Volunteers @ The 2nd BDM 160

I am back! Thank you for those congratulatory wishes and positive messages on the conduct of the 2nd BDM 160 Ultra Marathon Race. Now, I can assuringly say that, “Nothing Beats The BDM 160 Ultra Marathon Race” as the longest single-stage running event in the country and Southeast Asia. Definitely, it’s “More Fun Running An Ultra Marathon Race in the Philippines!” (Note: Philippine Sports Commission & Department of Tourism, are you reading my blog?)

Some Finishers of the 1st BDM 160 asked me if they can volunteer as Time Station/Route Marshals for the 2nd edition of the said race. I was happy with the said gesture as finally, finishers in our ultra events are sharing their time as volunteers.

Chito Carreon and Mel Severino, finishers of the 1st BDM 160, “volunteered”  as Time Station/Route Marshals. Rene Villarta aka Jazz Runner, a runner-blogger also “volunteered” for the race in the company of Chito Carreon. George Dolores, another Finisher in the 1st BDM 160 also offered his services and time as a volunteer and he made sure that every runner was informed that they have another 10K to finish as they reach the Gate of the Capas National Shrine. He also assisted me in the Awarding of the Finishers’ Belt Buckle and other Swags at the Finish Line. John “Jepoy” Avellanosa, a BDM 102 Finisher, “volunteered” also as the Official Photographer of the Event. These guys did an excellent job during the race. Thank you very much!

I hope the Finishers of the BDM 160 will share their time as volunteers in the future BDM Races. We need more involvement of the past Finishers as volunteers in future BDM Races as well as in other ultra running events

Days after the conduct of the 2nd BDM 160, I’ve been receiving a lot of feedbacks and suggestions in order to help the participants in their needs during the race. One item that had been brought to my attention was a request for runner-participants to be allowed to run without any support vehicle and support crew. My staff and I tried our best to provide an Aid Station every 20 kilometers during the 1st edition of BDM 102 in 2009 but to our dismay, almost all the runners brought with them their support vehicle and crew with their respective nutritional & hydration needs. Our food and hydration preparations were snubbed and it was a waste as most of the food were not consumed. With this experience, we removed the Aid Stations and we left to the runners to provide their own. However, it is a “must” for them to have a support vehicle and crew if they decide/apply to join the BDM 102 then.

Now, there are some runners who would like to try to run the futre BDM 102 and 160 without support vehicle and support crew. And for the past days, I have been thinking about this proposal and trying to find out the best course of action to answer this concern.

As of present, I can count at least fourteen (14) Running Teams/Groups who are actively fielding or supporting their runner-members to ultrarunning events and to the BDM Races. These are the teams worth mentioning: (1) Team BORING; (2) Team CB; (3) Team UNGAS; (4) Team KAMOTE; (5) Team INTENSITY; (6) Team CLARK; (7) FAIRVIEW Running Club; (8) HINGS; (9) Team Frontrunner Magazine; (10) Team KB; (11) Team USB; (12) Team SMS; (13) HOB; and (14) Team AFP/PNP.

If only each of these running teams would volunteer as Aid Station in the BDM Races where they could serve foods; drinks; water; and others FOR SALE to each of the runner during the race, maybe, I would be convinced to make the BDM Races and the other ultrarunning events without any support vehicle and support crew for the runner-participants. This would be a nice way where the running groups themselves would volunteer not only for their respective team member but also to the whole runner-participants of the BDM Races. It’s up to the decision of the Running Group to serve meals/foods and drinks FOR SALE or FREE for the runners. Their mere presence as Aid Stations is already a big help to those runners who would like to finish the BDM Races without any support vehicle and support crew.

Let me know your thoughts about this proposal. You can also make a comment if you have any suggestions on how we would be able to help runners (without support vehicle) join and finish the BDM Races and other ultrarunning events. Thank you.

See you at the Starting Line!


7 thoughts on “Volunteers @ The 2nd BDM 160

  1. Crew and logistics are two of the top expenses for BDM participants aside from the reg. fees, airfare and billeting. Volunteer aid stations have been the norm in ultra races in Cebu even for the 104K last November. Jonel, Jael Wenceslao and Irene Ong among others, can attest that this system works. Pero kailangan magkaisa mga running teams and be willing to adopt one aid station or two kasi they’re the ones who will provide the supplies and advance the expense. It’s a bit of an imposition talaga and sacrifice for them so they must be very willing. =)


  2. Sir Jovie, whenever we (Team USB) is present on your events, we make sure that all the runners passing by our support vehicle gets supported even if we don’t know them. We have been doing this since we joined our first ultra with you PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K. I hope everyone could offer the same to our co ultra runners 🙂 Btw, we are also taking pictures to keep the runner’s spirit high! 😀 So every time you see our banner / support vehicle don’t forget to smile! 😉


  3. Team Powerfpuff Boys was well presented also!…anyway, Michelle Estaur tried the concept of teams volunteering for her FUNDraiasing run last November at the Ultra area covering 5 and 10km races. Each of the volunteer teams came with their own supplies for teh runners and some were even more creative by giving more than just water. It was a total success and I believe it can work with Ultras also with just a few modifications, like providing food and nutri bars, etc. The cost could be shared in many ways.


  4. Thank you sir BR for mentioning Team Kamote. We usually volunteer in races in various capacities and definitely we would love to extend the same in the ultra scene.

    As Maam Haide mentioned, I too have been a witness to how volunteerism is alive and kicking in Cebu. Usually, it’s led by the UNGO Runners, TLRC, CUC, etc. It seems that the teams there are more united.

    We’ll be discussing your post but definitely we’re ready and willing to give back.


  5. kamoterunner

    we are open to the suggestion of setting up an aid station per team that is open to all runners in your future BDM races.

    our mobile support during ultra races has always welcomed every runner passing through.

    organizing the setup should prove beneficial to all participants.

    team kamote was borne out of volunteers. let us know how we can help.

    thanks! ;-P


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