2nd Day: Quad Marathons

10 06 2017

The second day Marathon Event started at 11:45 PM of June 9 (Friday) and expected to be finished at 6:15 AM of June 10 (Saturday). The route brings the runners to the eastern towns of Ilocos Norte. The runners would be able to pass the municipalities of Sarrat (first town after Laoag City) and the Poblacion of Piddig, Ilocos Norte (location of the turn-around point).

Day 2 Quad Marathons START

Day 2 Before The Start

The Municipality of Sarrat is noted to be the Birthplace of the Former President Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the Philippines for 20 years—8 years as a duly re-elected President and then another 12 years under Martial Law. The town has also a much-improved Public Park with an old Spanish Church. The Municipality of Piddig is also noted in history as the place in the country where the people revolted against the Spaniards because of a locally produced wine from sugar cane, called “Basi” in 1807. Up to the present, the place is still noted as the source of the Best Basi in the province.

The course is flat for the first 9 kilometers and then an uphill climb for about 200 meters at Km 10 which levels off until reaching Kilometer 19 which has another uphill terrain at the Poblacion (center) of Piddig..  The 21K turn-around point is the Solsona-Piddig Highway Kilometer Post #507. As compared with the first day route, this route has a cooler and windy environment because of big trees along the highway and the cooler winds coming from the mountain ranges located at the eastern part of the province of Ilocos Norte.

Day 2 Turn-Around

Day 2 Turn Around Point (21K)

Being the “sweeper” of the event, I could see who are the runners that are leading once they are on their way back to the Finish Line. Sometimes, if I see and feel that the last runner is lagging behind, I try to run in front or ahead of the runner so that he/she is forced to run faster to catch me.

Day 2 Quad Marathons

Day 2 Finish Line Group Picture

For this 2nd day Marathon, all the runners had improved on their finish times as shown below:

RANK          NAME              TIME (Hrs)

  1. Gibo Malvar ———– 4:51:58
  2. Dondon Talosig —— 4:58:36
  3. Rod Losabia ———– 5:20:23
  4. Tess Leono (F) ——– 5:46:26
  5. Rose Betonio (F) —– 5:50:16
  6. Kathlee Piñero (F) — 5:58:55
  7. Reese Rogel (F) ——- 6:17:49
  8. Jovie Narcise/BR —– 6:17:55

After the awarding of the Finisher’s Medals and Shirts, we had a group picture and breakfast from McDonalds Fastfood courtesy of one of the runners.

Day 2 McDonalds

Recovery Food & Drinks After Marathon #2

Tonight will be the third Marathon Event in a different course which will test (again) the determination and endurance of all the runners.

(Note: Pictures Courtesy of May Santos)


1st Day: Quad Marathons

10 06 2017

Seven of my ultra running friends registered for the First Edition of the BR’s Quad Marathons which is held on June 9-12, 2017 with start and finish in Laoag City (Ilocos Norte). A day prior to the start of the event, I decided to join the runners as a runner-participant and at the same time the “sweeper” for the event. However, at the back of my mind, I did not want anybody among from friends to DNF this event.

The four daily marathon events is scheduled to start at 1:00 AM every day but with only a handful of participants, I advised all the runners that we might start earlier as soon as all the runners are already at the Start Area. Except for one runner, the remaining seven runners stayed in our house for easier control and management.

Each of the marathon events has a cut-off time of 6 hours and 30 minutes. If a runner finishes a marathon event beyond the cut-off time, the runner is declared DNF and could not join the succeeding events. Every official finisher each day will receive a Finisher’s Medal and Shirt. If the participant completes or finishes the four Marathon Events, he/she will receive a Finisher’s Trophy and a Finisher’s Certificate.

1st Day Quad Marathons

Group Picture Before The Start Of The Race

The first marathon event started at 12:30 AM and the course covers the 21K distance from the Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol in Laoag City to Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte and then back to the Starting Area. The route goes north along the Maharlika Highway passing the towns of Bacarra and Pasuquin. The turn-around point is at the Highway Kilometer Post #508 where a Marshal is located. The Marshal must take a picture of the runner once they reach the turn-around point before going back to the Starting Area for the Finish.

1st Day Quad Marathons 00

21K Turn-Around Point

For the logistics support of the runners, there are two roving Support Vehicles which could provide water, soft drinks, Gatorade, and bite foods for the runners. Usually, these support vehicles are located every 3 kilometers. In this edition, these support vehicles are also individual support vehicles of some of the runners.

The course is relatively flat with a few elevation gains at Kilometers 4-5 and on the way back, Kilometers 37-38. However, on this particular night, it was hot and humid with no wind even during the early morning.

All of the 8 participants were able to finish the Marathon on the first day within the cut-off time. The following is the result:

RANK          NAME                  TIME (Hrs)

  1. Dondon Talosig ———- 5:03:40
  2. Rod Losabia ————— 5:12:17
  3. Gibo Malvar ————— 5:37:27
  4. Tess Leono (Female) — 5:37:29
  5. Rose Betonio (F) ——— 5:45:04
  6. Kathleen Piñero (F) —- 6:11:50
  7. Reese Rogel (F) ———– 6:26:52
  8. Jovie Narcise/BR ——— 6:26:54
1st Day Quad Finish

Group Picture After The Awarding Of Medals & Shirts

After the awarding of Medals and Shirts, we had some group pictures taken. After breakfast, we went to the beach for a swim and had some sight-seeing; and have some fun!

1st Day Quad Finish Beach

Having Fun After The 1st Marathon Event

We hope that we will be ready again for the 2nd Marathon Event before midnight!

