2nd IAU 100K Asian Championship

 The following are the results of the newly-concluded 2nd IAU 100K Asian Championship Ultra Marathon Race held in Jeju Island, South Korea last March 26-27, 2011:

Overall & Men’s Category:
1 Hara Yoshikazu Japan 6:52:07
2 Chou Pin-chi Taiwan 8:01:52
3 Kim Daesoo S Korea 9:06:40
4 Jeong Chanjin S Korea 9:14:40
5 Wu Ching-chang Taiwan 11:38:05


Overall Champion Hara Yoshikazu of Japan

Ladies Category:

1 Fujisawa Mai Japan 8:28:10
2 Jong Heekyoung S Korea 9:22:15
3 Park Narae S Korea 9:40:35
4 Jung Yeonsook S Korea 11:18:01
Women's Champion Fujisawa Mai of Japan Approaching The Finish Line
2010 & 2011 Women's Champion For the IAU 100K Asian Championship

Source: Information sent by BJ Park of Korea Ultra Marathon Federation (KUMF); Photos taken from http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/ultrarunman)


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