“West To East”: Evidence

On of my readers asked me if I am using a Sunscreen Lotion during my run. Unfortunately, I did not bring my 10.8 Fluid Ounce plastic bottle of Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 Plus Sunscreen Lotion. I had some bad experiences when I use such lotion. At one time during my practice runs, the sunscreen lotion I applied on my head, forehead and face got mixed with my sweat and some got into my eyes. You could just imagine the pain that it brought to my eyes that I was temporarily blind during the run. I had to look for water and soap to rinse my face and head in order to remove the sunscreen lotion and then washed my eyes with clean water. Another experience happened again when I was playing golf. A mixture of perspiration and sunscreen lotion got into my eyes after driving  the golf ball from the tee mound. From there, I was distracted from my game and end up going home.
"Stripes" of a Long Distance Runner

The “stripes” I got from the heat of the sun will be finally gone in a few days with the help of lotion and the powers of Papaya Soap!

I really do not know the effects of the sunlight on my skin as I grow older and as I continue running under the heat of the sun. I would end up like the skin of my friend Wayne Plymale or Jeff Galloway but it would be a honor to have a skin like them. One of these days, I will try to see Mang Victor Ting’s skin to find out what is in store for my skin in the future.

The burned skin on my legs due to the heat of the sun are already peeling off and I have some patches of white dead skin combined with my actual dark brown colored skin. I hope these burned skin will peel off soon faster!

Left Lower Quads Have Swollen After The 4th Day

My swollen left lower quads had gone back to its normal state/size and condition. After 6 days of rest and recovery, the swelling and pain are gone! I had to apply daily dose of Ice Bag Treatment (20-30 minutes), elevation with my legs when I sleep, one Alaxan FR every day, complete diet and constant hydration, and lots of Salonpas Patches before going to bed!  No massage and stretching had been done yet to my leg muscles. (The picture above was taken on the night after I completed my adventure run!)

I am still on a rest and recovery mode but many things are already playing in my mind about ultra running (and marathon races) here and abroad. See you on the roads and trails soon!

For those who have recovered already from the BDM Races, I hope to see you at the 1st Mt Mayon 360 Degrees 50-Mile Endurance Run. This is the first PAU-sanctioned road race for the year. If you want to earn your points for the most coveted “PAU Runner of the Year” (PROY) Award, you have to join this run! See you in Legazpi City this coming weekend!


9 thoughts on ““West To East”: Evidence

  1. Joe Saley

    BR,regarding the use of sunscreen lotions, there is a warning on the product to keep it out of the eyes but I guess if one perspires a lot there is a chance that it drips with the perspiration down into the eyes. This is especially true with you since I am sure you did apply the lotion on your head and I assume you perspire a lot due to the hot weather there. It is recommended to use SPF 30 or higher but I use the Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF 15(since 1994) and never had any problems with it getting to my eyes as I use it sparingly above the eyes area. Yours must be potent since it is with a SPF 50. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience, BR and I do sympathize with you. If it is any consolation, they say that people with color(like us brown skinned) have a better chance of warding off the UVA & UVB rays of the sun. Using protective clothing also helps and limiting sun exposure(when possible) also reduces the risks of skin aging, sunburn, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun. BR, you sure did get burned that was why I asked if you were using sunscreen lotion. Any way, fear not, in due time, you will be just fine. Take care and my best regards.


  2. sir jovie, signs of ultra-runners? different shades on some body parts 🙂 i enjoy and am inspired and challenged reading your blogs. thank you for the exampe you are setting . . .


    1. kingofpots

      hahaha…stripes are the badge of honor for being one of those “crazy” and hardcore runners out there! i am just enjoying being a retiree!


  3. congratulations General for finishing the West to East adventure run in spite of the quads inflammation. You must be the first one to have done this route. I hope you will be able to realize your other running dreams.


    1. kingofpots

      thanks, father picx. i guess, i was the first one to do this thing along this route. you are right, runners like us keep us thinking what is the next adventure run would be. this is the best that a retiree can do in order to enjoy life and commune with the Lord.


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