Review: BDM 160 & 102 Ultras’ Rules & Regulations

Rule # 1: “Cheaters” Are Automatically Disqualified
As a Race Director & Runner-Competitor in the 1st BDM 102, I was a witness to cases of cheating acts of runners during the race. I know these runners but I have not exposed them in my report/blog but for the succeeding editions of this race, I will be more strict on this rule & regulation. Hence, this is the most important Rule of this Race.

If there is a single doubt or information that a runner had cheated during the race, the runner will be immediately disqualified and removed from the race. Henceforth, the runner will be permanently banned to join/participate in this race, even as a driver, support crew or volunteer.
Cheaters will be exposed in my blog @ Bald Runner and at the official website of Bataan 102.
Let us maintain the Integrity of this race.

Rule # 2: Every Runner Must Have A Support Vehicle
Every runner in the race must have his/her dedicated support vehicle. The support vehicle must be a Car, MiniVan, SUV, or pick-up Car. However, for those who do not have the resources to rent a vehicle or have their own, we will allow two runners up to three runners for a single support vehicle or Van.

One runner could not exceed one vehicle as his/her support vehicle.

Runner should submit to the Secretariat the Vehicle Brand, Model, Color, and Plate Number.

We will not allow two-tired vehicles, like motorcycles and bicycles as support vehicles.

The support vehicles MUST “leapfrog” the runner at all times. The driver of the support vehicle must see to it that the vehicle must “leapfrog” at least one kilometer or more in length ahead of the runner. Runners may not be “shadowed” (driving a vehicle at the runner’s speed) and vehicles must not “caravan” (drive together, like a train, at any speed). Driving may never be at the speed of the runner. Driving must be done at the speed of traffic, never slowing down to encourage, talk to, or lend assistance to any runner while moving. All assistance must be provided by pedestrian crew members; handing off supplies from the moving vehicle is never allowed.


All support vehicles must have their headlights ON whenever the engine is running and throughout the route during the race.

The Race Director will provide the appropriate signages for the support vehicle stating “CAUTION: RUNNERS ON ROAD/RACE IN PROGRESS”. Runner should also print his/her Race Bib Number in one of the corners of this tarp. This tarpaulin signage should never be removed from the vehicle at any time during the race.

Rule # 3: Runners Must Stay On Left Side Of The Road
Runners MUST run on the far left side of the road or off the left side of the road, facing the incoming traffic. If the road has a “shoulder”, the runner should be running on the left edge of the said road “shoulder”.

Running MUST always be on SINGLE FILE.

Runners must progress under their own power without drafting, helping, pushing, supporting, or any type of physical assistance.

Runners may not use walking sticks, ski poles, or the like. So-called “cooling vests” or other types of artificial/technological cooling system may not be worn or utilized by runners while making forward progress on the race course.

Runners may not carry an Umbrella or allowed to be shaded with a Cover by a Support Crew.

Rule # 4: Pacer Is Not Allowed During The Race
Every runner will NOT be allowed to have any Pacer during the Race. (For BDM 102)

If two competing runners would pace each other, the other runner is either on the front, back, or far left side of the runner.

Rule # 5: Runner MUST Submit Medical Certificate
All qualified runners must submit their Medical Certificate taken at least three (3) months before Race Day.


Rule # 6: Runners Shall Ask Permission To Display Corporate Sponsors
If a runner-participant is being sponsored by a corporate entity, no corporate logo or symbol shall be displayed on the runner’s support vehicle or apparel without the permission of the Race Director. A written request for permission is a must.

However, a runner-participant is allowed to display the name of his/her running club only, whether in his/her apparel and/or the designated support vehicle. A Runner-Participant is allowed to use his/her Running Club’s Uniform.

Support Crew is also not allowed to display corporate logo of his/her runner’s sponsor without the approval of the Race Director.

Display of Corporate Logo as Sponsors of Individual Runner without Permission from the Race Director will outrightly disqualify the runner.

Rule # 7: Only One Support Crew for Each Runner
Only one (1) support crew is allowed to be dedicated for every runner-participant in the race. The duty of the support crew is to hand in or give to the runner the necessary drinks, food, sponge, water, or any part of the runner’s apparel if in case he/she needs to change during the race.

The support crew will not pace with the runner. His duty is simply to give any item needed by the runner.

Support crew must take extra care and vigilance when crossing the road from the right side of the road where the support vehicle is parked to the left side of the road.

Support crew will also make sure that littering of waste along the route is not allowed.

Rule # 8: Cut-Off Time Is 18 Hours For BDM 102; 30 Hours For BDM 160
BDM 102 was initially planned to have a cut-off time of 15 hours. However, due to the hot weather and humidity in the country during the summer months, I gave an additional 3 hours so that more runners would be able to finish the race. On the other hand, BDM 160 has a cut-off time of 30 hours.

