Lecture & Clinic @ UP Vanguard

7:00 AM June 26, 2010/UP Vanguard, UP Diliman Campus  

After the June 12 Independence Day Half-Marathon Race, I had the chance to chat and have some photo-ops with the members of the UP Vanguard Running Club where four (4) of its members are “veterans” of BDM 102. Lt Colonel Roland Rodil of the Philippine Army, Commandant of the UP Vanguard and one of the few senior officers who is a competitive runner, requested me to conduct a running lecture and clinic to his cadets and “reservists” at the UP Campus. I immediately approved his request and with a few exchanges of e-mails and text messages, the activity was finally scheduled last Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the UP Vanguard Building.  

UP Vanguard Running Team

 I was received at the UP Vanguard Campus by Lt Col Roland Rodil and his staff on the early morning of Saturday, June 26, 2010. After breakfast and chat with the staff of the UP Vanguard, I was led to the lecture hall which is the top floor of the UP Vanguard Building with more than a hundred of ROTC Cadets and PA Reservists waiting for the start of the activity.  

The lecture started at 7:30 AM with a brief message and introduction for me by Lt Col Roland Rodil. The lecture was too detailed for the younger audience to be aware of the basics and principles in running. After a two-hour lecture and Open Forum, the audience was led to the streets of the campus for the practical portion of the clinic.  

Running Lecture With The ROTC Cadets of UP Diliman
More Than 100 Cadets & Reservists Attended
Lt Col Roland Rodil, Commandant of UP Vanguard Presenting A Memento

 The practical and actual demonstration was led by the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner. The clinic started with the different stretching exercises, running “drills”, and a 2-Km easy run around the campus. Another 1 1/2 hours were devoted to this part of the event.  

Stretching Exercises Done Properly With The Elite Runners
Another View of the Stretching Exercises
Running "Drills" Around the UP Vanguard Campus
2K Non-Stop Run Before The End of the Clinic
Group Picture With UP Vanguard & Reservists After The Activity

 Lt Col Rodil’s initiative in this activity is very commendable. Teaching these college students on the benefits of running is a good move to expose them on the benefits of adhering to an active and healthy lifestyle through running. I would be very much happy that at least 10-20 of these ROTC cadets will pursue running as part of their way of life.  

Through the ROTC program and the Philippine Army’s Reserve Force Development, my advocacy to spread the basics of running had taken off in tandem with my running clinics with the corporate world. Hopefully, this will increase the number of runners who will be guided with proper basics and training principles.  

Mabuhay kayo, Lt Col Rodil, UP Vanguard and PA Reservists!


3 thoughts on “Lecture & Clinic @ UP Vanguard

  1. Sir Jovie, ROTC has triggered my interest for running. It was during our first Saturday PT (physical training) sessions that I wasn’t able to completely finish where I swore to God that someday I will be improving my running skills 🙂


  2. fanaticinformant

    I didn’t enjoy ROTC back in college. But when I started working, I realized that the training I gained from it was something that I treasure. Many of our young men these days are spineless beings because they don’t have the grit of experience and are often pampered by parents who do not wish their kids to experience difficulty in life equating it with poverty. But difficulty builds character and determination. And running is indeed a great advocacy in ensuring that discipline and character are important in making a man or a woman come to terms with the difficulties of life.


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