(Note: Pictures Courtesy of May Santos)



Official Result: 2nd North Coast 200-Mile Ultra Marathon Run (2017)

15 05 2017

2017/2nd Edition of North Coast 200-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

Starting Place: In Front of the Provincial Capitol of Ilocos Norte/Laoag City

Gun Start: 12:01 AM May 11, 2017

Finish Line: La Perla Inn, Barangay Zinungan, Santa Ana, Cagayan

Finish Time: 12:01 AM May 14, 2017

Cut-Off Time: 72 Hours

Number Of Starters: 10 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 10 Finishers

Percentage Of Finish: 100%

2nd North Coast 00

Ten Runners At The Starting Line

RANK                    NAME                           TIME (Hrs)

  1. Bong Dizon (Overall Champion, Course Record) —-61:22:33
  2. Dondon Talosig (1st Runner-Up, Overall, CR) —–62:35:01
  3. Eric Cruz (2nd Runner-Up, Overall, CR) —–62:41:40
  4. Rhoda Caballero-Oporto (Female Champion, Course Record) —-62:48:16
  5. Rolan Cera ———————————– 67:19:15
  6. Remy Caasi (1st Runner-Up, Female) ———67:19:42
  7. Jon Borbon —————————— 69:06:14
  8. Gibo Malvar —————————- 69:37:45
  9. Fer De Leon —————————- 70:09:10
  10. Rose Betonio (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —— 70:48:28
2nd North Coast 01

Overall Champion & New Course Record Holder Bong Dizon

2nd North Coast 02

Female Champion & New Course Record Holder Rhoda Caballero-Oporto

Congratulations to all the Finishers and to their Support Crew.

See you in the next edition of this event (2018)!

Official Result: 11th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (T2N 50K)

1 05 2017

Official Result: 2017 (11th Edition) Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race

4:00 AM April 30, 2017 To 1:00 PM April 30, 2017

From Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City To PETRON Gas Station, Nasugbu, Batangas

Cut-Off Time: 9 Hours

Number Of Starters: 289 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 287 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 99.3%

RANK                NAME                         TIME (Hours)

