you know the items you placed inside your Drop Bags or better yet, have a list with you in your pocket as to which items you have in those Drop Bags.

If you commit these “mortal sins” repeatedly or had committed them and you want to improve on your performance, practice my advise during your runs as they are not hard to follow.

Lace up and go run!


Official Logos Of PAU & IAU



Official Result: 2nd Mariveles To Bagac 50K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM Km 0 To Km 0)

26 06 2017

2nd Mariveles To Bagac 50K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM Km 0 To Km 0)

Start: 4:00 AM June 24, 2017 @ Bataan Death March Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan

Finish: 2:00 PM June 24, 2017 @ Bataan Death March Kilometer Post #0, Bagac, Bataan

Number of Starters: 26

Number of Finishers: 26

Percentage Of Finish: 100%

2017 Mariveles To Bagac

Starters & Finishers Of The Event

RANK         NAME                    TIME (Hrs)

  1. Nel Valero (Champion, CR/Adjusted Course) —-5:37:11
  2. Joseph Diones (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ——-5:45:01
  3. Ace Rodriguez (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —–5:53:55
  4. June Gonzales —————-6:01:21
  5. Rod Losabia ——————-6:13:23
  6. Bryan Taroma —————6:23:36
  7. Hope Jhon Brazil ———–6:30:31
  8. Tess Leono (Champion, Female) ——–6:40:35
  9. Ray Casimero ——————6:42:15
  10. Richard Gy ———————6:43:40
  11. Felisisimo Gura ————–6:46:54
  12. Rosemarie Austria (1st Runner-Up, Female)—-7:02:59
  13. Loui Cotejar ——————-7:05:35
  14. Art Sanchez ——————- 7:27:39
  15. Adrian De Mesa ————- 7:27:53
  16. Emma Libunao (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —— 7:36:50
  17. Remy Caasi (Female) ——-7:36:51
  18. Marlon Santos —————-7:37:07
  19. Kim Jason Pinili ————-7:51:25
  20. Brady Yandoc —————- 7:53:30
  21. Jonas Olandria ————– 8:18:59
  22. Danilo Reyes —————– 8:19:14
  23. Ener Calbang —————- 8:33:46
  24. Anna Odessa Albaracin (Female) —- 8:41:25
  25. Fer De Leon —————–8:47:21
  26. Jeje Ajusto ——————- 9:07:15

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Update #1: 2018 BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race

14 06 2017

As of June 13, 2017, two days before the Deadline For “Newbies” to register and pay their Registration Fee without any penalty of additional P 500.00, there are only 27 runner-participants who have sent their photocopy of the Deposit Slip to my e-mail address at If you have paid the Registration Fee already, please send the photocopy of your Deposit Slip immediately as we will be posting those paid runners on a regular basis on this blog.

Please be reminded that all photocopies of Deposit Slips should be sent to my e-mail address ONLY.

An additional payment of P 500.00 from an invited runner (“newbie”/”first-timer”) will be added to the Regular Registration Fee if the payment is done after June 15, 2017. The Late Registration Period will cover from June 16, 2017 up to November 1, 2017.

“Repeaters” are advised that their last day of payment of their Registration Fee of P 4,500.00 will be on November 1, 2017. There will be No Extension Period.

Another reminder, all Senior Citizens and Men & Women of the Active Uniformed Armed Services of the Philippines to include the Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Prison Management & Penology, and the Philippine Coast Guard are entitled to 20% discount from the Regular Registration Fee.

Henceforth, all updates on the 2018/10th Edition of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race will posted on this blog.

Thank you! Cheers to everybody!

Lace up & Run!

