ASICS Gel-Tarther

 This is my new racing shoes which is reserved for the MILO Marathon Elimination to be held this coming July 4, 2010. We will see what this “new toy” will do to my next marathon race.

I bought this racing shoes in an ASICS Store in Jeju Island (South Korea) last March 2010. I bought it at a cheaper price than the suggested price posted at the shoes’ website ( when the sales lady gave a 10% discount after I’ve showed her my website/blog in their store’s computer! The lady could hardly speak and understand English but when he saw my face in my blogsite, she got the message that I am a dedicated runner.

ASICS Gel Tarther

Since I am a “die-hard” ASICS runner, my shoe review for this item would be very favorable just like the ASICS Gel-Hyper Speed 3 that I’ve been using in my latest marathon races & 50K run in Jeju Island. In the ASICS Store where I bought this item, these racing shoes have a separate section in the store which is labeled as “Marathon Racing Shoes”. This model is the 3rd ranking lighest racing shoes for ASICS! If I remember right, the ASICS Racing Shoe with inscription “Japan” at the back portion of the heel counter of the shoe is the lightest among these Marathon Racing Shoes on display.


Call Centers’ Night Fun Run @ MOA

I am starting to love (again!) the lighted roads of MOA since I am trying my best to build-up my mileage for my next marathon race (MILO Marathon Elimination on July 4). I started my run at 7:30 PM along the 5.5-Km loop which I expanded to 6.5-Km loop on my second lap around the MOA Complex. However, after running for 12 kilometers, I ended my workout to greet my elite runners who were registered to run in a road race which was scheduled to start at 9:00 PM. After talking to my elite athletes, I had the time to observe what was going on at the Start/Finish & Assembly Areas of this Fun Run.

The “fun run” which is sponsored by all the Call Centers has all the “works”—loud music from a sound system; lots of booths with free products for the runners; booths for pictorials; powerful lighting systems; a rock band; photograhers; big tarpaulins of sponsors; lots of race officials & marshals; start & finish arc; video camera team that goes from one group to another group of runners to conduct interviews; cash prizes for the top winners and above all, the presence of “newbie” runners and the Kenyans!

The fun started when the registration was conducted “on site” few hours before the scheduled start of the race. The second “funny” thing is that a runner has to pay Five Hundred Pesos for a 10K race; Three Hundred Pesos for the 3K Race; and Four Hundred For the 5K Race. The participants who are employees of Call Centers had lower rates, a difference of One Hundred Pesos from the Non-Call Center participants. Since I’ve finished my 12K run before the race started, I opted to save my money and instead be at the sidelines to cheer for my elite runners and at the same time observe the conduct of the event.

It was no longer funny when the start of the race was delayed from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The reason was that more runners are still registering at the booths and the race organizer had to wait until everybody had registered. Finally, the 10K race started first at 10:15 PM and after 15 minutes, the 5K runners were released. After another 10 minutes, the 3K runners which consisted of the biggest bulk of runners were off on the road. In my estimate, there were less than a 100 runners in the 10K distance; 150+ in the 5K; and almost 300 for the 3K run.

After 10 minutes that the 3K runners were released, the fastest among the 3K runners started to approach the Finish Line. I was surprised to hear from the RACE Officials asking the approaching runner “what is the race distance is he competing with?” What? I said to myself, this Race Official does not know how to distinguish the color-coded bibs given by them to their runners? WTF??? Personally, I also could hardly distinguish the color dark-green from the dark-blue color during nighttime even if the streets are lighted. (Blue bibs were for the 10K runners while the green bibs were for the 3K runners)

Well, one thing leads to another. This is a fun run where the route was not fully explained. The runners were told by the Race Organizer just to follow the directional signs and get directions from the road marshals along the route. I am sorry to say that many of the leading runners of the 10K race were lost! In the end, I even acted as a “volunteer” in reminding the 10K finishers to enter their respective “chute” so that their time will be registered.  

