“Survivor” @ TD100 Endurance Run

There is ONLY ONE Finisher within the cut-off time of 32 hours in the “Taklang Damulag” 100-Mile Endurance Trail Run.

Dick Balaba’s Official Finish Time in the Inaugural TD100 Trail Endurance Run is 31:11:26 Hours. So far, a “Course Record” to be broken by future endurance runners! Congratulations to all the runners, “volunteers”, BR Events Staff, 7th Infantry Division, SOCOM, Special Forces Regiment of the Philippine Army and ultra friends who supported the conduct of this historic event in the country. It is official that TD 100 is the FIRST AND ONLY 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run in Southeast Asia!!!

Dick Balaba, Champion and the ONLY Official Finisher of the 1st TD100

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