“You Can’t Buy Speed…And Endurance”

In an ultramarathon race, your pricey “high-tech” apparel and equipment do not make you faster and stronger runner but they can make your run more enjoyable and with better looks on your photo album!

Having "FUN & PAIN" @ the 1st Cebu 50K Ultra Run

But looking at this picture, I’ve concluded that all the things that I was wearing on this run were bought outside the country!

Runner’s Cap by Under Armour

Oakley Sports Sunglass (Asian Fit) Bought & Ordered by my daughter, Jovelle

Neck Bandana by Buff

ASICS Technical Shirt bought in Jeju Island, South Korea

Race Ready Shorts From Zombie Runner

Hand-held Racing Bottle by Ultimate Direction from Zombie Runner

“ONE” White Wristband

GARMIN Forerunner 305

Running Socks by DryMax

ASICS Gel-Tarther Shoes bought in Jeju Island, South Korea.

In my estimate, the whole attire and stuff on me is worth $800.00! That’s a lot of money for looking “good” while running in a race. However, the pain, experience, feeling of successfully crossing the finish line, meeting friends, and being strong and healthy is PRICELESS!

Running is the cheapest sports but if you want to look good in your pictures, then by all means, you can buy stuffs that you can see in “glossy” sports magazines and feel that you are an elite athlete also. But in the end, you can’t buy speed, endurance, and “mental toughness” (from Dr Chester Puno) as they are developed and acquired with years & years of patience, commitment, discipline, determination, and passion for the sports.

See you at the Starting Line!

(Note: Photo Courtesy of Sydney delos Reyes at the 1st Cebu 50K Ultramarathon Run)


2 thoughts on ““You Can’t Buy Speed…And Endurance”

  1. batmanrobin

    you are right sir!!! run hard and run as simple and as light as possible anyway kalimitan sa malakas na runners simple lang ang suot… pag kasi maporma mas malamang makupad yan…pero ok sir yon kasi kong mahina kang runners daanin mo naman sa porma …panalo pa rin.. kahit huli sa finish line..heheheh


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