Due to some of the technical problems encountered during the race, the awarding of winners was delayed. It was already 12 midnight when the Race Organizers finally awarded the winners. My elite Team Bald Runner members were able to place #4 in the 10K race; 1st, 3rd & 4th in the 5K race; and 4th in the 3K distance. This was their second race for the day and 3rd race for the weekend!!!

For sure, I will be going back to MOA Complex for more of my endurance runs in the evenings!

Week #3: Marathon Training

27 July (Monday)—Easy Run, 10K

28 July (Tuesday)—Speed Run @ ULTRA Oval Track/1.6K slow run; 10 X 400 meters; 6K run. Total Distance: 12K

29 July (Wednesday)—Rest Day

30 July (Thursday)—Hill workout @ Antipolo Hills. Total Distance: 18K

31 July (Friday)—Easy Run/8K

01 Aug (Saturday)—Rest Day

02 Aug (Sunday)—Easy Long Run/28K

Total Mileage—76 Kilometers

Week #2: Marathon Training

20-26 July 2009

Monday—Had a “runabout” along the streets of Metro Manila for three (3) hours covering a distance of 26 kilometers in the early morning. It was a slow run with an average pace of 6:30-7:00 mpk. I ran continously for the first 15 kilometers and later alternately, running and brisk walking for the remaining distance of my route.

Tuesday—Another 1:45 hours run in the morning along the streets of Metro Manila covering a distance of 17 kilometers.

Wednesday—Speed Training at the ULTRA Oval Track—6 X 400 meters @ 1:38 minutes with 1-minute rest interval. Had 4 laps before and after as warm-up and cool-down run, respectively. After 5-minute rest, I had another 30-minute slow steady run after speed workout. I covered an estimate distance of 12 kilometers.

From Antipolo Overlooking Metro Manila
From Antipolo Overlooking Metro Manila

Thursday—Hill Workout in Antipolo in the early morning covering a period of 2 hours, a “group” run with Elite Team Bald Runner. Estimated distance: 16 kilometers

Friday—Tempo Run at ULTRA Oval Track. 20-minute slow run; 30-minute at race pace; and finished with a 20-minute slow run in the afternoon. Distance Covered: 12K

Saturday—Easy long run with a distance of 16K along the streets of Metro Manila in the morning.

Sunday—Run For M.E. 5K Race @ Ateneo de Manila University Campus. It was followed with an easy 5K run.

Total Mileage—109 Kilometers

Week #1: Start Of Marathon Training

13-19 July 2009 (1st Week)

After completely resting for the whole week after the 33rd MILO 42K Elimination Race the other Sunday, I am starting a serious training cycle for a marathon race to be held before the end of the year and ultimately, in preparation for a “possible” experience in an ultramarathon race which will be held on the last week of May 2010.

Monday—A Long Run of 1:30 up to 2 hours

Tuesday—Easy Run of 60 minutes

Wednesday—Tempo Run. Start slowly; after 20 minutes, hold race speed for 30-40 minutes, then end with easy run for 20 minutes.

Thursday—Hill run, Easy Run

Friday—Easy Run of 60 minutes

Saturday—16-20K at Race Pace

Sunday—Rest Day

This training schedule is supposed to be a guide. There is no specific target on my weekly mileage as this week and the  following weeks will be part of my endurance phase.

Comparing the abovementioned training schedule from what I’ve actually done for the past days/week, the following was my actual training workout:

Monday—I was able to run for two (2) hours with an average pace of 6:30-6-45 minutes per kilometer. It was a “runabout” along the major streets in Metro Manila. The run was done early in the morning covering a distance of 17K.

Tuesday—It was supposed to be a One Hour Easy Run but it ended as a Run at Race Pace. I finished 12K for one hour at an average pace of 5:02 mins/km. I need to control myself when I run at the ULTRA Oval Track. The run was done at 4:30 PM and had enough time to rest & recover  from the long run yesterday.