Official Result: 2nd North Coast 200-Mile Ultra Marathon Run (2017)

15 05 2017

2017/2nd Edition of North Coast 200-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

Starting Place: In Front of the Provincial Capitol of Ilocos Norte/Laoag City

Gun Start: 12:01 AM May 11, 2017

Finish Line: La Perla Inn, Barangay Zinungan, Santa Ana, Cagayan

Finish Time: 12:01 AM May 14, 2017

Cut-Off Time: 72 Hours

Number Of Starters: 10 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 10 Finishers

Percentage Of Finish: 100%

2nd North Coast 00

Ten Runners At The Starting Line

RANK                    NAME                           TIME (Hrs)

  1. Bong Dizon (Overall Champion, Course Record) —-61:22:33
  2. Dondon Talosig (1st Runner-Up, Overall, CR) —–62:35:01
  3. Eric Cruz (2nd Runner-Up, Overall, CR) —–62:41:40
  4. Rhoda Caballero-Oporto (Female Champion, Course Record) —-62:48:16
  5. Rolan Cera ———————————– 67:19:15
  6. Remy Caasi (1st Runner-Up, Female) ———67:19:42
  7. Jon Borbon —————————— 69:06:14
  8. Gibo Malvar —————————- 69:37:45
  9. Fer De Leon —————————- 70:09:10
  10. Rose Betonio (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —— 70:48:28
2nd North Coast 01

Overall Champion & New Course Record Holder Bong Dizon

2nd North Coast 02

Female Champion & New Course Record Holder Rhoda Caballero-Oporto

Congratulations to all the Finishers and to their Support Crew.

See you in the next edition of this event (2018)!

Official Result: 11th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (T2N 50K)

1 05 2017

Official Result: 2017 (11th Edition) Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race

4:00 AM April 30, 2017 To 1:00 PM April 30, 2017

From Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City To PETRON Gas Station, Nasugbu, Batangas

Cut-Off Time: 9 Hours

Number Of Starters: 289 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 287 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 99.3%

RANK                NAME                         TIME (Hours)

