Final Briefing For BDM 102 & 160

 To those who will be participating in the BDM 160 and 102, please check this out. This will serve as your last briefing before the start of the race. We will have a simple ceremony at the Starting Area without any “frills and distractions”. The earlier we start the race, the better for everybody!


Good luck to everybody!


One thought on “Final Briefing For BDM 102 & 160

  1. nvllanora1975

    BDM 160 is already in-progress at this time that I’m doing this comment. Hoping all 160 warriors will have a safe race.
    To 102 participants for next week, I am calling that all of us will be there by the 9pm assembly. While the actual race is scheduled to start at 11pm, BR already announced, during the CLP and orientation last February 22 that we can actually start as early as 10pm. It will be for the best interest of all participants to start earlier.
    Goodluck to all!


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