  1. Jeffrey Galicio (Overall Champion) —–3:56:46
  2. Joseph Gentoleo (1st Runner-Up, Overall) —-4:11:43
  3. Thomas Combisen (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —-4:23:45
  4. George Cabillo ——————–4:41:44
  5. Allan Merlin ———————4:44:47
  6. Ace Rodriguez ——————4:51:48
  7. Junifer Frenila —————4:54:10
  8. Leo Penas ——————–4:58:47
  9. Raffy Barolo —————-5:00:05
  10. Reynold Enriquez ——–5:08:27
  11. Gil Cunanan —————-5:17:24
  12. Michelle Manila (Champion, Female) ———5:23:55
  13. Antonio Arenas, Jr ——–5:25:12
  14. Jovic Villacortes ———–5:25:52
  15. Inia Diana Cayabyab (1st Runner-Up, Female) —-5:26:17
  16. Edward Agdamag ———5:27:27
  17. Isidro Labrador Prado —–5:28:46
  18. Reynante Gacusan ———5:30:38
  19. Juanito Centino ————–5:31:28
  20. Marlon Puno —————–5:35:26
  21. Jan Bequillo —————–5:36:28
  22. Angelo Rodriguez ——–5:36:29
  23. Sherwin Bargos ———-5:37:26
  24. Desrei Balla —————5:38:54
  25. Lucio Dimayuga ——–5:39:40
  26. Richard Antonio ——–5:40:55
  27. Levie Sinatad ———–5:41:52
  28. Michael Serapio ——-5:42:40
  29. Jeneth Silvestre (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —-5:44:15
  30. Virgilio Diaz, Sr. ——–5:44:35
  31. Michael Natanauan ——-5:46:07
  32. Noel Bautista ————5:49:50
  33. Marwell Sta Ana ——-5:51:10
  34. Nino Tammy Rexis ——-5:51:21
  35. Joey Alcantara ————5:53:17
  36. Rogelio Vicente Reyes Jr ——5:53:36
  37. Sandy Alentajan ———-5:53:56
  38. John Arman Perez ——–5:55:15
  39. Boyet Ligas ————-5:55:26
  40. Marlon Bobby Ruba ——-5:56:09
  41. Jaime Sanchez, Jr ———5:56:24
  42. Mark Eiro ——–5:57:40
  43. Jong Morales ——-5:58:45
  44. Joel Pradia ———5:59:39
  45. Peter Lloyd Molera ———5:59:52
  46. Yulo Paytone ———6:01:34
  47. Mark David Elpedes ——-6:02:04
  48. Porsha Rhia Lai (Female) ——–6:02:23
  49. Meliton Carag ———-6:02:26
  50. Jaypee Ian Boral ——-6:03:30
  51. Mandoy Cariaga ——-6:06:22
  52. Archie Licuanan ——-6:08:14
  53. Marielle Magramo (Female) —-6:08:15
  54. John Earl Susano ——-6:09:17
  55. Obeth Malana ——6:09:53
  56. Richard Gy ———6:10:21
  57. Rod Losabia ——–6:10:39
  58. Griffin Gonzales ——-6:11:21
  59. Edison Dantes ———6:11:55
  60. Arthur Saveron ——-6:13:52
  61. El Portillo ———–6:15:32
  62. Bernard Balagtas ——6:15:33
  63. Jun Valerio ———–6:15:34
  64. Hector Valerio ——6:15:38
  65. Ryan Fabie ———-6:18:21
  66. Jerome Caasi ——-6:18:30
  67. Jeselle Gardoci (Female) ——6:18:35
  68. Ramil Dumantay ——–6:18:50
  69. Hilbert Garganta ———6:19:10
  70. Francis Arnaldo Rivera —–6:20:56
  71. Ronald Reyes ———-6:21:09
  72. Ariel Abedong ——–6:24:10
  73. Eduardo Magpoc ——6:24:14
  74. Susan Lauron (Female) —–6:24:30
  75. Ronnie Gallero ———6:24:40
  76. Gay Beltran (Female) ——6:25:03
  77. Gen Calub (Female) ———6:25:26
  78. Jonel De Ocampo ———-6:25:48
  79. Joel Joseph Montilla ——6:26:08
  80. Efren Olpindo ———6:27:16
  81. Eric John Galeos ——-6:27:18
  82. Remy Caasi (Female) ——6:27:40
  83. Edwin Dalusong ———6:30:42
  84. Anthony Noriel Fodra——6:32:41
  85. Joannes Paulus ———6:34:54
  86. Ralph Louie Jacinto ——-6:35:22
  87. JP Navarette ————6:35:58
  88. Marlene Donena (Female) ——–6:36:36
  89. Eddie Cruz ——-6:39:32
  90. Elizer Loquere ——–6:39:46
  91. Joy Beltran (Female) ——–6:40:00
  92. Carl Balagot ————–6:40:21
  93. Raymond Depano ——6:40:51
  94. Fe Ramirez (Female) —–6:41:50
  95. Nestor Ramirez ———–6:41:56
  96. Marlon Zurbano ———6:42:10
  97. Rey John Bayona ——–6:42:47
  98. Aris De Leon ————-6:43:10
  99. Joy Bea (Female) ——–6:43:29
  100. Frenz Quiestas ———-6:43:48
  101. Rolando Campo ——–6:44:07
  102. Jerry Manubay ———6:44:27
  103. Glenn Macababbad ——6:44:45
  104. Rebecca Benavidez (Female) —–6:44:55
  105. Antonio Benavidez ———–6:45:02
  106. Jose Mari Mercado ——–6:45:20
  107. Hernando Panaligan ——6:46:25
  108. Rheigel Golosimo ———-6:46:38
  109. Mary Ann Martin (Female) ——-6:47:13
  110. Laico Tolentino ————6:48:24
  111. Emma Libunao (Female) ——-6:49:08
  112. Marlon Santos —————6:49:10
  113. Homer Paras —————-6:49:45
  114. Amado Miguel Diaz ——6:51:03
  115. Rodrigo Paz —————–6:51:39
  116. Peter Mendoza ————6:51:58
  117. RL V. Paz ——————6:52:08
  118. Jay Juanir —————–6:52:37
  119. Jaypee Palileo ———–6:53:41
  120. Reo Rex Jagonap ——-6:53:53
  121. Marlon Saracho ——–6:54:16
  122. Mark Sarical ————6:54:42
  123. Beverly Andal (Female) ——6:55:05
  124. Karl Michael Santos ——-6:55:22
  125. Anna Odessa Albarracin (Female)——6:56:06
  126. Emil Muyuela ———–6:57:00
  127. Francisco Espiritu ——-6:57:28
  128. Michael Peralta ———–6:57:43
  129. Rosean Saet (Female) —–6:57:57
  130. Oliver Andaya ————6:58:06
  131. Rionell Buencamino ——6:59:36
  132. Ryan Geli ————-6:59:53
  133. Louie Cotejar ——–7:00:00
  134. Cedrick Oares ——–7:00:30
  135. Kevin Luna ———–7:01:05
  136. Gabriella Yna Villanueva (Female) —-7:01:39
  137. Reynaldo Santiago, Jr. ———–7:02:47
  138. Ella Apurillo (Female) ———-7:04:11
  139. Nilo Sarmiento ————7:05:21
  140. Garry Reyes ————-7:05:32
  141. Jay Calingasan ———7:05:53
  142. Dudely Regalado ——7:06:03
  143. Farrah Serran (Female) ——7:06:51
  144. Anne Rose Paras (Female) —–7:06:55
  145. Gomer Pascua ———-7:07:00
  146. Leonor Villanueva (Female) —–7:07:22
  147. Bal Dela Cuesta ———-7:07:22
