A Trip To Batanes: A Dream Come True

19 12 2010

(Note: This is an entry to SEAIR’s  Batanes Winter Bloggers’ Tour Contest)

A Trip To Batanes: A Dream Come True

Having been born and lived in Ilocos Norte and stayed for almost three years in Cagayan Province when I was in High School, I have heard already about the northern most province of the Philippine archipelago which is called the Batanes Group of Islands. I would hear stories about the place and its people from my father who was then a Principal in one of the Agricultural Schools in Cagayan and later as a Regional Supervisor of the Department of Education. He would always say nice things about the place and its people. With his stories, I would believe that he had been on those islands of Batanes in connection with his job then. Read the rest of this entry »

Inspirational Blogs

18 12 2010

Of course, for runners!

When I am tired of reading books, I usually browse to these inspirational blogs which happen to be the blogsites of the top mountain trail runners in the United States. Yes, these elite trail runners are very good writers and they are very transparent in their daily journals and in their race reports. They follow the same principle of “consistency” in their training as well as in their writing to update their blogs! Read the rest of this entry »

The Cost Of Running

17 12 2010

The Cost Of Running…Outside The Country

  1. In my recollection, it was only Albert Salazar aka Run2DMoon who posted in his blog the expenses and cost that he has to spend in his training and sometimes, his expenses in participating to road races, to include his past BDM 102 editions. In summary, it showed that training and joining to road races entail a lot of money from one’s pocket. However, I have yet to read his story on his running costs if ever he had joined a race outside the country. This gives me to go to my next topic. Read the rest of this entry »


16 12 2010

Whenever I visit my subordinate units/commands while I was a Division Commander of the Philippine Army, the first thing that I need to see as I enter their Headquarters or camp was their Toilet! Why? It is because the toilet serves as the reflection on the efficiency of the unit and its commander and my measurement on the administrative condition of the unit. Whether the camp is located in the forest or in the mountains or in the periphery of a city or a municipality or a barangay, the toilet should be clean, it has an available water (in pail or water containers), a dipper, a soap, and a small towel (if there is no toilet paper/tissue). Read the rest of this entry »

1st BDM 160K Race Belt Buckle

14 12 2010

 In Silver! Made by SUAREZ Bros. (Not the Actual Size as seen here)

1st Philippine 100-Mile Run Belt Buckle

Any questions?

Good luck and Train Well! Be a part of this historic first “solo” race for a 100-mile (160K) ultramarathon road race in the country!

(Note: This is not a motivation for you to “cheat” in my race!!! It should be a motivation for you to test your physical and mental limits…and cross the finish line with your own effort.)

24-Hour Run: Soochow Ultramarathon

13 12 2010

Pre-Race Activities

The longest time of my life to be running and walking continuously was when I finished the 1st edition of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race last April 4-5, 2009 where I finished in 15+ hours. Now, I could not imagine how these 30+ elite ultramarathon runners to be running around a 400-meter oval track for the duration of 24 hours. One-half of these runners are the world’s best in this kind of endurance event and it was a learning experience for me in terms of the organizational, administrative, and the technical aspects.

The Soochow International Ultramarathon 24-Hour Endurance Race is in its 10th edition where world records for such event had been established by no less than the best of the best of running. This simply means that Taiwan and other countries in our neighbours in the Asia region had been ahead of us in terms of awareness and participation to ultramarathon events. Read the rest of this entry »

“Good Morning, Taipei!”

11 12 2010

At 9:00 AM this morning, Saturday, December 11, 2010, the 10th Annual Edition of the “IAU’s Silver Medal” Event in Taiwan which is called, “Soochow International Ultramarathon 24-Hour Endurance Race” shall start. The 24-Hour Endurance Race usually consists of only 36 elite runners in ultramarathon running where 18 runners are “the best” international runners and the other half are elite runners from Taiwan.

The Soochow University’s Oval Track had been the official venue of this event since its first staging in 1999. This ultramarathon/24-hour endurance race had been organized and directed by one of its University professors, Frank Kuo, who happens to be a passionate ultrarunner who had joined the Spartathlon and other multi-day running events in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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