  1. Jeffrey Galicio (Overall Champion) —–3:56:46
  2. Joseph Gentoleo (1st Runner-Up, Overall) —-4:11:43
  3. Thomas Combisen (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —-4:23:45
  4. George Cabillo ——————–4:41:44
  5. Allan Merlin ———————4:44:47
  6. Ace Rodriguez ——————4:51:48
  7. Junifer Frenila —————4:54:10
  8. Leo Penas ——————–4:58:47
  9. Raffy Barolo —————-5:00:05
  10. Reynold Enriquez ——–5:08:27
  11. Gil Cunanan —————-5:17:24
  12. Michelle Manila (Champion, Female) ———5:23:55
  13. Antonio Arenas, Jr ——–5:25:12
  14. Jovic Villacortes ———–5:25:52
  15. Inia Diana Cayabyab (1st Runner-Up, Female) —-5:26:17
  16. Edward Agdamag ———5:27:27
  17. Isidro Labrador Prado —–5:28:46
  18. Reynante Gacusan ———5:30:38
  19. Juanito Centino ————–5:31:28
  20. Marlon Puno —————–5:35:26
  21. Jan Bequillo —————–5:36:28
  22. Angelo Rodriguez ——–5:36:29
  23. Sherwin Bargos ———-5:37:26
  24. Desrei Balla —————5:38:54
  25. Lucio Dimayuga ——–5:39:40
  26. Richard Antonio ——–5:40:55
  27. Levie Sinatad ———–5:41:52
  28. Michael Serapio ——-5:42:40
  29. Jeneth Silvestre (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —-5:44:15
  30. Virgilio Diaz, Sr. ——–5:44:35
  31. Michael Natanauan ——-5:46:07
  32. Noel Bautista ————5:49:50
  33. Marwell Sta Ana ——-5:51:10
  34. Nino Tammy Rexis ——-5:51:21
  35. Joey Alcantara ————5:53:17
  36. Rogelio Vicente Reyes Jr ——5:53:36
  37. Sandy Alentajan ———-5:53:56
  38. John Arman Perez ——–5:55:15
  39. Boyet Ligas ————-5:55:26
  40. Marlon Bobby Ruba ——-5:56:09
  41. Jaime Sanchez, Jr ———5:56:24
  42. Mark Eiro ——–5:57:40
  43. Jong Morales ——-5:58:45
  44. Joel Pradia ———5:59:39
  45. Peter Lloyd Molera ———5:59:52
  46. Yulo Paytone ———6:01:34
  47. Mark David Elpedes ——-6:02:04
  48. Porsha Rhia Lai (Female) ——–6:02:23
  49. Meliton Carag ———-6:02:26
  50. Jaypee Ian Boral ——-6:03:30
  51. Mandoy Cariaga ——-6:06:22
  52. Archie Licuanan ——-6:08:14
  53. Marielle Magramo (Female) —-6:08:15
  54. John Earl Susano ——-6:09:17
  55. Obeth Malana ——6:09:53
  56. Richard Gy ———6:10:21
  57. Rod Losabia ——–6:10:39
  58. Griffin Gonzales ——-6:11:21
  59. Edison Dantes ———6:11:55
  60. Arthur Saveron ——-6:13:52
  61. El Portillo ———–6:15:32
  62. Bernard Balagtas ——6:15:33
  63. Jun Valerio ———–6:15:34
  64. Hector Valerio ——6:15:38
  65. Ryan Fabie ———-6:18:21
  66. Jerome Caasi ——-6:18:30
  67. Jeselle Gardoci (Female) ——6:18:35
  68. Ramil Dumantay ——–6:18:50
  69. Hilbert Garganta ———6:19:10
  70. Francis Arnaldo Rivera —–6:20:56
  71. Ronald Reyes ———-6:21:09
  72. Ariel Abedong ——–6:24:10
  73. Eduardo Magpoc ——6:24:14
  74. Susan Lauron (Female) —–6:24:30
  75. Ronnie Gallero ———6:24:40
  76. Gay Beltran (Female) ——6:25:03
  77. Gen Calub (Female) ———6:25:26
  78. Jonel De Ocampo ———-6:25:48
  79. Joel Joseph Montilla ——6:26:08
  80. Efren Olpindo ———6:27:16
  81. Eric John Galeos ——-6:27:18
  82. Remy Caasi (Female) ——6:27:40
  83. Edwin Dalusong ———6:30:42
  84. Anthony Noriel Fodra——6:32:41
  85. Joannes Paulus ———6:34:54
  86. Ralph Louie Jacinto ——-6:35:22
  87. JP Navarette ————6:35:58
  88. Marlene Donena (Female) ——–6:36:36
  89. Eddie Cruz ——-6:39:32
  90. Elizer Loquere ——–6:39:46
  91. Joy Beltran (Female) ——–6:40:00
  92. Carl Balagot ————–6:40:21
  93. Raymond Depano ——6:40:51
  94. Fe Ramirez (Female) —–6:41:50
  95. Nestor Ramirez ———–6:41:56
  96. Marlon Zurbano ———6:42:10
  97. Rey John Bayona ——–6:42:47
  98. Aris De Leon ————-6:43:10
