Official Result: 1st Naic To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race

13 01 2014

5:00 AM January 12, 2014

Starting Area: Municipal Plaza, Naic, Cavite

Finish Area: Petron Gasoline Station, Nasugbu, Batangas

Cut-Off Time: 10 Hours

Number Of Starters: 34 Runners

Number of Finishers: 34 Runners

Jc Igos (Champion, Male) 5:31:11      
Ariel Briones (1st Runner Up, Male) 6:02:52      
Enrique Sundiang (2nd Runner Up, Male) 6:06:23      
Rico Laplana 6:07:21      
Epoy Poblete 6:17:41      
Jan Imperio 6:19:08      
Paolo Osmeña 6:22:11      
Kenneth De Villa Mañibo 6:45:36      
Moises Moreno 6:50:01      
Enstein B. Calaoa Jr. 6:57:08      
Chips Dayrit 7:08:14      
Darryl Panado 7:08:17      
Emerson Sto. Domingo 7:09:26      
Tess Leono (Champion, Female) 7:09:52      
Werner Cruz 7:12:26      
JJ San Pascual 7:18:36      
Jon Ogsimer 7:20:21      
Gia Estrella (1st Runner Up, Female) 7:21:01      
Jonel Mendoza 7:32:30      
Manny Ocampo 7:34:28      
Mel Severino 7:37:49      
Jerry Briones 7:39:07      
Edgar Borbon Vocal 7:46:34      
Christian Almendrala 7:46:35      
Carlo Contemplacion 7:49:18      
Zaldy Santillan 8:02:46      
Cholo Reynes 8:21:25      
Danny Añonuevo 8:21:34      
Mar Marilag 9:02:47      
Orlando Ylaya 9:23:17      
Nap Ocampo 9:27:24      
Kharl Ocampo 9:27:42      
Arianne Ortega (2nd Runner Up) 9:40:03      
Januarius Padilla 9:40:41      
Leading Runner JC Igos @ Kilometer #15

Leading Runner JC Igos @ Kilometer #15

Congratulations To All The Runners!




4 responses

14 01 2014

Sir Jovie, proud and thankful to be a part of this first ever series of N2N! Great race-splendid view, excellent training route and nice camaraderie. Congratulations Sir!

14 01 2014
tony jimenez

Congratulations to all the road warriors.

Tj Jimenez

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14 01 2014

Reblogged this on More than Just a FOREFOOT Runner and commented:
Reblogging the Result of the 1st Naic to Nasugbu 55 kms Ultramarathon.

I am one of the Finishers here.

8 05 2014

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