  148. Gibo Malvar ————-7:08:05
  149. Roraylyn Pena (Female) —–7:08:19
  150. Ayn Veronica De Jesus (Female) —-7:08:31
  151. Quennee Rose Mamaro (Female) —-7:08:52
  152. Jennifer Racho (Female) —–7:09:04
  153. Nancy Chan (Female) ——–7:09:09
  154. Jun Ramirez ————-7:09:37
  155. Kathleen Piñero (Female) ——7:10:28
  156. Audie Tolentino ———–7:10:58
  157. Juan Saraza —————7:11:10
  158. Bernadette Aguirre (Female) —–7:11:17
  159. Paolo Tiong ————–7:11:35
  160. Irrol Novenario ———7:13:00
  161. Ivy Paguia (Female) ——7:13:16
  162. Jim Taguiang ————7:13:22
  163. Jose Broderic Yandoc ———–7:17:03
  164. Jeanne Mendoza (Female) ——7:17:30
  165. Santiago Olarte ———7:19:02
  166. Roby Amil ———–7:19:55
  167. Jojo Roxas ————7:20:08
  168. Raymond Dongketo ——-7:21:22
  169. Joseph Alsol ———-7:21:45
  170. Marcos Baguistan —-7:22:35
  171. Gary Mosqueda ——–7:23:24
  172. Mannix Manapat ——7:23:44
  173. Jenneth Soriano (Female) —–7:24:00
  174. Phillip Leaño ———–7:24:11
  175. Erwin Dumlao ———7:24:32
  176. William Marino ——–7:25:06
  177. Jun Galita ————–7:25:27
  178. Ralph Madriaga ——7:25:41
  179. Tony Gabuyo, Jr ——-7:25:45
  180. Albert Joseph Carreon ——7:25:56
  181. Ferdie Pascual ——-7:26:11
  182. Christine De Guzman (Female) —–7:26:18
  183. Ariane Legarte — ——-7:26:47
  184. Lorena Laurena (Female) ——7:26:59
  185. Glenn Adviento ————–7:27:17
  186. Jonathan Moleta ————7:27:27
  187. June Policarpio ————-7:27:55
  188. Florrie Alleeia Bartolome (Female) —-7:28:11
  189. Sidney Perida ————-7:28:18
  190. Francis Gilvert Navarro ——7:28:48
  191. Glenn Terania ————-7:29:05
  192. Warren Cristobal ———7:29:25
  193. Michael Sacluti ————7:30:10
  194. Rona Saludes (Female) ——7:30:26
  195. Hermie Saludes ————7:30:32
  196. Nino Dimapilis ————–7:32:18
  197. Jhay Ann Santos (Female) —–7:32:37
  198. Analiza Que (Female) ——–7:32:57
  199. Rene Navarro ————-7:33:30
  200. William Garcia ———-7:33:51
  201. Ryan Dela Vega ———-7:34:00
  202. Genaro Doringo ———7:34:24
  203. Jojo Arellano ————-7:34:45
  204. Tina Aldaya (Female) ——7:35:04
  205. Elmar Casauay ———–7:36:06
  206. Arleen Peralta (Female) —–7:37:13
  207. Jonas Olandria ———-7:37:37
  208. Franklin Borlongan Flora —–7:37:58
  209. Jay Luna ——-7:38:30
  210. Mark Nikolai Laderas —–7:39:00
  211. Vanessa Labit (Female) —–7:40:24
  212. Angelica Isabel Paz (Female) —-7:40:45
  213. Maricel Bautista (Female) ——7:40:57
  214. Ronnel Go ——————7:41:08
  215. Robertson Paredes ———-7:41:42
  216. Hendricks Gonzales ———7:42:03
  217. Lech John Sarmiento ——–7:43:49
  218. Rochelle Agpalo (Female) —-7:45:00
  219. Cesar Cantos Frago ———7:45:09
  220. Eric Federico —————7:45:17
  221. Joseph Nebrida ———–7:47:57
  222. Gregorio Torres ———-7:48:25
  223. Bryan Castillo ———–7:51:29
  224. Mark Sidamon ———7:53:13
  225. Pojie Peñones ———-7:54:32
  226. Binky Musngi (Female) ——-7:54:50
  227. Kat Yee (Female) ———-7:54:55
  228. Bob Tolete —————7:55:00
  229. Michael Socito ———7:56:26
  230. Neil Nava —————7:56:33
  231. Ruel Peñalosa ———7:56:59
  232. Virgilio Belen ———-7:57:32
  233. Renel Diamante ———7:58:31
  234. Isagani Zuñiga ———-7:58:45
  235. Rowena Tan (Female) —–7:58:54
  236. Noel Diamante ————7:59:17
  237. Eduardo Tantay ———7:59:24
  238. Jerry Mae Conde ——–7:59:24
  239. Reese Rogel (Female) ——-8:00:07
  240. Katrina Mae Cruz (Female) —–8:01:03
  241. Ma. Mercedes Lou Castro (Female) —-8:01:34
  242. Kelvin Dela Torre ———8:01:40
  243. Abegail Paras (Female) ——8:02:45
  244. Larry Olaguir ————8:06:41
  245. Brian Maglunob ——–8:06:53
  246. Armando Pacia ———-8:07:01
  247. Miles Evangelista (Female) ——8:07:09
  248. Hannalee Balibag (Female) —–8:07:21
  249. Anna Katrina Nillo (Female) —-8:07:33
  250. Melody Moreno (Female) ——-8:07:53
  251. Dhanielyn Punzalan (Female) —–8:08:05
  252. Adrian Dimaunahan ———-8:08:26
  253. Jhonalyn Mojica (Female) ——-8:11:57
  254. Armand Escueta —————8:12:09
  255. Christian Almendrala ——–8:12:30
  256. Alan Aguinaldo ————8:12:52
  257. Clarissa Calingasan (Female) —–8:14:03
  258. Arnie Monacillo ———-8:14:24
  259. Tom Barrientos ———–8:14:43
  260. Avin Sauler ————-8:15:31
  261. Jansiel Pernia (Female) ——8:15:43
  262. Sabrina Oliveros (Female) ——8:18:14
  263. Aileen Tucio (Female) ———8:18:49
  264. Felmer Hiponia ————-8:19:53
  265. Maila Bautista (Female) ——8:20:05
  266. Edison Colandres ———-8:23:51
  267. Eduardo Lim —————8:31:29
  268. Rhea Galpo (Female) —–8:32:44
  269. Carl Manio ————-8:32:58
  270. Robert Dulguime ——–8:35:57
  271. Rodel Crisostomo ——-8:36:20
  272. Fritz Erwin Fernandez ——–8:36:43
  273. Leopoldo Esquilona ———8:36:52
  274. Christian Francia ——-8:37:15
  275. Reinier Lon Salvo (Female) —–8:43:01
  276. Jesus Reuben Arevalo ———8:43:06
  277. Jennifer Eufemia Domingo (Female) —-8:47:18
  278. Rona Carandang (Female) ——8:48:39
  279. Cecille Picardal-Manginsay (Female) —-8:48:53
  280. Robert Dionisio ———8:49:06
  281. Ronnie Aquino ———-8:49:31
  282. Tommy Mendoza ——8:49:53
  283. Ruben Gonzales ——–8:50:25
  284. Jeremy Panaligan ——-8:50:30
  285. Mark Celimen ———–8:51:07
  286. Madana De Guzman (Female) ——-8:51:17
  287. Marvin Maquirang ——9:00:00
  288. Bong Anastacio ——–9:14:43