Anybody who is still on the road after the cut-off time will be considered as DNF (Did Not Finish). Runners who DNFed will be picked-up by our Official Vehicles or Ambulances along the route and they will be brought to the Finish Line.

Cut-Off Time @ BDM Kilometer Post #50: Nine (9) Hours (For BDM 102 & 160)

Cut-Off Time @ BDM Kilometer Post #102: Eighteen (18) Hours (For BDM 160)

Rule # 9: Race Bib Should Be Visible Always
The runner’s Race Bib/Race Number should be visible always during the race. The runner has the option to wear the Race Bib on the front portion of the body by pinning it on the race singlet or running shorts. It can be attached to a “fuel belt” provided it should not be covered by the runner’s shirt or singlet.

Rule # 10: Time Stations, Instead of Aid Station
At designated points, there will be TIME STATIONS along the race route. The said stations will be manned by Race Marshals who will take note of the runner’s arrival time at the said point.
The runner’s order of arrival in the said time station will also be recorded.

Non-appearance and/or no record on the time of arrival would mean disqualification from the race.

Rule # 11: Media Broadcast & Coverage
There will be no TV, film, or video crew, person, producer, director or other broadcast media representative may accompany or cover any runner-participant or the race itself without the specific written permission of the Race Organizer/Race Director.

Rule # 12: Leaving the Course Or Withdrawing
Every inch of the race course must be travelled (run & walk) by each runner-participant. In the event of a routing error, wrong turn, the runner may be driven back to the exact original spot where he/she left the course and continue running from that location. There will be no allowance made for lost time or kilometers run in the wrong direction.

If a runner-participant needs to leave the course, his/her crew must take note of the exact location where he/she left and make sure that the runner should resume the race from the said place or point. Runners may only leave the course for appropriate reasons such as rest or medical attention.

Runners are no longer allowed to leave the race course to eat in commercial establishments or fast food stores. If runners intend to eat the food from these fast food stores or commercial establishment, they have to instruct their crew to buy the item for them and have the food given along the race route.

If a runner withdraws or drops from the race, he/she or his/her crew must contact the Race Director or Race Marshals in the nearest Time Station immediately. The name of the runner, reason for withdrawal, time of withdrawal. and number of kilometers completed must be stated. Contact Number: 0918-965-9895. Violation of this Rule will be a ground for being banned in future BDM Races.

All runners and crew who drop are encouraged, and expected, to proceed to the finish line and join BDM post-race events (BDM Awarding Ceremony) to greet and celebrate with their fellow runners and crews.

Rule # 13: Medical Issues
All runners must be willing to submit to a drug urine test before, during, or after the race. If any banned substances are detected, the runner will be disqualified from the competition and listed as DISQUALIFIED FOR DOPING in the final standing of the race.

Crew members may not use illegal drugs, stimulants, or dope, as well as alcohol of any kind, during the race or at any official race events or activities.

I.V.s (intravenous fluids) are not permitted during the race. If a runner receives an I.V. during the race, for any reason, then that runner is disqualified and must withdraw from the race and the race course.

Rule #14: Runners shall wear appropriate attire for the event. “Half-Naked” running among the men will NOT be allowed.

Rule #15: iPods, MP3s, Cellphones playing music, and Headphones are strictly NOT allowed during the race.

Reflectorized Vest & Flashlight/Headlight (Mandatory)
Runners who will participate in the BDM Races are encouraged to wear a reflective vest or wear a running apparel with reflectorized markings or tapes during the early part of the race until sunrise or during nighttime.

Runners also encouraged to carry with them flashlight or wear headlight from the start up to sunrise.

For the BDM 102, the route on the first half will be dark as there are portions with no lights or lamp posts along the road.

Find time to “test” your “reflectorized” apparel/vest, flashlight, or headlight during your night runs.

Bring extra batteries for the flashlight/headlight during race day.

First Aid Kits:
Runners are advised to bring their own First Aid Kits just in case of any emergency during the race. First Aid Kits should include bandages, alcohol, cotton, betadine, neosporin ointment, petroleum jelly, immodium/diatab tablets, pain reliever, adhesive tape to secure dressings, scissors, and disposable towels. A safety pin could be the best runner’s tool in case of blisters.

*Note: BDM 160 runners must have their mandatory PACER from BDM Km Post #102 up to the FINISH LINE.

**Note: It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the RUNNER to inform his/her Support Crew & Driver on The Rules & Regulations of the Event. If a Driver or Support Crew violates any of the stated Rules & Regulations, the Runner will be automatically DISQUALIFIED.

***Note: Runners, Support Crew and/or Drivers are DEPUTIZED to report any infraction/violation of the Rules & Regulations during the race.

1st BDM 102 LOGO 1


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  1. hi BR great to see you still out there,I am coming to PI this summer it would be great to see you again and run with you,What evenings do you train at oval running track?
    you have transformed running in PI very inspiring
    kind regards
    dave Chislett


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