  99. Joy Bea (Female) ——–6:43:29
  100. Frenz Quiestas ———-6:43:48
  101. Rolando Campo ——–6:44:07
  102. Jerry Manubay ———6:44:27
  103. Glenn Macababbad ——6:44:45
  104. Rebecca Benavidez (Female) —–6:44:55
  105. Antonio Benavidez ———–6:45:02
  106. Jose Mari Mercado ——–6:45:20
  107. Hernando Panaligan ——6:46:25
  108. Rheigel Golosimo ———-6:46:38
  109. Mary Ann Martin (Female) ——-6:47:13
  110. Laico Tolentino ————6:48:24
  111. Emma Libunao (Female) ——-6:49:08
  112. Marlon Santos —————6:49:10
  113. Homer Paras —————-6:49:45
  114. Amado Miguel Diaz ——6:51:03
  115. Rodrigo Paz —————–6:51:39
  116. Peter Mendoza ————6:51:58
  117. RL V. Paz ——————6:52:08
  118. Jay Juanir —————–6:52:37
  119. Jaypee Palileo ———–6:53:41
  120. Reo Rex Jagonap ——-6:53:53
  121. Marlon Saracho ——–6:54:16
  122. Mark Sarical ————6:54:42
  123. Beverly Andal (Female) ——6:55:05
  124. Karl Michael Santos ——-6:55:22
  125. Anna Odessa Albarracin (Female)——6:56:06
  126. Emil Muyuela ———–6:57:00
  127. Francisco Espiritu ——-6:57:28
  128. Michael Peralta ———–6:57:43
  129. Rosean Saet (Female) —–6:57:57
  130. Oliver Andaya ————6:58:06
  131. Rionell Buencamino ——6:59:36
  132. Ryan Geli ————-6:59:53
  133. Louie Cotejar ——–7:00:00
  134. Cedrick Oares ——–7:00:30
  135. Kevin Luna ———–7:01:05
  136. Gabriella Yna Villanueva (Female) —-7:01:39
  137. Reynaldo Santiago, Jr. ———–7:02:47
  138. Ella Apurillo (Female) ———-7:04:11
  139. Nilo Sarmiento ————7:05:21
  140. Garry Reyes ————-7:05:32
  141. Jay Calingasan ———7:05:53
  142. Dudely Regalado ——7:06:03
  143. Farrah Serran (Female) ——7:06:51
  144. Anne Rose Paras (Female) —–7:06:55
  145. Gomer Pascua ———-7:07:00
  146. Leonor Villanueva (Female) —–7:07:22
  147. Bal Dela Cuesta ———-7:07:22
  148. Gibo Malvar ————-7:08:05
  149. Roraylyn Pena (Female) —–7:08:19
  150. Ayn Veronica De Jesus (Female) —-7:08:31
  151. Quennee Rose Mamaro (Female) —-7:08:52
  152. Jennifer Racho (Female) —–7:09:04
  153. Nancy Chan (Female) ——–7:09:09
  154. Jun Ramirez ————-7:09:37
  155. Kathleen Piñero (Female) ——7:10:28
  156. Audie Tolentino ———–7:10:58
  157. Juan Saraza —————7:11:10
  158. Bernadette Aguirre (Female) —–7:11:17
  159. Paolo Tiong ————–7:11:35
  160. Irrol Novenario ———7:13:00
  161. Ivy Paguia (Female) ——7:13:16
  162. Jim Taguiang ————7:13:22
  163. Jose Broderic Yandoc ———–7:17:03
  164. Jeanne Mendoza (Female) ——7:17:30
  165. Santiago Olarte ———7:19:02
  166. Roby Amil ———–7:19:55
  167. Jojo Roxas ————7:20:08
  168. Raymond Dongketo ——-7:21:22
  169. Joseph Alsol ———-7:21:45
  170. Marcos Baguistan —-7:22:35
  171. Gary Mosqueda ——–7:23:24
  172. Mannix Manapat ——7:23:44
  173. Jenneth Soriano (Female) —–7:24:00
  174. Phillip Leaño ———–7:24:11
  175. Erwin Dumlao ———7:24:32
  176. William Marino ——–7:25:06
  177. Jun Galita ————–7:25:27
  178. Ralph Madriaga ——7:25:41
  179. Tony Gabuyo, Jr ——-7:25:45
  180. Albert Joseph Carreon ——7:25:56
  181. Ferdie Pascual ——-7:26:11
  182. Christine De Guzman (Female) —–7:26:18
  183. Ariane Legarte — ——-7:26:47
  184. Lorena Laurena (Female) ——7:26:59
  185. Glenn Adviento ————–7:27:17
  186. Jonathan Moleta ————7:27:27
  187. June Policarpio ————-7:27:55
  188. Florrie Alleeia Bartolome (Female) —-7:28:11
  189. Sidney Perida ————-7:28:18
  190. Francis Gilvert Navarro ——7:28:48
  191. Glenn Terania ————-7:29:05
  192. Warren Cristobal ———7:29:25
  193. Michael Sacluti ————7:30:10
  194. Rona Saludes (Female) ——7:30:26