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

2017 T2N

Official Logo

Official Result: 3rd West To East 280K Ultra Marathon Race

21 04 2017

2017 (3rd Edition) WEST To EAST 280K Ultra Marathon Race

5:00 AM April 13, 2017 To 1:00 PM April 15, 2017

From Ramos Beach Resort, Barangay Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan to Seaside Restaurant, Sitio Tanguigue, Barangay Aplaya, Dingalan, Aurora

Intermediate Cut-Off Time Every 50 Kilometers: 10 Hours

Cut-Off Time For The Event: 56 Hours

Number Of Starters: 17 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 12 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 70.5%

RANK         NAME                                   TIME (Hours)

1. Eric Cruz (Overall Champion) ——–49:46:09

2. Bong Dizon (1st Runner-Up, Overall) —-52:28:42

3. Rolan Cera (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —-52:52:30

4. Remy Caasi (Female Champion, Course Record) —-52:53:39

5. Roberto Vocal, Jr. ——————————53:50:28

6. Rhoda Oporto (1st Runner-Up, Female) ————-53:53:20

7. Jon Borbon ————————————-54:14:40

8. Dondon Talosig ——————————54:58:40

9. Roselle Abajo (2nd Runner-Up, Female) ————55:32:10

10. Fer De Leon ———————————–55:47:38

11. Rose Betonio (Female) ——————-55:55:00

12. Glenn Rosales ——————————-55:59:52

Congratulations To Everybody!!!!

West To East Champ

Overall Champion Eric Cruz

West To East Lady Champ

Female Champion Remy Caasi

West To East Water

Final Ritual Of Pouring The Sea Water

West To East Water2

Final Ritual Of Pouring Sea Water (For the Last 4 Runners)

2018 (10th Edition) BDM 102 Letter Of Invitation

27 03 2017

Letter Of Invitation For The 2018 (10th Edition) BDM 102 Ultra Race

Dear Runner,

This letter confirms your acceptance and invitation to join and compete in the 10th Edition of the BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race to be held on January 27-28, 2018. The Bald Runner Events Management would like to thank you for your interest and support in joining the 2018 Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102).

The registration fee is Four Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P 4,500.00) each for the Local Runners and One Hundred Fifty US Dollars ($ 150.00) each for the Overseas/International runners.

Local runners must be able to pay their Registration Fee through the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) in behalf of Jovenal D Narcise @ Savings Acct # 0296-0673-22. International runners may remit their Payment through Western Union.
Last Day & Deadline for the payment of registration fee is June 15, 2017.

Registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and no “roll-overs” for any BR’s Events.

You are lucky to be the one of the 220+ runners qualified to join out of the 350+ runner-applicants who sent their Letter Of Intent to join this race. Inability to pay the registration fee on the said period/deadline will give a chance for the other runners to fill your slot.

For this year, Late Registration Fee will be Five Thousand Pesos (P 5,000.00) for the Local Runners. Late Registration Period is from June 16, 2017 to November 1, 2017.

Photocopy of the Deposit Slip should be sent immediately to this e-mail address: to be included in the list of participants. Please bring the Deposit Slip at the Final Briefing or at the Starting Line on Race Day.
A Medical Certificate or Doctor’s Certificate will be sent also to the stated e-mail address not later than December 31, 2016. Nobody will be allowed to run without their Medical Certificate. The original copy of the Medical Certificate should be submitted at the Race Packet Pick-Up/Final Briefing.
Please review the published Rules and Regulations of this race at If you have any concerns and need for more clarifications, please feel free to send me an e-mail at
Further announcements and updates will be posted in my blog @ and at Facebook’s BDM 102/160 Page
Good luck and train hard.

Major General Jovenal D Narcise AFP (Ret)
Founder & Race Director, BDM 102 & 160

The following is the list of invited runners for the 2018 (10th Edition) of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race:

