1st Week Of Training (January 6-12)

This is the details of my 1st week of training for the year 2014. It officially started with my “Evaluation Run” on an Oval Track. Mondays are supposed to be my rest/recovery days but I’ve decided to have such “evaluation run” which is the popularly known as Balke Test.

Monday: “Evaluation Run” (Oval Track)

Distance: 5.5 Kilometers or 3.44 Miles    Time: 30 Mins.   Average Pace: 5:27 mins/K

Tuesday: Road Run With Dirt Road

Distance: 10 Kilometers or 6.2 Miles        Time: 57:37 Mins.  Average Pace: 5:45 mins/K

Wednesday: Road Run With Dirt Road

Distance: 11.21 Kilometers or 7 Miles         Time: 1:07:18 Hrs      Average Pace: 6:00 mins/K

Thursday: Pastolan Trails

Distance: 11.9 Kilometers or 7 Miles  Time: 1:41:27 Hrs   Average Pace: 8:35 mins/K

Friday: Oval Track/Tempo Run

Distance: 10 Kilometers or 6.2 Miles  Time: 57:14 Mins   Average Pace: 5:43 mins/K

Saturday: Easy Long Run (Road Run With Dirt Road)

Distance: 16.13 Kilometers or 10 Miles   Time: 1:41:34 Hrs   Average Pace: 6:17 mins/K

Sunday: Easy Long Run (Road Run With Dirt Road)

Distance: 20.1 Kilometers or 12 Miles  Time: 2:17:06 Hrs  Average Pace: 6:39 mins/K

Total Distance: 84.84 Kilometers or 53 Miles

Total Time: 9:12 Hours (approximate)

In my browsing on the Internet, I was able to visit the blog of Sage Canaday, a former elite runner of the Brooks Hansons Distance Project. Sage Canaday was the youngest athlete at the 2008 US Olympic Marathon Trials. He has the fastest American time at the Mt. Washington Road Race and has a course record at the White River 50. In one year and half as an ultra runner, he won 50K, 50-Mile, and 100K ultra trail races.

The following video was taken from his blog and he is here to discuss the importance of marathon speed training in ultra trail races. Enjoy the video.

So, lace up, get out of the door and run!


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