BR’s “3,000-Km Club”

I have to break the monotony of the “West To East” Adventure Run by publishing this post.

It is time to check and update your running mileage!

I thought of this idea on the first week of February of this year. And I ordered at least 3 samples of purple-colored T-shirts and have them printed as shown on the picture below.  

It's Time To Get To The Next Level!!!

My elite athletes and staff like what came out of the said idea. And I like it, too!

For you to have a piece of this, the mechanics still the same with that of the 1,000-Km Club where you could count the number of kilometers you have logged in your training and in your road & trail races, whether you are a runner, duathlete, triathlete, or a walker! Finish and be able to log 3,000 kilometers and the t-shirt is yours!

There is a catch though, each T-shirt will cost you P 250.00 each where a portion of it will go to the training fund of the Elite Team Bald Runner. Every T-Shirt being awarded will be a great help for us to raise funds in order to send at least two (2) of our Elite BR members to compete in the 2012 IAU Asian 100K Ultra Marathon Championship Race in Jeju Island, South Korea. Thanks for your support!


16 thoughts on “BR’s “3,000-Km Club”

  1. sfrunner

    Hi Sir Jovie. I’m not on dailymile any more but I update my yearly and lifetime mileage each week on my blog at I definitely love the idea of this. I’ve actually hit the 3000km mark in nine of the last ten years and am on my way of doing it this year again.

    Please take care and will see you guys in January 2012!



  2. sir jovie, i realized i don’t have your 1,000km shirt yet. i would love to have one also and I don’t mind donating another P250 for and XS size 1,000km shirt. hope it’s okay (if you still have some stocks).

    thank you and more power! God bless you sir!


    1. kingofpots

      sir amado, i’ve been busy lately and i am again here in legazpi city! of course, you must have those BR’s t-shirts in your collection! thanks!


  3. juliuscervantes

    Sir, if the shirts are available already, please reserve one for me, Size L. I can get it in Legazpi during the Mayon 360 CLP on Friday. See you in a couple of days, BR!


  4. Do I need to finish a race (5k; 1/2 or full-marathon) to qualify for the 1,000 or 3,000 km award ? I am tracking my mileage through my nike+ sensor and Ipod. currently I am at 360 km (on asics enduro 5). I am on injury list after a patient tried to break my left leg. hopefully I can be back on my trail next week with a new asics 2160. I am still hoping to run or participate on the New Mexico’s Bataan death march marathon then the real one you organize.


  5. Hi Sir Jovie – I’m on the verge of hitting the 1000KM mark via my Nike+ app (I’m on 999.4KM now 🙂 ) — already rewarded myself with a Nike Excellerate2 and it would be nice if I can have your 1000KM shirt. I am actually posting on a old thread (cant seem to find the latest for this) — and am willing to donate so I can have something that can remind me of the 1000KM that I have run/walked ha ha ha (can I have the bank details please)

    I started to run 2011 – when I was diagnosed to have an irregular heart beart – and keeping myself active takes away that thought 🙂

    Here’s my Nike+ log

    Thanks and more power 🙂


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