  195. Hermie Saludes ————7:30:32
  196. Nino Dimapilis ————–7:32:18
  197. Jhay Ann Santos (Female) —–7:32:37
  198. Analiza Que (Female) ——–7:32:57
  199. Rene Navarro ————-7:33:30
  200. William Garcia ———-7:33:51
  201. Ryan Dela Vega ———-7:34:00
  202. Genaro Doringo ———7:34:24
  203. Jojo Arellano ————-7:34:45
  204. Tina Aldaya (Female) ——7:35:04
  205. Elmar Casauay ———–7:36:06
  206. Arleen Peralta (Female) —–7:37:13
  207. Jonas Olandria ———-7:37:37
  208. Franklin Borlongan Flora —–7:37:58
  209. Jay Luna ——-7:38:30
  210. Mark Nikolai Laderas —–7:39:00
  211. Vanessa Labit (Female) —–7:40:24
  212. Angelica Isabel Paz (Female) —-7:40:45
  213. Maricel Bautista (Female) ——7:40:57
  214. Ronnel Go ——————7:41:08
  215. Robertson Paredes ———-7:41:42
  216. Hendricks Gonzales ———7:42:03
  217. Lech John Sarmiento ——–7:43:49
  218. Rochelle Agpalo (Female) —-7:45:00
  219. Cesar Cantos Frago ———7:45:09
  220. Eric Federico —————7:45:17
  221. Joseph Nebrida ———–7:47:57
  222. Gregorio Torres ———-7:48:25
  223. Bryan Castillo ———–7:51:29
  224. Mark Sidamon ———7:53:13
  225. Pojie Peñones ———-7:54:32
  226. Binky Musngi (Female) ——-7:54:50
  227. Kat Yee (Female) ———-7:54:55
  228. Bob Tolete —————7:55:00
  229. Michael Socito ———7:56:26
  230. Neil Nava —————7:56:33
  231. Ruel Peñalosa ———7:56:59
  232. Virgilio Belen ———-7:57:32
  233. Renel Diamante ———7:58:31
  234. Isagani Zuñiga ———-7:58:45
  235. Rowena Tan (Female) —–7:58:54
  236. Noel Diamante ————7:59:17
  237. Eduardo Tantay ———7:59:24
  238. Jerry Mae Conde ——–7:59:24
  239. Reese Rogel (Female) ——-8:00:07
  240. Katrina Mae Cruz (Female) —–8:01:03
  241. Ma. Mercedes Lou Castro (Female) —-8:01:34
  242. Kelvin Dela Torre ———8:01:40
  243. Abegail Paras (Female) ——8:02:45
  244. Larry Olaguir ————8:06:41
  245. Brian Maglunob ——–8:06:53
  246. Armando Pacia ———-8:07:01
  247. Miles Evangelista (Female) ——8:07:09
  248. Hannalee Balibag (Female) —–8:07:21
  249. Anna Katrina Nillo (Female) —-8:07:33
  250. Melody Moreno (Female) ——-8:07:53
  251. Dhanielyn Punzalan (Female) —–8:08:05
  252. Adrian Dimaunahan ———-8:08:26
  253. Jhonalyn Mojica (Female) ——-8:11:57
  254. Armand Escueta —————8:12:09
  255. Christian Almendrala ——–8:12:30
  256. Alan Aguinaldo ————8:12:52
  257. Clarissa Calingasan (Female) —–8:14:03
  258. Arnie Monacillo ———-8:14:24
  259. Tom Barrientos ———–8:14:43
  260. Avin Sauler ————-8:15:31
  261. Jansiel Pernia (Female) ——8:15:43
  262. Sabrina Oliveros (Female) ——8:18:14
  263. Aileen Tucio (Female) ———8:18:49
  264. Felmer Hiponia ————-8:19:53
  265. Maila Bautista (Female) ——8:20:05
  266. Edison Colandres ———-8:23:51
  267. Eduardo Lim —————8:31:29
  268. Rhea Galpo (Female) —–8:32:44
  269. Carl Manio ————-8:32:58
  270. Robert Dulguime ——–8:35:57
  271. Rodel Crisostomo ——-8:36:20
  272. Fritz Erwin Fernandez ——–8:36:43
  273. Leopoldo Esquilona ———8:36:52
  274. Christian Francia ——-8:37:15
  275. Reinier Lon Salvo (Female) —–8:43:01
  276. Jesus Reuben Arevalo ———8:43:06
  277. Jennifer Eufemia Domingo (Female) —-8:47:18
  278. Rona Carandang (Female) ——8:48:39
  279. Cecille Picardal-Manginsay (Female) —-8:48:53
  280. Robert Dionisio ———8:49:06
  281. Ronnie Aquino ———-8:49:31
  282. Tommy Mendoza ——8:49:53
  283. Ruben Gonzales ——–8:50:25
  284. Jeremy Panaligan ——-8:50:30
  285. Mark Celimen ———–8:51:07
  286. Madana De Guzman (Female) ——-8:51:17
  287. Marvin Maquirang ——9:00:00
  288. Bong Anastacio ——–9:14:43

