“West To East”: 1st Day Pictures

(Note: At last, I am in a place with a Wi-Fi Connection!)

Crossroad Going To Anda, Pangasinan
Brief Chat With The Tricycle Drivers @ Crossing Going To Anda
Trying To Reach My Support Vehicle On The Right Side of the Road
Bringing The Carabao To Pasture @ Bolinao-Anda Boundary
Nice Future "PAU Trophy" Design @ The Background
Cheap Fresh Fruits Along The Road
One of Those Downhill Roads Where I Met A Pro Cyclist
Finally, Infront of the Bani Municipal Hall
My Upperclassman @ The Academy & Municipal Mayor of Bani (He was out of the office!)

To be continued…


4 thoughts on ““West To East”: 1st Day Pictures

  1. We really have to lead by examples. Stay safe and enjoy the run, food, people and beach 🙂 You should feel at home knowing the dialect of the locals.

    By the way, who cleans your smelly and sweaty running clothes? Hehe. Cheers!


    1. kingofpots

      you are right. knowing the dialect is a big plus here. as for washing my running apparel, i don’t need to wash them as i brought a bagful of running apparel which is good for one week…hehehe!


  2. nvllanora1975

    nice photos, sir. the background looks really rural but it seems the roads are nice and smooth. the previous post about conversation with Mang Ador is also very entertaining!
    i hope and pray you’ll have an injury-free adventure.
    the roads by Nueva Ecija boundary towards Baler should be the most challenging 🙂


  3. kingofpots

    the roads in western pangasinan are nice and well-maintained. there is not much traffic here and the scenery is nice aside from the fact that the air here is pollution-free. we’ll see what will be my route from nueva ecija to aurora but i will not be going to baler. going to baler will be another adventure.


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