“West To East”: 1st Day (Conclusion)

1st Day: March 15, 2011 (Bolinao Beach to Barangay Seselangen, Sual, Pangasinan)

I had my lunch, rest and sleep at the Caltex Station in Barangay Banog Norte, Bani, Pangasinan. I found out later from the owner that the place is called Prima Vista. The place has a restaurant, nice garden, Nipa Huts, clean Rest Rooms, and Gasoline Station. I had a brief conversation with husband-wife owner of the place. And they are nice and hospitable and they are both graduates from the Colleges in Baguio City. I told them that I am also a graduate from Baguio City and had been assigned in the area in the late 70s and early 80s, and then later as part of my Area of Operations in the 2003-2004 when I was a Brigade Commander. Now that I am retired, I am revisiting the area by running from Bolinao up to Mangatarem, Pangasinan. They wished me good luck. These guys are great, too!

Sinigang na Malaga & Mountain Dew (The "Nectar" of Ultrarunners)

At 2:45 PM of Tuesday, I left Prima Vista to resume my run towards Alaminos, Pangasinan which is 10 kilometers away. Those 10

Leaving The Boundary of Bani, Pangasinan

kilometers were hard on my left knee because the pain was still there but I maintained my Galloway ratio of 20:5 on the level/flat parts of the road but had to disrupt the ratio whenever the road goes uphill. I had to force myself to brisk walk on uphill portions of the road whether it is runable, steep, or medium-steep grade.

Uphill Terrain Going To Poblacion Alaminos

In one of my walking breaks as I was about 2 kilometers to Alaminos, I saw a lady wearing a t-shirt with the print—“Vote Maki Pulido!” I approached the lady who was watering a garden in front of their house and asked what elective position did Maki Pulido had ran during the elections. Unfortunately, the lady did not know Maki Pulido! After 200 meters, I met an old lady carrying a 2-3 year old kid and tried to ask the same question. Yes, I got the answers I needed. The lad said that Maki Pulido ran for Councilor of Alaminos, Pangasinan but she lost! If you don’t know Maki Pulido, you are not watching GMA TV7 News! There is no need for much explanation as this is not a post on politics but I am glad she did not win! No wonder I could not see her anymore with GMA TV7 News! (Note: After a brief research, Maki Pulido ran for a seat in the House of Representatives as Congresswoman but she lost. She is now back as a journalist of the GMA TV7’s Reporter’s Notebook.)

I Need To Rest...@ The Poblacion of Alaminos
Do your Mathematics!

After 1 ½ hours, I was able to reach the Poblacion of Alaminos and there was traffic on the main thoroughfare, Quezon Street, with vehicles as well as pedestrians who are students coming from the different schools at the center of the town. Those high school girls were giggling whenever they see me approaching them and I was surprised to know what could be the reason why they are laughing at me. Some bystanders would ask me where is my bicycle is and why I am not riding on it. Hmmm. I concluded that most of the people in Pangasinan identify a cyclist if he is using a compression/biking shorts! And those girls were giggling because they might think that I lost my bicycle and I caught them looking on my crotch area! Well, it could be the latter observation why these young girls were laughing at me.

I walked the stretch of 2 kilometers which is the whole stretch of Alaminos’ business area along Quezon Street. I tried to run and jog while there was still pain on my left knee but he pain was still tolerable. At this point, I was able to cover a distance of 50 kilometers but the surrounding was still bright and I wanted to be on the road until it was totally dark. My final goal was to reach the Poblacion of Sual which was 16 kilometers away! I made my rough calculation and it would not be possible to be running in the dark as I approached the zigzag road before Sual’s Poblacion. I tried my best to run, shuffle and walk until I could feel exhaustion on my body and tried to observe the pain on my left knee.

@The Boundary of Sual & Alaminos...I Remember My Friends In Legazpi City
Trying To Relax & Hiding My Exhaustion

Before sunset sets in, I decided to end my run for the day at Km Post #327, 11 kilometers away from Poblacion of Sual. My left knee needed some rest and we still need to look for a place where we could sleep. With the recommendation of the owners of Prima Vista, Covelandia Beach Resort was the place to look for a rest overnight!

Last Km Post For The Day @ Brgy SESELANGEN, Sual, Pangasinan

I was able to cover a distance of 55 kilometers with almost 9 hours of actual time with my feet on the ground. It was a nice run as a part of my training for endurance and heat training. My left knee was able to hold on due to my regular intake of Tylenol Tablet 500-mg every 3-4 hours. (Note: I took only 3 tablets for the whole day!) My water hydration every 2 kilometers; Gatorade Drinks every 1 ½ hours; and constant intake of solid foods were perfect for my nutrition and “feeding” of my body. I made sure also to urinate at least once every hour during the run. My salt intake for the 1st day came from the Pork Adobo and Sinaing Na Tulingan (cooked with salt, pork fat and dried kamias fruits) I ate for dinner at the COCOS Beach Resort. These foods were part of our “baon” for the running adventure.

After dinner at the Covelandia Beach Resort and a massage from my support crew, Marlon, I was already sleeping soundly at 9:45 PM.

The following are some of data during the 1st day of the run:

Weather: Cold in the morning with breeze; Sunny & Hot at mid-day and getting cold in the late afternoon. Low at 26 degrees Celcius to High at 36 degrees Celcius.

Average Pace: 6 kilometers per hour (kph)

Shoes: ASICS Gel-Kanbarra  4

Socks: Black Puma Sports Socks (Applied ASICS “Chafe Free” Creme Courtesy of A Runner’s Circle (ARC) Store

Apparel: Under Armour Compression Shirt; New Balance Compression Shorts; Fort Ilocandia Golf Course Cotton Golf Cap; Ray-Ban Sunglass; Nathan Hydration Belt with Salt Water from Bolinao Beach & Bandana


                Beach Resort Accommodation—-P 1,850.00

                Gasoline (From Manila)————      2,000.00

                Lunch w/ Drinks @ Prima Vista——–800.00

                Gasoline (From Bolinao-Sual)—–     1,300.00

                Ice—————————————-     100.00

                Total————————————- P 6,050.00

Another post will be published about the place called, “Covelandia Beach Resort”

To be continued.


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