ASICS Gel-Tarther

 This is my new racing shoes which is reserved for the MILO Marathon Elimination to be held this coming July 4, 2010. We will see what this “new toy” will do to my next marathon race.

I bought this racing shoes in an ASICS Store in Jeju Island (South Korea) last March 2010. I bought it at a cheaper price than the suggested price posted at the shoes’ website ( when the sales lady gave a 10% discount after I’ve showed her my website/blog in their store’s computer! The lady could hardly speak and understand English but when he saw my face in my blogsite, she got the message that I am a dedicated runner.

ASICS Gel Tarther

Since I am a “die-hard” ASICS runner, my shoe review for this item would be very favorable just like the ASICS Gel-Hyper Speed 3 that I’ve been using in my latest marathon races & 50K run in Jeju Island. In the ASICS Store where I bought this item, these racing shoes have a separate section in the store which is labeled as “Marathon Racing Shoes”. This model is the 3rd ranking lighest racing shoes for ASICS! If I remember right, the ASICS Racing Shoe with inscription “Japan” at the back portion of the heel counter of the shoe is the lightest among these Marathon Racing Shoes on display.


6 thoughts on “ASICS Gel-Tarther

  1. Asics is one of the sturdiest running shoes around. Value for money. I wish that pair has zero drop heel though and with no hard plastic torsion (underneath) to interfere with natural foot gait. Asics should make its minimalist or racing flats shoes available here in the Philippines. Most Asics we see in sports stores are old, dusty and perhaps, with materials about to crack for being on display for so long. Even expensive in those conditions.


  2. I will be looking forward for your review. Tarther is the mainstay of Japanese racing flat and only available in U.S last January. At 7.2 oz, it could be one of the lightest running shoes in the market.


  3. i2runner

    Sir Jovie, great shoes again as always! Hope to see those shoes in Milo. I remember you also wore great looking asics racing shoes last year.


  4. I’m an American and very glad that this shoe is produced over here now. I heard it was commonly used as a daily trainer in Japan. I’d love to do that over here, but I grew up too accustomed to standard heel heights and haven’t been able to reduce heel height without some stress on my calves and Achilles. Anyway, I still use the shoe as often as I can and I think it’s probably the best all-purpose shoe money can buy. I give a review here:

    I agree with classifying it as a good marathon shoe, by the way. It’s a great racer with just enough midsole to go the full distance.


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