Mental “Prep” For MILO

Since the time I read the book, Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes, I had been introduced to a Mountain Trail Ultramarathon Race Event called “The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run”. Eversince, I’ve been annually trying to know the winners and “stars” of this event. It is fortunate that in this year’s event, the top 100-milers in the USA and Europe competed in this prestigious race.

As a mental “prep” for the Marathon Runners in tomorrow’s 34th MILO Marathon Elimination Race, I am posting the following article which I copied at the Ultrarunning Magazine’s Online Site. However, it would be much better to continue visiting the links and blogs of the key runners, Geoof Roes and Anton Krupicka for their detailed story about their race.

I hope my readers who will be running their Marathon Race (42K) will be mentally prepared and inspired to do their best in tomorrow’s race. Good luck to everybody and see you tomorrow morning.

Relax and read!

Roes Wins Epic Western States Battle in Record Time (Copied from Ultrarunning Magazine)
Auburn, California, June 26. Geoff Roes of Juneau, Alaska took the lead at mile 89 in breaking the course record at the 37th annual Western States 100, posting a 15:07:04 winning time. Anton Krupicka of Boulder, Colorado and Kilian Jornet of Spain ran neck and neck throughout the day, with Roes biding his time a few minutes back. He reached the river crossing (mile 78) in third, 15 minutes back, and began his final charge. Krupicka dropped Jornet by Auburn Lake Trails, but was caught by Roes four miles later. The two ran within a minute of each other through the Highway 49 crossing (mile 93.3), before Roes pulled away on the stretch to No Hands Bridge (mile 96.7) and opened a six-minute lead, which he maintained to the end. Krupicka, in finishing second, was also under Scott Jurek’s previous course record.

Tracy Garneau of Vernon, British Columbia was the women’s winner, leading most of the race. She posted a 19:01:55 winning time despite fighting Achilles tendon issues the last 20 miles. Meghan Arbogast was second, in an impressive performance at age 49.

The weather was not an ally of the runners, with the high temperature in Auburn reaching 93 degrees F. A record 123 silver buckles were earned by runners breaking 24 hours, besting the 106 in 1997. Out of the 426 starters, a record 327 finished the race within the 30 hour time limit.

1. Geoff Roes, 34, Juneau, AK, 15:07:04 (new course record, old record 15:36:27 by Scott Jurek, 2004)
2. Anton Krupicka, 26, Boulder, CO, 15:13:53
3. Kilian Jornet Burgada, 22, Puigcerda, Spain, 16:04:49
4. Nick Clark, 36, Fort Collins, CO, 16:05:56
5. Zach Miller, 34, Bozeman, MT, 16:55:17
6. Gary Robbins, 33, North Vancouver, BC, 17:06:21
7. Glen Redpath, 44, New York, NY, 17:10:06
8. Ian Sharman, 29, Scaldwell, Great Britain, 17:26:19
9. Andy Jones-Wilkins, 42, Ketchum, ID, 17:31:24
10. Dan Barger, 44, Auburn, CA, 17:36:34

1. Tracy Garneau, 41, Vernon, BC, 19:01:55
2. Meghan Arbogast, 49, Corvallis, OR, 19:15:58
3. Nikki Kimball, 39, Bozeman, MT, 19:23:09
4. Rory Bosio, 25, Soda Springs, CA, 19:32:07
5. Caren Spore, 42, Davis, CA, 19:34:29
6. Becky Wheeler, 35, Casper, WY, 19:58:40
7. Joelle Vaught, 35, Boise, ID, 20:19:36
8. Annette Bednosky, 43, Jefferson, NC, 20:43:04
9. Angela Shartel, 36, San Diego, CA, 21:28:06
10. Pam Smith, 35, Salem, OR, 21:36:04

You can read the Race Report of Geoff Roes at

You can read the Race Report of Anton Krupicka at

You can also visit the blog of Rick Gaston at


2 thoughts on “Mental “Prep” For MILO

  1. I’m not at all a fan of Dean Karnazes! He is a bit of a Fake, a scam too make money ” Runners World “. He has ran some good races, but he isn’t that good other wise he would still race ultra’s like the Western States 100! Any way this years Western States 100 was ran by some great runners, Anton and Geoff are great runners! What a race!


  2. Incredible race this year, one of the most competitive. Two amazing runners well known in the ultra-running circles, runners you would put money on to win the event, being chased down from 15 minutes back by an equally amazing runner. Geoff Roes really dropped the hammer those last 20-miles.

    Weather is never an ally in Western States and at 93 degrees that is actually not bad. I could tell the difference at Foresthill, at the 100km mark. Runners didn’t look so bad coming in from the canyons, not like last year when the temps hit a 100. Last year I felt sorry for a majority of the runners coming through, they looked beat down, bedraggled and dirty. The year I did it – 107 and half the field dropped.


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