Sixty-Peso Meal

Nobody could beat this meal in terms of its price and substance. I discovered this meal while following the “Two-Week Test” by Dr Phil Maffetone somewhere in Metro Manila. Of course, I did not eat the rice and gave it to my staff. The meal consists of fish fillet with salted soy beans and egg omelette. My drinks was plain water.

This was my lunch! If converted to US Dollars, it is worth $ 1.40!

Sixty-Peso Meal ($ 1.40 Meal)

2 thoughts on “Sixty-Peso Meal

  1. I remember when it was only a little over $1!!! I can’t wait to eat some of my usual favorites when I am back in Sept/October. I will eat the rice though but this is why Rick Gaston is not as slim and trim like the Bald Runner.


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