  1. Aris De Leon
  2. Chua Yong Huat (Singapore)
  3. Mel Severino
  4. Noel Bautista
  5. Ralph Singzon
  6. Arland Macasieb
  7. Jose Marie Mercado
  8. Mark Saricol
  9. Albert Joseph Carreon
  10. Jerickson Sta. Isabel
  11. Erick Tria
  12. Madison Trinidad, Jr
  13. Gimel Pajalla
  14. Jhona Reyes
  15. Fernando Torres
  16. Paulo Margelino
  17. Peter Lloyd Molera
  18. Florante Santiago
  19. Jeffrey Furigay
  20. Homer Paras
  21. Jhon Ronald Rodriguez
  22. Carlos Napoleon Ocampo
  23. Juan Crisanto Cunanan
  24. Gladysma Jane Giron
  25. Margaret Mae Arceo
  26. Anna Odessa Albarracin
  27. Aileen Tucio
  28. Greggy Galicia
  29. Abegaile Par
  30. Christine De Guzman
  31. Daisy Visperas
  32. Rina Gilos
  33. Gabriella Yna Villanueva
  34. Jack Wilson Villanueva
  35. Jennifer Eufemia Domingo
  36. Earl Louis Saez
  37. Larry Wayne Olaguir
  38. Jamil Escober
  39. Leandro Gigantoca
  40. George Cabillo
  41. Melchor Nicolas
  42. Jesus Arevalo III
  43. William Robert Hain, Jr
  44. Robertson Paredes
  45. Keit Bernice Yee
  46. David Simon Kobey (USA)
  47. Marck Chico
  48. Marlene Doneza
  49. Jeshryl Dela Cruz Aranzaso
  50. Manuel Johnson Balancio
  51. Michelle Rae Salvatierra
  52. Jewel Feliciano
  53. Arbee Jan Serafin
  54. Robby Ray Catipon
  55. David Aquino
  56. Raffy Ramos
  57. Rogelio Puzon
  58. Voltron Visda
  59. Maria Raegina Galera
  60. Ruel Peñaloza
  61. Rubelia Nazareno
  62. Jenneth Soriano
  63. Joselito San Diego
  64. Marjohn Presbiterio
  65. Peterson Ong
  66. Alvin Alcantara
  67. Dexter Cruz
  68. Ann Sweat (USA)
  69. Kim Travella (USA)
  70. Yniguez Ysmael Uy
  71. Vic Viola
  72. Richard Antonio
  73. Reynaldo Santiago, Jr
  74. Mike Famaranglas
  75. Desrei Balla
  76. Zan Cagulangan
  77. Angelica Isabel Paz-Isnani
  78. Manuel Jayson Balancio IV
  79. Marc Paolo Peñafiel
  80. Anthony Noriel Ortega Fodra
  81. Julius Danas
  82. Alnie Amoro
  83. Phil Jannsen Cruz Santiago
  84. Juancho Padua
  85. Jovencio Luspian
  86. Jose Mari Mercado
  87. Amiel Joseph Lucero
  88. Dennis Racho
  89. Rod Apolinario
  90. Meds Abellera-Baraquel
  91. Bryant Bennet Atencia
  92. Romeo Canda
  93. Eduardo Lim
  94. Enrico Paguirigan, Jr
  95. Ramon Quiocho
  96. Jefferson Jay Sensano
  97. Fritz Erwin Fernandez
  98. Mark Loresto
  99. Jennlee Malijan Pascua
  100. Henry Yang Yee Meng (Singapore)
  101. Joy Eder
  102. Arlene Oting
  103. Beverly Benaid-Cruz
  104. Francis Norvie Quiestas
  105. Joemel Rojas
  106. Jayson Vallero
  107. Dan Gilbert Co
  108. Garry Garcia
  109. Mar Marilag
  110. Marquiz Albert Minlay
  111. Rhett Del Rosario
  112. Miles Evangelista
  113. Jez Ramos
  114. Richard Ryan Rentillo
  115. Ricardo Gregorio
  116. Ronaldo Robles
  117. Peter Christopher Illanza
  118. Junrox Roque
  119. Ian Pabatao
  120. Caloy Nobleza
  121. Rudy Paghubasan
  122. Jess Laxamana
  123. Alex Cruz
  124. Angelino Nicolas
  125. Antonio Jimenez
  126. Rolando Mercado
  127. Eugenio Saluta
  128. John Earl Susano
  129. Gary Mosqueda
  130. Jonathan Iloso
  131. Donald Ausa
  132. Beverly Andal
  133. Rhaffy Borbe
  134. Emmanuel Quiñones
  135. Jofel Otor
  136. Jessa Bordiago
  137. Ferdinand Manzano
  138. Edgar Formento, Jr
  139. Sean Andan
  140. Leo Reyes
  141. Elmer Caballes
  142. Jake Villareal
  143. Florydette Cuales
  144. Miguelito Domingo
  145. Broderic Yandoc
  146. Johnson Lontok
  147. Jason Basa
  148. Francis Gilvert Navarro
  149. Rochelle Ann Silverio
  150. Mannix Manapat
  151. Francis Oliver Trinidad
  152. Cedrick Oares
  153. Prancer Autor
  154. Virgilio Diaz
  155. Cindy Sevilla
  156. Loben Macairan
  157. Pia Raquedan
  158. Ryan Geli
  159. Marlon Gangan
  160. Raymond Verdis
  161. Rodillo Tecson Florendo
  162. Michael Sacluti
  163. Erwin Dumlao
  164. Ghenny Bueno
  165. Richard Antonio
  166. Nino Adrian Lantican
  167. Maila Bernasor-Bautista
  168. John Arman Perez
  169. Quennie Villanueva
  170. Benedick Bautista
  171. Jowell Jandoyan
