Finish Time Formula For 100K Run

Last April of this year, I was able to read an article in one of the ultrarunning resources in the Internet. I am sorry for not being able to write the particular source of this item.

This is the formula for one’s expected Finish Time in a 100-K road or trail race. I am not sure of the accuracy of this formula but I’ve tried to use this formula after I’ve finished the 1st edition of the Bataan Death March 102 Ultramarathon Race and it seemed to be accurate.

As a reference, there is no harm if you can use this formula in your training/preparation for the BDM 102 or in any running event that covers the said distance. Try it.

100-Km Race Time Finish (in Minutes) = 1,085.6 – 36.26 X (training speed in km/hour) – 1.43 X (weeekly training volume in km/week) + 2.50 X (age in years)

To give an example of this formula, let us assume some data. If your training speed is 6 kilometers per hour, multiply it by 36.26 and the result is 217.56. If your weekly training volume is 70 kilometers per week, multiply it by 1.43 and the result is 100.1. If your age is 60 years old, multiply it by 2.50 and the result is 150. You subtract 217.56 & 100.1 from 1,085.6 and from the result, you have to add 150. The result is 917.94 in minutes. Round it off to 918 and divide it by 60 and the result is 15.3 hours which is translated to 15 hours & 18 minutes.

I hope this simple formula will guide you in your training for your future races in the 100K and beyond distances.

Good luck!

The Running Sartorialist

This is not a joke but it is nice to start something new. Starting on my fifth year, I will be featuring pictures of me in my running attire and who knows other runners will be featured in this blog in their favorite “running kits”, too!

Very Loose and Relaxed Attire Good For 5K

Running Cap by ASICS

Sunglass by Oakley (Asian Fit)

White T-shirt From A Runner’s Circle (Los Angeles)

ADIDAS Soccer Shorts (without panty-liner, no pockets and very light!)

Running Socks by Drymax

Shoes: ASICS Gel-LyteRacer (Japan)

Watches: TIMEX With HR Monitor & Garmin Forerunner 305

You have to excuse me for being an amateur in my picture as this was taken from the self-timer of my old Canon IXUS Digital Camera with the backyard of our house in Los Angeles. I hope things will improve on the quality of the pictures to be published in the future posts.

Yes, this is a copycat of the popular “The Sartorialist” which is now considered as a multi-million dollar worth fashion blog in the Internet. I am not saying that this blog will be after the concept of showing pictures of runners with the ultimate purpose of raising some money. But who knows? This could be another option where one can raise funds to support our elite runners for international exposure. There is only one way to find out but to start and take the first step, so to speak!

Next time, the published pictures will just be pictures without any description. And there will be NO make-up or “photoshop” refinement of each picture. The more you are messed up with your sweat, the better!

If you can not make it with speed, finish your race and flaunt your nice running apparel!

Who will be the next model? You can  make a comment in this post if you are interested.

Good luck to those who will be joining the 2012 New York City Marathon this Sunday! Run Happy!

Going On My Fifth (5th) Year

I started this blog on October 25, 2007 by publishing four (4) posts in one day! These were stories I could think of while I was a Commander in one of the Philippine Army Divisions in the Western Visayas and had initially inspired me to resume my running on a regular basis.

It was a time when there was a running event within one or two month’s time in the whole country!

It was the time when The Bull Runner was the only local regular running blog in the country. And she was ahead by 5 months! Why not a blog coming from an old, average and competitive male runner who could hardly remember his past marathon race accomplishments? Slowly but surely, Bald Runner started to be known.

And everything now is history.

Bald Runner

So, what will you expect in the years to come?

This blog will remain to be simple as it started in the beginning. Everything is purely on running. It will continuously inspire others to start to engage themselves in any kind of endurance or physical activity that will improve their health and well-being. It will promote adhering to healthy lifestyle for everybody. It would never dare to touch on political, social, and economic matters as this is the expertise of others out there who have job descriptions to implement as part of the mission of their respective organization.

Sharing one’s running workouts and training. In my early years of blogging and up to this time, I’ve shared to my readers my training and other information I’ve discovered from other sources. I’ve experimented on them and made my own conclusion on each of these, from training, form, nutrition, hydration and apparel. Since I have the time to browse on the Internet, I might as well share my “discoveries” to everybody. However, in the end, Dr. George Sheehan’s words that “running is an experiment of one” still holds true!

My personal opinion on observations on running will always be part of this blog but I will limit them to road and trail races that I participate. This will serve as my personal reference if ever I would join again in their future editions.

Reviews on running apparel and shoes will always be a part of this blog and I had been lagging behind on this aspect. In a sense, I believe that there is truth on what they say as “Sports Fashion” in Running. If you can’t make it in speed, do it in your fashion statement!

More ultra marathon and adventure runs. Yes, there will be more to come to challenge myself and for everybody, whether in roads and trails. Sufferings and pains are the things that ultra runners would love to experience and keep them from looking for more. Just ask your average ultra runner how it feels to finish one, he or she will tell you that will be their last one but after a week, he/she will be looking for the schedule of the next ultra event. Amazing people! Not only that, it is becoming apparent that joining an ultra will be cheaper than joining a marathon race!

Transparency? It is a standard practice for a runner-blogger to post a picture (in action) in his story if he/she relates his/her story and experience in finishing a race. It is a must! So that you are sending the message that you are a credible runner. Nothing more, nothing less. I really don’t mind the finish time, just show us that you are running.

Lately, there had been media releases about runners who are doing adventure runs throughout the country (Philippines) and other parts of the world and they are very commendable in terms of their respective advocacy they are promoting. Very nice indeed but I need to see their daily stories and I could not wait for their books or journals to be published months or years after they finished their respective feats. Is it hard for them to blog their daily runs? It still boggles my mind as these runners are good writers and professionals, too! In short, if I can do it in my local adventure runs, they can do it, too!

Keep on sending elite athletes to international ultra races in the years to come will be one of the major tasks and primary advocacy of this blog. Surprisingly, I have received only two of my readers in this blog who e-mailed me to support such endeavor. And in my Facebook status about my post on “Good Samaritan”, my ultra friends who are based abroad were the ones who responded to my call. Thanks for your support. I know that majority of those who kept their silence on my post will be willing to give their share once I will send them my “letter of request” and I might as well thank them for their support in advance.

Simplicity, Transparency, Sharing, Persistence, Credibility, Compassion, and Challenge are the words to live by in this blog.

Thanks for your visits and comments!