Weekly Summary (Feb 14-20, 2011)

February 14, 2011: REST DAY. No runs. Did a brief & light strengthening exercises and leg stretching.


February 15, 2011 (AM): Philippine Army Grandstand 1-Km Loop & PRT Room, PA Gymnasium

Time of Start: 8:00 AM

Weather: Sunny but Slightly Cold

Distance: 6 loops + 200 meters = 6.2 kilometers

Time: 40:00 minutes (Hand-held Stopwatch)

Average Pace: 6:27 minutes per kilometer

Shoes: TNF Single-Track

Comments: Very slow jog on the first loop thinking for a short warm-up before going to the PA Gymnasium for Strengthening Exercises/Workout. It ended with a 6-loop run. I’ve changed to dry upper clothes and went to the PRT Room inside the PA Gym. Did a lot of leg lifts with light weights and upper body workouts with lighter weights. This is my first time to do strengthening exercises for the year.


February 15, 2011 (PM): Camp Aguinaldo 7K-Loop

Time of Start: 5:30 PM

Weather: Cooler and the Sun was about to Set

Distance: 2 loops = 14K

Time: 1:27:12 hours (Hand-held Stopwatch)

Average Pace: 6:13 minutes per kilometer

Shoes: Adidas Adizero Mana

Comments: I was able to log in a total of 20 kilometers for the day and I felt great. My run in the afternoon was faster on the second loop due to a runner whom I was trying to catch up but the darkness on the roads of the camp prevented me to stay closer to him. However, he stopped with 2.5 kilometers remaining for the 2nd loop as he reached his quarters. I drank lots of cold water and Gatorade for my runs in the morning and in the late afternoon. I did not eat any solid foods during the runs.


February 16, 2011: REST DAY


February 17, 2011 (AM): Camp Aguinaldo 7K-Loop & Parade Ground Loop

Time of Start: 8:30 AM

Weather: Hot & sunny

Distance: 2 X 7K-loop + 2 X 650-meter loop = 15.3 kilometers

Time: 1:47:15 hours

Average Pace: 6:41 minutes per kilometer

Shoes: TNF Arnuva 50 BOA

Comments: It was scheduled to be a “heat training” and easy slow run after a day rest. Started with the 1st loop on the counter clockwise (usual) direction and added one loop at the Parade Ground-loop and then went to my 2nd loop on the clockwise direction. It was more challenging to run on the 2nd loop because of the heat of the sun and the terrain seems to be a harder one due to the fact that it was my first time to run on a clockwise direction. On the last 3.5K, I was accompanied by another “first-time” BDM 102 runner who is a retired Master Sgt with the age of 54 years old. He is strong and did not drink any water while running for 2 loops (14K). It was more comfortable with my calf muscles when I used the Adidas Soccer Socks, my inexpensive version of a compression socks/calf sleeves, rather than using the more expensive compression socks available in running specialty stores. The Soccer Socks is only less than Five Hundred Pesos! I started using my hand-held water bottle for the duration of the whole workout. I was able to consume one liter of water and one glass of Coke after my workout.


February 18, 2011 (AM): Remy Field Oval Track, Subic Freeport

Time of Start: 8:15 AM

Weather: Sunny & Very Hot

Distance: 21 laps = 8.4 kilometers

Time: 52:45 minutes

Average Pace: 6:17 minutes per kilometer

Shoes: Adidas Adizero Rocket

Comments: It was hot. I stayed at the outer lane of the oval track as there was an activity for an school’s athletics. I started at a very slow pace covering one mile in 11:20 minutes but started to increase my pace until I was running at 2:20 minutes per lap. It was my 2nd time to use my Adidas Adizero Rocket which I think the most “minimalist” running shoes for the shoe brand. I felt I was running on barefoot. I finally increased my pace on the last 4 laps for my mile run for the day. I finished in 9:00 minutes for the mile.


February 19, 2011 (AM): Subic Freeport Roads & Argonaut Highway

Time of Start: 8:20 AM

Weather: Sunny & Hot but there is a Wind coming from the South

Distance: 23.5 Kilometers

Time: 2:46:30 hours

Average Pace: 7:04 minutes per kilometer

Shoes: ASICS Gel-LyteRacer

Comments: It was another hot & sunny day inside the former naval base. Instead of running along the Oval Track, I started my run on the flat streets/roads of the base where hotels and restaurants are lined up on the seashore. It took me at least one hour to run around the shaded sidewalks and roads of this place. I was using my hand-held hydration bottle on my left hand which I am using in my long runs just to be able to train with it and be natural in using it. After refilling it with cold water from my ice chest in my parked vehicle, I continued my run along Rizal Road going to the Binictican Area until I reached the Argonaut Highway. I watched the on-going Bike Race while resting before taking my turn-around back to the Remy Field. I have to buy one bottle of PoweAde in one of the convenience stores along the way. It was already 12:15 noon when I finally reached back at Remy Field where I parked my vehicle.


February 20, 2011 (AM): Remy Field Oval Track, Subic Freeport

Time of Start: 9:12 AM

Weather: Sunny & Very Hot with Slight Winds coming from the South

Distance: 60 laps at Lane #1 = 24 kilometers (1st 26 laps on counter clockwise; 2nd 26 laps on clockwise; and the remaining 8 laps were on counter clockwise)

Time: 2:27:23 hours

Average Pace: 6:09 minutes per kilometer

Shoes: ASICS Gel-LyteRacer

Comments: Of course, I was the only one running at the said time. But there was a Football Team playing on the side of the oval track. It is annoying that players and their ball usually pass in front of me whenever I reached the portion where they are playing. It seems I was a “magnet” to their ball. For the 60 laps that I ran through along the oval, at least, 20 times that their players just sit at Lane #1, walked across my path when I am near their area and their ball just cross my path for so many times. I had to talk to their Coach in a polite manner about my observation after I finished 52 laps. He apologized about the actuations of his players. Going back to my run, I feel I am becoming stronger and have easily adapted to the heat for my 2nd “back-to-back” long run. Don’t be surprised if you see me with a darker complexion. I had my 5-8 minutes “pit stops” every time I finished 25 laps. Obviously, my average pace is faster as compared with my long run on the road because of the flat terrain of the oval track. I am happy with the result of my LSD long run at the track as my feet and legs were not exposed to a harder surface this time.


Total Distance For the Week: 91.4 Kilometers or 57.12 Miles

Total Time: 10 Hours & 1 Minute & 12 Seconds

Total Average Pace: 6:35 Minutes Per Kilometer

Total Elevation: Undetermined

Comment: I have increased my total mileage but I decreased the total time which means that I am getting stronger and faster on my 2nd week of training. I hope I can sustain the momentum.


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