  172. Edjeson Comendador
  173. Hendricks Gonzales
  174. Mielniño De Los Santos
  175. James Theodore Salonga
  176. Michelle Manila
  177. Paolo Tiong
  178. Benjarde Cuales
  179. Michael Angelo Maleriado
  180. Jonas Nacario
  181. Kevin Luna
  182. Rolando Bucao
  183. Macot Baguistan
  184. Jaime Sanches, Jr
  185. Tomlinson Baniwas
  186. Jerry Yutuc
  187. Mica Nati
  188. William Mariño
  189. Gerry Lita
  190. Juanito Centino
  191. Eric John Galeos
  192. Gerard Gamelong
  193. Harold Ramirez
  194. Christian Rabe
  195. Conrad Ching
  196. Isidro Labrador Prado
  197. Edwin Colina
  198. Zaldy Santillan
  199. Raymund Tuazon
  200. Leo Año
  201. Gerard Reyes
  202. Angelo Rodriguez
  203. Ace Rodriguez
  204. Jeffrey Galicio
  205. Mervin Vargas
  206. Lucio Dimayuga
  207. Vander Ville Vizconde
  208. Aureo Pascua
  209. Jervis Esperrago
  210. Katherine Marasigan
  211. John Paul Lipardo
  212. John Leo Espeña
  213. Rodolfo De Ocampo
  214. Jerry Manubay
  215. Ronald Reyes
  216. Edison Dantes
  217. Ramy Nasara
  218. Jonathan Baysa
  219. Leonora Ealadama
  220. Michael Peralta
  221. Michael Socito
  222. Marilou Ruanes
  223. Kelvin Llamoso
  224. Clarissa Gatdula-Calingasan
  225. Hermogenes Saludes
  226. Rona Saludes
  227. Arlene Oting
  228. Herbert Gutierrez
  229. Elizer Loquere
  230. Joseph Soriao
  231. Elmar Casauay
  232. Raymond Bunda
  233. Rhodel Montemayor
  234. Laudencio Lictao
  235. John Dimaranan
  236. James Kieven Liong
  237. Eric Salazar
  238. Carlos Macasarte
  239. Nino Dimapilis
  240. Elgrace Jazmin
  241. Mark David Elpedes
  242. Diosdado Sullano, Jr
  243. Kenneth Sarabia
  244. Allan De Lima
  245. Rene Asuero
  246. Israel Sigaya
  247. Edgardo Batenga, Jr
  248. Crisanto Avergonzado
  249. Jayrald Salazar
  250. Arnaldo Andan
  251. Joey Aying
  252. IreneTan
  253. Lilibeth Garcia
  254. Hilda Balbuena
  255. Arriane Deocadez
  256. Asael Sison
  257. Arnold Sequito
  258. Rey Langub
  259. Norman Dondoyano
  260. Augustus Fred Mefragata
  261. Eduardo Nanini
  262. Alvin Cloyd Piodos
  263. Roger Patrick Ledesma
  264. Angelito Mallari
  265. Ana Que
  266. Frank Flora
  267. Rosario Mosca, Jr
  268. Edwin Fernandez
  269. Yolly Borja
  270. Alex Bug-os
  271. Monday Klaus Gimeno
  272. Chito Carreon
  273. Dante Dela Torre
  274. Anne Rose Paras
  275. Jeff Suazo
  276. Bal Dela Cuesta
  277. Merl Matangob
  278. Lech John Sarmiento
  279. Ginno Ocena
  280. Ronie Pacatang
  281. Tom Barrientos
  282. Jerry Peralta
  283. Diosdado Sullano, Jr
  284. Porsha Rhia Lai
  285. Abgermel Tayaban
  286. Carl Vincent Manio
  287. Renz Bruno
  288. Pia Bennagen Raquedan
  289. Wilfredo Quarte
  290. Romeo Mandrique, Jr
  291. Jose Napiloy
  292. Jun Galita
  293. Rogelio Espe
  294. Ryan Nieva
  295. Desiderio Engbino
  296. Bayani Alvarez
  297. Edilberto Batiancila
  298. Preciousa Sanchez
  299. David Sanchez, Jr
  300. Elias Rodriguez
  301. Ryannel Sy
  302. Jocelyn Sy
  303. Francis Arnaldo Rivera
  304. Joven Gozum
  305. Ralph Louie Jacinto
  306. Joebert Guiwan
  307. Gamaliel Tayao
  308. Francis Arnaldo Rivera
  309. Andrea Lagman
  310. Jeremy Panaligan
  311. Renz Bruno
  312. Jonel De Ocampo
  313. Sabrina Oliveros
  314. Eleazar Santiago
  315. Ronniel Cuizon
  316. Albert Joseph Carreon
  317. Allan Cruz
  318. Teresa Santos
  319. Meliton Carag
  320. Richard Akol
  321. Katrina Marie Cruz
  322. Leelay Ballesteros
  323. Rene Navarro
  324. Jojo Arellano
  325. Ronie Galero
  326. Jovic Villacortes
  327. Marvin Sicat
  328. Elena Cuario
  329. Mary Joan Lim
  330. Marissa Lim
  331. Noel Ade
  332. Alexer Resurection
  333. Mary Ann Kong
  334. Monique Mondido
  335. Oliver Angeles
  336. Richard Buco
  337. Cristine Joy Alzarte
  338. Christopher Saavedra
  339. Jamasali Usman
  340. Analyn Casumpang
  341. Cristin Alzarte
  342. Roderick Salih
  343. Kathy Kuan
  344. Lucky Gurrea
  345. Katherine Marasigan
  346. Yancy Manaog
  347. Phillip Boeve (USA)

