D-5 Day: 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon

19 February 2008

For the past two days, I did not have any runs and took my time to rest, relax, and recover from the last long slow distance run I had last Saturday. I stayed two days in Jamindan with no chance of going out of my quarters and office for a brief walking and jogging because of the strong rains for the past days. I contented myself by doing stretching exercises and watching DVD movies of Rambo, First Blood Parts 1 & 2.

At this time, I am in Bacolod City with the Bishop of the Catholic Church, local government officials, members of the Philippine National Police, our soldiers, and the members of the media witnessing the demilitarization/destruction of confiscated, recovered, captured and surrendered firearms which is one of my advocacies in my Command. Hundreds of unregistered/loose firearms will be cut into pieces and burned this morning for the public to see.

From Bacolod City, I’ll be going around the Negros Island to visit my troops under my Command and assess the condition of our troops and their accomplishments. This is to ensure that our operations, programs and activities are being carried out as based from our unit’s mission in the island of Negros. Three hours after I’ve talked to our troops in Canlaon City, an armed encounter ensued in the mountains of Calatrava, Negros Occidental where a number of the insurgents were declared casualties. The location of the encounter was barely 5-6 kilometers away from the place where I visited our troops. As of this time, we got intelligence information that a lot of them were seriously wounded and they need immediate medical attention and supply of blood of different types. There are reports also that this insurgent group has at least five female members. Some of their backpacks and personal belongings were recovered by our troops as they were left behind by their fallen/wounded comrades when they fled to different directions from the encounter site.

I guess, I will not have much time to jog and walk around for the next two days. I will spend more time visiting and talking to my troops in Negros Island. Additionally, this will be the time to reflect on myself and the training preparations I’ve made for the past four months for the Pasig River Heritage Marathon. This is also the time to plan my “strategy” for the race.

I just got an information that my race packet and details of the route has arrived in my quarters. I was informed also that the organizers had changed the route of the marathon. This is what I hate with marathon organizers and executives who are supporting the race (who, most of them are not even runners/marathoners) and who change routes without any explanation at all! The Marathon Race will start in Marikina and ends up at Quirino Grandstand. As compared to the original route of starting from Intramuros area and finishing at The Fort, passing to all the bridges that cross the Pasig River and running along the roads beside the Pasig River. I have yet to see the route map and the actual route before I will make comment on this. I just hope that this race will be a better one than the race I joined in 2006. 

My plan for the Marathon Race? Be conservative with the pacing and make sure that I’ll have an average pacing of 6:00 minutes per kilometer, finishing the first 20 kilometers in 2 hours, 30 kilometers in 3 hours & 5 minutes, 40 kilometers in 4 hours & 10 minutes, and 42.165 kilometers in 4 hours & 30 minutes. Make sure that my “support team” will be giving regular water & energy drink supply & sports gel from Km. 25 up to the finish line.

One thought on “D-5 Day: 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon

  1. miraclecello

    I asked a number of friends who have been running this event every year and they all liked the changes. First, the number of bridges was cut down to five — Lambingan, Pandacan (2x), Nagtahan, and Ayala from more than 10 previously, as I understand it. Second, the slower participants will no longer have to court heat stroke running the killer stretch of C-5 and The Fort under the sun since that section will now be taken at dawn and the last half will be run in a built-up area which means shade from buildings and trees. Runners could get lost among the switchbacks of the Pandacan area though if there are not enough marshals in the area around the 35-kilometer mark.


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