Wednesday—I had a tempo run. First 20 minutes at a easy pace at an average pace of 5:40 mins/km; followed with a tempo run for 30 minutes at an average pace of 4:55 mins/km; and then finished with an average pace of 5:45 mins/km for 20 minutes.

Thursday—It was supposed to be an easy run along rolling hills at McKinley Hill but opted to do the “stairs” at the ULTRA bleachers after running for 45 minutes. I did 15X on the stairs. It was raining hard.

Friday—I was able to run under the rain for about 35 minutes in the morning. And did “stairs” for another 30 minutes

Saturday—Did not have a chance to have a long run at race pace because of a running clinic the Team Bald Runner conducted at the ULTRA Oval Tack. However, I was able to run for a duration of 32 minutes with an average pace of 6:00 mins/km after the said running clinic. Had a massage in the afternoon.

Sunday—Did a long steady run during the GLOBE-ALI RUN FOR HOME with the distance of 21 kms. I finished the race/run in 1:51+ hours with an average pace of 5:15 mins/km. It was a “diagnostic” run and I did not force myself for the speed. However, I need more time to strengthen my legs and build-up again my aerobic endurance by doing more long steady runs in the coming weeks. I had another massage to my legs in the afternoon and slept early in the evening.

Total Mileage For The Week: 75 kilometers

16K Run

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

It was almost 8:00 AM already when I started my long run from my quarters in Fort Bonifacio. I was planning to run inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani but due to the heavy traffic at the Libingan Road which I had to cross after leaving Gate 3 of the camp, I finally decided to turn left towards Heritage Park. After passing by Heritage Park, I turned left towards C-5 Highway. I ran along the bermuda grass-planted sidewalk of Heritage Park and it was very comforting to the feet.

There is a dirt road outside of the fence of the Heritage Park facing C-5 Highways which I chose to run instead of the cemented sidewalk but after passing the boundary of the park with adjoining populated area, I had to run along the sidewalk of the highway facing the incoming traffic. I was dismayed and frustrated to see the garbage and dirt scattered along the dirt road beside the highway. Almost all the areas/portions fronting these illegal settlers along C-5 were dirty and wet with the drainage flowing on the side of the street. The Eco-Runner will have a problem running this part of the road and that he has to carry a big trash bag! I am sure he has to completely stop and ruin his running workout. Continue reading “16K Run”

“Nostalgic Run” #3: 30K Run

5:13 AM 05 June 2008 In Laoag City

Finally, I decided to run the whole distance from my sister’s residence in Barangay Dibua South, Laoag City to Suba, Paoay, to be exact at the Golf Clubhouse of the Fort Ilocandia Golf Course which covers a distance of 15 kilometers and then back to where I started.

At 5:00 AM, the surrounding is already bright and the sun is about to appear on the horizon but the streets were still clear of any kinds of vehicle. Without any food to take and contented myself with a glassful of water, I started my run with a bottle of Propel on my hand and my Nathan Water belt full of water. I started my first kilometer with a slow run with a pace of 6:00 mins/km but after two kilometers, I’ve started to increase my pace up to 5:30 mins/km and never letting my pace reach or pass over 6:00 min/km. It was a comfortable pace with me as I take a sip of Propel from the bottle on my hand every time I finish 2 kilometers along the way. I saw to it to transfer the bottle from one hand to the other to give extra effort to both of my arms as I swing them.

Before reaching the Barangay Mangato Church and Seminary, I had to take a detour on a dirt/gravel road as the bridge is under construction. It slowed me down a bit as I had to go down to the small creek and had to choose a better landing of my feet due to the gravel and stones protruding unevenly on the ground, before and after the small bailey bridge which was temporarily constructed with a span of about 15 meters. As I passed the small bridge, I had to go through an ascending portion of that dirt road and finally reaching the asphalted road again. I was glad there were no vehicles passing along the said detour as dusts would fill the air, thus making my pace slower. From this point fronting the Mangato Church, the asphalted road starts to slowly ascend slightly and ends up to the 15-km mark.