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

2017 T2N

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Race Report: 2017 Tarawera 102 Ultramarathon Race (Part 2)

24 02 2017

Race Report: 2017 Tarawera 102K Ultramarathon Race (Part 2)

Airbnb For Accommodation

Whenever I join ultra races abroad, I usually make my bookings on motels through their websites. I never had the experience to bring my camping gears and set up my tent in camp sites near or within the Starting Area of a trail ultra race. Since I was planning to join the CCC @ UTMB this year (but I was not lucky to be picked on the lottery) and try to stay on Airbnb in Chamonix, France, I looked for “homestays” in Rotorua, New Zealand on the Internet. Staying in New Zealand in an Airbnb accommodation would be a nice “first-time” experience for me prior to going to other races in Europe.

After some browsing on the Internet, I found a place which has so many positive feedback from the people who stayed in the said house. Considering the cheaper amount to be spent as compared to staying a Hotel or Motel in Rotorua, the house is located near the start of the event and the place is quiet and affordable. Looking at the Profile Picture and the name of the owner of the house, I was able to conclude that they could be Asian and it would much easier to communicate and to be relate to them since we belong to the same Continent. So, I made the decision to book for my accommodation in this place. For a duration of stay for 8 days, I was able to pay almost P 20,000 to include some fees.

Upon my arrival at the Town Center of Rotorua, NZ, I called for a Taxi which was waiting for passengers as the right side of the building. The driver is a 75-year old guy and he took some time to look at the address of my destination and glanced at his reference of the places of the city. Then another Taxi Driver asked him if he has any problem on our destination since it took him a couple of minutes to move his Taxi from where I boarded. The other Taxi Driver told him what street to take and the old guy realised where the house is located. It took the Taxi Driver less than 10 minutes to reach my destination.

It was already 9:00 PM when I arrived at the house and the Hosts, Gillian and William Ma were waiting for my arrival. They are very nice hosts and very helpful in giving me some directions to go to some places in the city; very responsive to my needs in the house; and give me some information about the city. They had been in the said house for the past 5 years and they are still childless. I told them about the reason why I was in Rotorua and they were surprised to know that there is such an international event happening in their neighbourhood without them knowing it. Much more surprised when I told them that I will be joining the 102K distance event and they could not believed it since they have known that I’ll be turning 65 years old in 3 months. Of course, I told them also that I am a retired officer with the rank of Two-Star General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines on the second day of my stay in their house. On the early morning of the second day of my stay in their house, I had a lengthy conversation with Gillian and we had to get to know more about her and her husband and the things/places to visit in Rotorua.