***Acceptance of Letter Of Intent to join this event will be closed at midnight of March 31, 2017. There will be No Extension Period.

***”Repeaters” have the option to pay their Registration Fee (Regular Fee) not later than November 1, 2017.

2017 BDM 102 Start

2017 Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race @ Starting Area

Mental (Training) Preparation

23 03 2017

For a serious marathoner or ultra runner, the physical training in preparation for an event needs a lot of time, effort, dedication, patience, money, and hard work just be able to attain those number of miles, hours of training, and comply to the scheduled training one has to follow. It is already ingrained in us the importance of the following: Long Slow Distance running to develop our endurance; Interval Training and Hill Repeats to develop our power, strength, and speed; Tempo Running to develop a sustained pace for a certain period of time; and Recovery Runs to allow our muscles to recover after a certain more intense workout or after a block of weekly training. And most important of all, Rest, for our muscles and the whole body to recuperate and rebuild as a result of the stress the body had been exposed to.

Even if we think that our physical preparation is perfectly done, there is still a great possibility that we fail to cross the finish line. There are outside factors that will try to challenge our physical training. It could be the weather, the difficulty of the terrain (high altitude), injury, or if not, accidents! But what is most important during the race is how your brain works before and during the race.

Mental attitude during the race is the key to a successful finish in a race and it plays a lot in all my successful finish in the past.

Hiking 02

“Train Heavy, Race Light”

For a runner to have a positive mental attitude during the race, he/she should have done his/her assignment on mental training/preparation before and during his/her physical training preparation for the event. Only few of our elite or average ultra runners who would tell us in their respective blogs on how they mentally prepared themselves to podium finish or simply finish the event. Or maybe, they don’t know about mental attitude as it is already ingrained in their body system without them knowing it.

Here are my suggestions for anybody on how to mentally prepare for a certain running event, either you are a “newbie” runner or a hardcore ultra runner:

  1. Create a Blog——It is now very easy to create a blog or personal website where a runner can use it as a Daily Dairy. Just make sure that all your stories or entries are true and accurate. This is where you describe your physical training and the place where the training is done on a daily basis. In short, this is your Runner’s Logbook where you include what you think about your training for the day and how your body feels before, during and after the workout. Do not fabricate or manufacture your daily entry. If you missed a daily workout, say so! Nowadays, you can have your blog on Facebook! This “diary” will become your reference in your future races. And please don’t think that you will be “sharing” your “secrets” to your readers by showing to the world how you are preparing for your next running event. The key word in the present world of Social Media is “SHARE”. The more you share your experience, the more you inspire others!
  2. Shout It To The World——If you are dreaming a certain event for you to join, announce it to the world. If you are intending to Register to a certain event, announce it to the world through your Social Media accounts. If you have successfully registered to an event, announce it to the world. Announcing your intention to the World is too easy to be done nowadays. You can announce it to your Blog/Website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The key here is that as early as possible, announce to the world that you are participating a certain event and you announce it that you will finish the event. Announcing your participation to a race makes you accountable of the things you would do to finish this race. You are also accountable to your family, relatives and friends.
  3. Make A Bet——As if you are gambling, make a bet on yourself. If you finish the event, you must be able to reward yourself with something that is very significant and reminds you of your accomplishment. It could be something physical (object—-new shoes or new running gear/apparel or a trip to a place where you can rest and relax. If you fail in your event, think of of something that will penalise or punish you! Maybe, you could take a rest or simply do another sports which you hate most! Or maybe, punish yourself by volunteering to a race where you hate the Race Director! The key here is that you should challenge yourself to be the best you could be!
  4. Ask Somebody To Make A Bet——It could be your close friend or Friends on Facebook whom you would challenge to gamble with you. If you win, you get something from them and if you lose, you give something to them. Just simple as that! Challenge your friends to gamble with you!
  5. Ask for Sponsorship and Donations——If you are very good in convincing other people, most specially to your friends, in helping you finance your trip or provide you some of the needed support like water, sports drinks and food, you can ask for sponsorship or donations. In this way, you are adding accountability to your success (or failure) among those who have donated your needs for the race.
  6. Be transparent——Post anything on your Blog those evidence that you are dedicated in your training and in your quest to finish your event. It could be coming from your workout/s on Strava, Dailymile, Training Peaks, or any pictures of you doing your homework for the event.
  7. Read Race Reports of Finishers——Most of the runners abroad have their own blog and most of them are elite runners but most of them are average ultra runners. They would share their experiences and lessons learned during their race. These blogs would provide all the detailed information about the Race. However, do not try to attain their finish time and their split times on the different Checkpoints along the route. What is important is that you can pick-up and learn some details about their attitude and sometimes, their strengths and weaknesses (mistakes) during the race.
  8. Try to Mimic or Train In A Place Similar to the Event’s Course——By studying the Elevation Profile of a certain race, you can easily determine or locate a place where you can do your training. As I said in my previous posts, you have to compute the elevation gain in every 10 kilometres of the race and then find a place where you can train with the same total of elevation gain. If it is not possible, do mountain “repeats” or multi-loop runs in a course where it is hilly or in a rugged terrain. Make sure also to be observant on your time as some of the checkpoints have a very tight cut-off times in some sections of the course.
  9. Do “Brainstorming” Sessions——In the military, we do “brainstorming” sessions during the planning stage of a military operation. We write down the possible scenario that will lead to a successful attainment of the mission/objective and in the same manner, write down the scenario that will lead to the failure of the mission. In running an ultra, you have to do this also. As of this time, you know already your strengths and weaknesses in running an ultra race. Write them down and review them as you recall them in your successes and failures in your past events. Write down also your “time-tested” remedies/solutions when you hit some “issues” along the run. From all these data, you can now write a chronological list of things to do and/or things that you experience in your body in every section of the course or in every certain period of time that you are running in an event. Hopefully, you will create a very long list and while you are reviewing them every day, you will be able to compress them and come up with an outline or a shorter version. Remember that the things on the list are the things that you are EXPECTED to do and the things that your body would react or expect to experience, considering the weather, your pace, and the terrain of the course during the race. If there is a need to have a back-up Plan, then do so! Read these plans as often as possible!
Hiking 04

Do Your Homework Diligently

Since this post is for one’s mental preparation and training before a running event, I leave it at that and more to come on how we can sustain a positive mental attitude during the race. If you have any suggestions, feel free to make a comment/suggestion on this blog.

Thank you!

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