Instead of stopping at the Golf Clubhouse, I went directly south towards the direction going to Paoay which is the 1st kilometer portion of the then famous North Start 10K Run and finished at the crossing of the road that goes to Suba Beach which is the road where a portion of the movie “4th of July” starring Tom Cruise was shot and taken. After finishing my first lap of 15 kms, I replenished and rehydrated myself with more water after finishing my one bottle of Propel. I bought some bottled water in a small sari-sari store in one of the houses near the crossing.

I finished the 1st lap of 15 kms in 1:28:40 hours which made me happy (temporarily!). I improved my time to reach this point from my previous time last week with one minute and twenty seconds! Not bad!

After filling up the Propel bottle with water, I started again my second lap which was going back where I started. After two kilometers, the heat of the sun was already piercing on my skin and started to sweat profusely as I took a gulp or two of water from the Propel water. Instead of drinking water every two kilometers, I was forced to drink my water every kilometer along the way. At km 6, I had to refill (again!) my Nathan Water Bottle and Propel bottle with bottled water I bought in one of the stores along the way.

At km 11, I had to stop again in one of the stores as I need to put something in my stomach. I was really hungry! I ate two packs of Skyflakes and drank at least three (small) bottled water with it. I made sure that all my water bottles were filled with water from this point to my finish line as I conditioned my mind not to stop shuffling along the road until I reach the house of my sister. The last four kilometers were not the problem to me at this time but the heat of the sun that kept on burning my skin was my only concern. I haven’t felt any pain in any part of my body and my legs were still strong at this point. The other problem which I observed after resting for awhile was those painful little steps from rest up to the time I could bring back my “shuffling” gait. But once I was back on my “shuffling” style of running, I was back to business in running.

To give me more adrenaline and “power boost” to my shuffling, I had to make the sound of my music “louder” to my ears from my IPod Nano with Bon Jovi rendering those rock music. Sipping of water from my water bottle became a must every 400-500 meters. I had to count from 1 to 50 every time my left foot strikes the ground on the 4th step! The last 50 meters before the finish line is an ascending portion and had still the strength to increase my pace. I finished my 2nd lap of 15 kms in 1:52:18 hours. The heat of the sun really killed me this time but I was glad I didn’t have any pains or cramps on my leg muscles.

Next time, I have to start my long runs earlier and eat something before the run. But I am happy that I haven’t reached my “wall” with this 30K run. We’ll see what will happen if I attempt to run 33 kms next week.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, White Sands, here I come!

But the “bigger picture” is an “ultramarathon” experience in the future.

“Mira Quita.” (“We will see” in Chabacano).

Training Journal (18-24 Feb 2008)

18 Feb 2008—Rest/No Runs

19 Feb 2008—Rest/No Runs

20 Feb 2008—4.68 miles or 7.5 kilometers (Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track)

21 Feb 2008—4 miles/6.4 kilometers (inside Camp in Jamindan, Capiz)

22 Feb 2008—Rest/No Runs

23 Feb 2008—Rest/Sleep/Stretching

24 Feb 2008—26.625 miles or 42.6 kilometers (2008 Pasig River Marathon)

Total Distance Covered—35.305 miles or 56.488 kilometers

D-5 Day: 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon

19 February 2008

For the past two days, I did not have any runs and took my time to rest, relax, and recover from the last long slow distance run I had last Saturday. I stayed two days in Jamindan with no chance of going out of my quarters and office for a brief walking and jogging because of the strong rains for the past days. I contented myself by doing stretching exercises and watching DVD movies of Rambo, First Blood Parts 1 & 2.

