Official Result: 1st EAST COAST 145-MILE Ultra Marathon Race

25 01 2016

First Edition (2015) EAST COAST 145-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

10:00 AM December 27, 2015 To 10:00 AM December 29, 2015

Start & Finish Areas: BALER Sign, Baler, Aurora

Race Course: Baler To Casiguran; Back To Baler.

Cut-Off Time In Casiguran, Aurora: 24 Hours

Cut-Off Time Back To Baler: 48 Hours

Number Of Starters: 7 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 6 Runners

Dipaculao, Aurora

Dipaculao, Aurora

Dinadiawan, Dinalungan, Aurora

Dinadiawan, Dinalungan, Aurora

RANK                            NAME                                            TIME (Hours)

  1. Lao Ogerio (Champion, Overall) ——————- 43:02:13
  2. Marlon Santos (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ——– 44:04:20
  3. Elmar Bob Tolete (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —-44:21:13
  4. Rod Losabia ———————————————- 46:31:50
  5. Tess Leono (Champion, Female) —————— 47:46:00
Lao Ogerio, Overall Champion

Lao Ogerio, Overall Champion

Tess Leono, Female Champion

Tess Leono, Female Champion

Congratulations To All The Finishers!



2 responses

25 01 2016

Wow fantastic! Is these running non stop or is there scheduled breaks?

1 02 2016

This is a single, non-stop running event.

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