Official Result: 13th TANAY 50K Ultramarathon Race

13th TANAY 50K Ultramarathon Race

Start: Jollibee, Manila East Highway, Tanay Rizal/4:00 AM May 19, 2019

Finish: Sierra Madre Resort, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal/1:00 PM May 19, 2019

Starters: 18 Runners

Finishers: 16 Runners

Rate Of Finish: 88.88%

13th TANAY 50K Starting Picture

RANK         NAME                 TIME (Hrs)

  1. Bryan Anuran (Overall Champion)—6:54:00
  2. Tereso Sy (1st Runner-Up, Overall)—7:06:07
  3. Criselda Baucas (Female Champion)—7:06:10
  4. Kelvin De La Torre (2nd Runner-Up, Male)—7:20:16
  5. Dianne Delara (1st Runner-Up, Female)—7:48:42
  6. Dixie Sagusay (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—8:02:42
  7. Laico Tolentino—8:06:50
  8. Victor Rodriguez—8:09:09
  9. Rogelio Palma—8:09:11
  10. Emery Torre—8:17:09
  11. Gibo Malvar—8:20:03
  12. Fernando Talosig—8:20:06
  13. Tom Barrientos—8:24:42
  14. Jon Borbon—8:24:45
  15. Jonathan Moleta—8:36:11
  16. Sheena Herrera (Female)—8:40:29
Overall Champion Bryan Anuran
Female Champion Criselda Baucas

Congratulations To All The Finishers!



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