Rules & Regulations: 3rd Taklang Damulag 100-Mile & 50-Mile Endurance Run

Rules & Regulations: Taklang Damulag 100-Mile & 50-Mile Endurance Runs

1. The events are SOLO Races. These races will Start at the same time and place on or about 5:00 AM of Saturday December 14, 2013 at the vicinity of the Special Operations Command Headquarters, Philippine Army in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija).

2. The race course is through paved roads, dirt roads and single-track trails. In the 100-Mile course, approximately 110 kilometers are dirt roads and single track trail and almost 57 kilometers are paved/asphalted roads. In the 50-Mile course, almost 55 kilometers are dirt roads and single-track trails and 28 kilometers of paved/asphalted roads.

3. Runners in the 100-Mile Race has to finish Two Big Loops (One Loop is 83K) where each Loop has two Smaller Loops (12K-Loop around Mt Daklang Damulag) within it. Runner has to finish the course within the cut-off time of 32 hours.

4. Runners in the 50-Mile Race has to finish only One Big Loop (with two Smaller Loops around Mt Taklang Damulag). The cut-off time for the 50-Mile race is 16 hours.

5. Intermediate Cut-Off Times For 100-Mile Race:

50K @ Fernandez Hill—-8 Hours/1:00 PM Saturday, December 14, 2013

83K @ Starting Area/SOCOM Headquarters—-15:30 Hours/8:30 PM Saturday, December 14, 2013

133K @ Fernandez Hill—-25 Hours/6:00 AM Sunday, December 15, 2013

167K @ Finish Area/SOCOM Headquarters—-32 Hours/1:00 PM Sunday, December 15, 2013

6. Intermediate Cut-Off Times For 50-Mile Race:

50K @ Fernandez Hill—-8 Hours/1:00 PM Saturday, December 14, 2013

83K/Finish Area/SOCOM Headquarters—-16:00 Hours/9:00 PM Saturday, December 14, 2013

7. Each runner must have the following basic gadgets/mandatory equipment with them:

a. At least 32 ounces of hydration (equivalent to two (2) Simple Hydration Bottles) fluids with them at ALL TIMES.

b. Basic First Aid Kit

c. Cellphone

d. Headlight/Handheld Flashlight

e. Whistle and/or Reflectorized Vest are NOT mandatory. It is enough that runners have reflectorized strips on their hydration pack or apparel.

f. Runners may use trekking poles.

8. Race Bib should be displayed on the FRONT part of the runner. Runner must be able to memorize his/her Race Bib Number.

9. Always run on SINGLE FILE and stay on the farthest LEFT side of the paved roads.

10. Drop Bags are allowed on the following Aid Stations:

a. Sitio Baccao

b. Barangay Palale

c. Barangay Nazareth

d. Fernandez Hill

e. SOCOM Headquarters/Start/Finish

Drop Bags will be collected at 4:00 AM and transported to their respective destination before the Gun Start. Drop Bags should be properly tagged/labeled with the runner’s Last Name, Bib Number & Location of Aid Station.

11. Support Vehicle is NOT allowed to “follow”; to “track”; or “leap frog” their runner along the course. Support Vehicle can ONLY have access to their runner/s at the designated Aid Stations. Support Crew can ONLY offer support to their runner within the vicinity of the Aid Stations.

12. A Pacer is ONLY allowed after the runner has completed the FIRST HALF of the course (83K) in the 100-Mile Race. A runner is only allowed ONE PACER at a time along the course. There will be NO Pacer for the 50-Mile Race.

13. Pacers are NOT allowed to carry any hydration, food, or equipment for the runner. Pacers are there as safety runners for the competing participant.

14. There will be Marshals on key intersections along the route. These are soldiers of the Special Forces Regiment of the Philippine Army and some of them will be manning the Aid Stations in Sitio Baccao, Barangay Palale, and Barangay Nazareth. Runners should be ATTENTIVE on these key intersections/Aid Stations on their FIRST LOOP as it is still DAYTIME. There is a possibility that some of these marshals could be sleeping/lying on the ground during nighttime in some of the key intersections in the Taklang Damulag Loop. Try to memorize these intersections!

15. Aside from the visible Marshals stationed on key intersections, there are also “invisible” (or hidden) marshals along the trails/dirt roads to monitor the runners passing along the route. They have a way to identify each runner passing on their respective station. These marshals are there to provide security to the runners.

16. In case of emergency, runner should contact Cellphone # 0918-965-9895 and/or # 0915-753-3834. Runner should state his/her name, location and the nature of emergency.

17. On the accommodation of runners, ONLY registered runners are FREE of charge. 100-Mile Runners are allowed two nights accommodation and the 50-Mile Runners are allowed one night only. Runners have the PRIORITY to be accommodated at the Special Forces Transient Facility and SF Alumni Center, near the SOCOM Headquarters. Three (3) Rooms (good for 4-6 people) had been reserved to be used for other runners and support crew at the 7th Division Army Transient Facility (near the Starting Area of the Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 60K Ultra Run).

18. NO Bandits are allowed.

19. Runner must be able to provide the Name of their respective Pacer to the Secretariat before the Start of the Race.

20. It is the sole responsibility of the runner to have a thorough knowledge of the course. The course is MORE THAN 100 Miles or 161 Kilometers! This is NOT a valid reason for you to take a SHORTCUT or DETOUR along the course. Fort Magsaysay’s weather is always HOT during daytime. If you have complaints, please feel free to give directly to us your feedback immediately.

21. Maintain the Integrity of the Race.

"Pioneers" Of TD 100
“Pioneers” Of TD 100

Good Luck & Have Fun!

Administrative Announcement: There will be a Race Briefing & Dinner/CLP for the Registered Runners of the TD 100-Mile and TD 50-Mile Races at the SOCOM Headquarters, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City o/a 6:00 PM of Friday December 13, 2013. Runners will be processed by submitting to the Secretariat/BR’s Staff their individual BPI Deposit Slips (For the Registration & Donation For the Typhoon Yolanda Victims).


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