Week #1: Start Of Marathon Training

13-19 July 2009 (1st Week)

After completely resting for the whole week after the 33rd MILO 42K Elimination Race the other Sunday, I am starting a serious training cycle for a marathon race to be held before the end of the year and ultimately, in preparation for a “possible” experience in an ultramarathon race which will be held on the last week of May 2010.

Monday—A Long Run of 1:30 up to 2 hours

Tuesday—Easy Run of 60 minutes

Wednesday—Tempo Run. Start slowly; after 20 minutes, hold race speed for 30-40 minutes, then end with easy run for 20 minutes.

Thursday—Hill run, Easy Run

Friday—Easy Run of 60 minutes

Saturday—16-20K at Race Pace

Sunday—Rest Day

This training schedule is supposed to be a guide. There is no specific target on my weekly mileage as this week and the  following weeks will be part of my endurance phase.

Comparing the abovementioned training schedule from what I’ve actually done for the past days/week, the following was my actual training workout:

Monday—I was able to run for two (2) hours with an average pace of 6:30-6-45 minutes per kilometer. It was a “runabout” along the major streets in Metro Manila. The run was done early in the morning covering a distance of 17K.

Tuesday—It was supposed to be a One Hour Easy Run but it ended as a Run at Race Pace. I finished 12K for one hour at an average pace of 5:02 mins/km. I need to control myself when I run at the ULTRA Oval Track. The run was done at 4:30 PM and had enough time to rest & recover  from the long run yesterday.

Wednesday—I had a tempo run. First 20 minutes at a easy pace at an average pace of 5:40 mins/km; followed with a tempo run for 30 minutes at an average pace of 4:55 mins/km; and then finished with an average pace of 5:45 mins/km for 20 minutes.

Thursday—It was supposed to be an easy run along rolling hills at McKinley Hill but opted to do the “stairs” at the ULTRA bleachers after running for 45 minutes. I did 15X on the stairs. It was raining hard.

Friday—I was able to run under the rain for about 35 minutes in the morning. And did “stairs” for another 30 minutes

Saturday—Did not have a chance to have a long run at race pace because of a running clinic the Team Bald Runner conducted at the ULTRA Oval Tack. However, I was able to run for a duration of 32 minutes with an average pace of 6:00 mins/km after the said running clinic. Had a massage in the afternoon.

Sunday—Did a long steady run during the GLOBE-ALI RUN FOR HOME with the distance of 21 kms. I finished the race/run in 1:51+ hours with an average pace of 5:15 mins/km. It was a “diagnostic” run and I did not force myself for the speed. However, I need more time to strengthen my legs and build-up again my aerobic endurance by doing more long steady runs in the coming weeks. I had another massage to my legs in the afternoon and slept early in the evening.

Total Mileage For The Week: 75 kilometers

4 thoughts on “Week #1: Start Of Marathon Training

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  2. loganfam

    Greetings BaldRunner, Looks like a serious training regimen ahead for you. Are you considering the “SMART SIM” marathon at Subic. It looks like it will be a great venue to run (SCTEX into Subic) and a great time to make the run with it starting at 4:30pm. Justin and I plan to make that our first 42k attempt. 🙂 Any suggestions? Presently I’m using “smart coach” of Runners World Magazine as my scheduler. It’s got me running 4 days a week w/ total kms per week averaging about 45-50. Blessings. Team Logan


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