At this time, I am in Bacolod City with the Bishop of the Catholic Church, local government officials, members of the Philippine National Police, our soldiers, and the members of the media witnessing the demilitarization/destruction of confiscated, recovered, captured and surrendered firearms which is one of my advocacies in my Command. Hundreds of unregistered/loose firearms will be cut into pieces and burned this morning for the public to see.

From Bacolod City, I’ll be going around the Negros Island to visit my troops under my Command and assess the condition of our troops and their accomplishments. This is to ensure that our operations, programs and activities are being carried out as based from our unit’s mission in the island of Negros. Three hours after I’ve talked to our troops in Canlaon City, an armed encounter ensued in the mountains of Calatrava, Negros Occidental where a number of the insurgents were declared casualties. The location of the encounter was barely 5-6 kilometers away from the place where I visited our troops. As of this time, we got intelligence information that a lot of them were seriously wounded and they need immediate medical attention and supply of blood of different types. There are reports also that this insurgent group has at least five female members. Some of their backpacks and personal belongings were recovered by our troops as they were left behind by their fallen/wounded comrades when they fled to different directions from the encounter site.

I guess, I will not have much time to jog and walk around for the next two days. I will spend more time visiting and talking to my troops in Negros Island. Additionally, this will be the time to reflect on myself and the training preparations I’ve made for the past four months for the Pasig River Heritage Marathon. This is also the time to plan my “strategy” for the race.

I just got an information that my race packet and details of the route has arrived in my quarters. I was informed also that the organizers had changed the route of the marathon. This is what I hate with marathon organizers and executives who are supporting the race (who, most of them are not even runners/marathoners) and who change routes without any explanation at all! The Marathon Race will start in Marikina and ends up at Quirino Grandstand. As compared to the original route of starting from Intramuros area and finishing at The Fort, passing to all the bridges that cross the Pasig River and running along the roads beside the Pasig River. I have yet to see the route map and the actual route before I will make comment on this. I just hope that this race will be a better one than the race I joined in 2006. 

My plan for the Marathon Race? Be conservative with the pacing and make sure that I’ll have an average pacing of 6:00 minutes per kilometer, finishing the first 20 kilometers in 2 hours, 30 kilometers in 3 hours & 5 minutes, 40 kilometers in 4 hours & 10 minutes, and 42.165 kilometers in 4 hours & 30 minutes. Make sure that my “support team” will be giving regular water & energy drink supply & sports gel from Km. 25 up to the finish line.

Lessons Learned: 2008 Subic Bay International Half-Marathon

On the 1st kilometer, one runner beside me asked if my pacing (6:00 minutes per kilometer) which I considered very slow was the right pace to finish the half-marathon. I answered him that his pacing/speed should depend on the nature of his training and preparations for the race. The other runner kept silent and we continued to run together for the next 500 meters until he slowed down and he was left behind.

The only lesson I’ve learned here was my tendency to be conservative and be able to maintain a slow pace at the start of the race in order to preserve my strength for the uphill portions and mountain route. Although I wanted to have a finish time of less than 2 hours, it was too late already to adjust and speed up my pace on the last half of the race when the heat of the sun started to slow me down.

I started to be aggressive and speed up my run on the uphill portions of the route and along the mountain route. I was comfortable and relaxed on my run but I slowed down on my way back to the finish line. I spent so much of my strength at the mountain route.

Although I was not able to attain my goal for this race, I considered this race as my long slow run for last week’s training in preparation for the Pasig River Heritage Marathon on 24 February. I did not have any major muscle pains or any injury after the race. I made a fast recovery that I could feel I could run another 10 miles the day after the race.

Slowly, I need to put more speed to my strengthening/endurance runs for a better time on my next races. But, I should be very observant on impending signs of injury on my feet and leg muscles.

For the past three days, I did not have any runs and just rested my body. I ate a lot of carbohydrates and protein foods. I had to drink lots of water and energy/sports drinks to replenish minerals lost from the body due to my sweats/perspiration.

At the end of this month, I should be able to run 3 hours for my long slow runs.