I’ve read somewhere in history books that the Spaniards that discovered the Philippines were able to describe in their accounts that the warrior-natives in those islands where they first landed were full of “black paint patterns” on their skin. This could be the first discovery of tattoos being adorned to the bodies of human and I believe that long before our country was discovered, our forefathers were already experts on this body art. If fully researched, Philippines could be the birthplace of the art of tattoo!

Fast forward. I was amazed seeing my BDM “veterans” and PAU runners (you know who you are!) to be sporting colorful tattoos on their bodies and I immediately liked the idea of having one and be able to experience what is like to be “body painted” with a needle.

It took me months to think on the “concept” of what to choose that would describe me as a person. I thought that there must a “story” that signifies whatever thing that I would like to be “inked” on my body. A simple one that describes everything about me!

A “Silver Two-Star” Rank Insignia of a Major General in the Army would be the best choice that signifies a lot of stories, memories, challenges and other facets in my life in the military service. I have yet to start writing my book about my life in the military.

Major General Rank Insignia

Aside from the significance of my last rank insignia before I retired from the military, the two stars on each on my shoulder will always remind me to start writing my book!

The implimentation of the plan started during my stay in Los Angeles and there was this famous Tattoo Shop near the neighborhood but it did not materialize.

El Clasico @ Echo Park, Los Angeles

After a month of stay back in the country, I finally decided to look for the shop of a tattoo artist at Tiendesitas which was highly recommended by one of my ultra runner friends. And last Sunday evening, I was “inked” for almost one hour!

"Silver Two-Star" Tattoo!!!

Now, I have all the reasons to wear my “muscle shirts” and singlets during my running workouts and races!

"Where are my "muscle shirts"???

And here is the “best tattoo artist” whom I highly recommend! You can get in touch with him here and here.

BR with Franklin Ibanez, Jr of Immortal Tattoo Shop

Getting a tattoo at the age of 59? It’s fun and a lifetime experience! Thanks to the people who pushed and influenced me to do this and to Frank Ibanez, Jr, the artist.

I am already thinking on my next “concept”!!!


5 thoughts on “Inked!

  1. juliuscervantes

    Very nice, sir. Gene Testa (Galleria) did all of mine, but I will check Franklin out. Maybe I can pay him a visit after January 24, 2012. See you in Pangasinan, sir.


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