Gillian Ma, My Host


William Xu, Husband of Gillian

My room has a Double Size Bed with a view of the frontyard of the house with a wide glass window draped with a rolling curtain. It has a locker room and equipped with an electric fan. I was wondering why there was no air-conditioning unit for the room but by opening the window with a small space, I can feel the cool air from the outside to be entering the room. However, I was warned by my Host to close the window during nighttime because some flying insects would be attracted to enter the opened space of the window because of the light from the room. The bed, comforter, and the pillows are very clean and comfortable. However, I have to walk for about few feet outside my room for the toilet and bathroom. The toilet and bathroom are separate rooms but there was no problem for me as they are considered as “common” bathroom & toilet for the guests. I was lucky that I was the only guest for the first three days when a Lady from Switzerland occupied another room in the house for an overnight stay after I finished the race.


Frontage Of The House

Their address is: 11 Carroll Place 11, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty 3010, New Zealand.


Advertisement From Airbnb On My Room

Warm-Up Run To Redwoods Park

After a breakfast of hot coffee and quaker oats, I prepared for a brief run to the Redwoods Park from the house which is about 2.5 kilometer-distance to its entrance and there is another one kilometre to run from the Gate/Entrance to the Visitors Center of the Park. I surveyed the actual place where the Starting Area of the event is located and I had the chance to inspect the trail of the park not knowing that the first kilometre of the race will follow the asphalted road towards the mountain.


Entrance To Redwoods Park


One Kilometer Distance From Entrance To The Visitors Center


Redwoods Park Visitors Center/Starting Area Of The Race

After some picture-taking of those things inside and within the Visitor’s Center, it was time to engage with the personnel of the park. This is where I met Katrina who told me that she has two other Pinoy personnel working with her in the Park. Before we ended our conversation, we had a “selfie” where she approved of it.


Katrina, A Staff At The Redwoods Park

I returned to the house jogging with a faster pace and I found the weather and the cooler breeze to be like Baguio City during summer time. I knew already that we will have a very hot weather on race day. While I was jogging, I was able to pass a commercial centre which is called Redwood Center which is about 50 meters from the entrance of the Park. From what I’ve seen within the Commercial Center, I knew already where I would eat my lunch for the day.

Bus Rides

I had my second shower in Rotorua and prepared to walk again for my lunch at the Redwood Center. After lunch, I took a Bus Ride to the Town Center for some shopping of souvenirs from Rotorua. Bus Rides are very efficient and orderly in Rotorua. All you have to do is remember the Bus Route Number and pay NZ$ 2.35 for the said route and have the option to transfer to another Bus Route Number within 30 minutes after you are being dropped by the first bus you have taken for FREE. All you have to do is to inform the Driver that you are transferring to another Bus Route after alighting from the Bus, so that he can give you your ticket for the next bus transfer you will be taking. As you board to the transfer Bus, inform the driver that you are transferring from another Bus and give your ticket. The Bus Route goes only on a One Way Loop which means that the next scheduled ride always comes from the Town Center and not from the Turn-Around Point of the Bus and pass on the same road where I was picked up! All the Bus Stops have the scheduled time of arrival posted on a pole adjacent to the Shaded Bus Stop. I have observed that the Bus arrival on the Bus Stop near the house where I stayed was always prompt and on the dot. The Bus Stop near the house where I stayed is only 50 meters away!


Bus Schedule Posted On Bus Stops


Typical Picture Of A City Bus In Rotorua


Picture Inside The Bus

When I learned about the Bus Transport System in the area, there was no need to take the Taxi. However, the schedule of the Bus starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 6:00 PM. If you want a ride after 6:00 PM, take the Taxi by calling the number 07-348-1111 as you could hardly see any Taxi roaming around the streets/roads in Rotorua. Once you call the number and state your location where you can be picked-up, the Taxi will be there with you in few minutes!

(Note: It is advisable to buy a Sim Card for your Cellphone at the Auckland International Airport as soon as you arrive for the cost of NZ$ 39.00)

Change Of Schedule/Itinerary

Even if I have friends on Facebook who are presently living or residing in New Zealand, I did not send them any PM or give them a hint that I need some help or need answers from queries I would like to ask from them. I just patiently read the instructions stated on the Souvenir Program of the Tarawera 100 Ultramarathon Race and then use the Google/Google Maps to get answers from concerns and queries where I need some answers.

My stay in New Zealand was focused in joining and finishing the race where after the race, I would go back to Auckland and board my flight back to Manila. Just simple as that! However, a sudden change has occurred in my schedule.

A PMA Cavalier (PMA Alumni Class ’81 and former Officer of the Philippine Navy) whom I had the opportunity to work with during my assignment in the Philippine Military Academy as a Tactical Officer and member of the General Staff of the Headquarters PMA as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence and Security, sent me a message and welcome greetings for arriving in New Zealand safely. After an exchange of messages on Facebook, I called him using my cellphone. I found out that he is now residing in Wellington with his family and he is inviting me to visit their place before going back to Manila if there is a way that I can squeeze his invitation in my schedule. I said, Yes, why not?


With My Host In Wellington, NZ, Captain Virgilio Velasco, Philippine Navy (Retired), PMA Class ’81

Looking at my schedule that if I can finish the race before midnight of Saturday, I would take the first trip by bus on Sunday for a 7-hour bus ride to Wellington to rest and at the same time enjoy the view along the route, have a brief tour of the city immediately after arrival, stay overnight in their house, then have another bus ride back directly to Auckland on Monday and then depart for Manila on the morning of Tuesday. It was a hectic schedule that played in my mind but it is doable. However, my friend has a better suggestion for my schedule. The bus ride from Rotorua to Wellington was fine as I will be seeing the sea, the different city centers and landscape of the North Island of New Zealand while I was resting in the bus and have a chance to have some picture-taking during the brief stops in the Bus Stations along the way. Upon our arrival in Wellington, my friend would bring me to their house and have a home dinner with his family and then Rest Overnight. He suggested that I would take the last Jetstar Flight from Wellington to Auckland on the following day, Monday so that I he can bring me to a city tour the whole day before my departure. The schedule was perfect! He advised me to simply book my trip On Line through the websites of the Bus Company and Jetstar. He even generously gave the details of his Credit/Debit Card for me to use for this purpose. Of course, I declined since I have an e-card prepared for this trip.


Prominent Mountain On The Road To Wellington


Bus Stop For Lunch


Kiwi Burger, So Far, The Best Burger I’ve Tasted


Last Bus Stop @ Wharepaku Before Wellington

So, in a matter of few minutes after our conversation, I was able to book for my bus ride to Wellington and Jetstar Flight back to Auckland. My excitement to finish the race became secondary objective and my trip to Wellington became the primary objective of my remaining stay in New Zealand.

Little did I realize that this change of schedule will greatly affect or have an impact on my performance during the race.

To be continued….

Official Result: 2nd EAST COAST 145-Mile Endurance

31 01 2017

Official Result: 2nd EAST COAST 145-Mile Endurance Run

Date: December 26-28, 2016

Start Time: 9:00 AM December 26, 2016

Starting Area: BALER Sign @ Vicinity Baler Municipal Hall, Baler, Aurora

Cut-Off Time: 48 Hours/24 Hours in Casiguran, Aurora

Number Of Starters: 6 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 4 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 66.66%


RANK                 NAME                         TIME (Hrs)

  1. Thomas Combisen (Champion & Course Record)——35:03:30
  2. Jocelyn Lanas (Champion, Female) ———————-44:53:11
  3. Jonathan Moleta (1st Runner-Up, Male) —————-45:12:30
  4. Fernando Talosig (2nd Runner-Up, Male) —————46:28:31

Champion Thomas Combisen


Lady Champion Jocel Lanas

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

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