If you are a runner in the Philippines, the color “green” signifies the MILO Marathon Race! 

Last Thursday noon, June 24, 2010, I was one of the few “runner-bloggers” who were invited by MILO/Nestle, Phils to attend the media launching of the 34th MILO Marathon for this year. I think only four of us were there who were outnumbered by the newspaper/print publications, radio, and TV media personnel & reporters—Kikay Runner, Bugobugo85 aka frontRunner, The Bull Runner and I. It was really an honor and privilege to be a part of this memorable event. 

The event started with some personal chat and greetings with the members of the TEAM MILO under the leadership of Mr Afnan Ahsan, the new Senior Vice-President, Beverages Business Unit of NESTLE Philippines. Lunch was served immediately at noon time. 

Race Route: 34th MILO Marathon Elimination Race/July 4, 2010

 As soon as the attendees had their lunch, the formal presentation of the media launching of the event started. What impressed me most is the presentation of the TV commercial film, “The Gift” for MILO’s project HELP GIVE SHOES. I can relate with this new advocacy of MILO because I’ve been a witness of runners in marathon races who are still using “old and tattered” running shoes and I was able to do something, at least, to solve the problem. My personal observation led me to come up with my “Project Donate A Shoe” which I started by donating four (4) pairs of my slightly used running shoes. Little did I know that my readers have the same observations too that they started donating their used shoes to my project. So far, I have received and distributed a total of almost 1,000 pairs of used running shoes coming from my friends in the country & abroad and my readers residing in Great Britain, United States, China, Japan, and the Middle East! 

Team MILO/Nestle, Phils During The Media Launching

 After the prepared presentation about the 34th MILO Marathon Event, the key members of Team MILO were presented to everybody and they emphasized the importance of their advocacy by sticking “footprints” on the wall. Key figures in Philippine Sports (PSC & POC), Race Organizer, and MILO Executives were seated in front of the audience as each of them were asked some questions and clarification and the Press Interview/Open Forum started. 

When a reporter who is not a runner ask a question, most likely, the question is a dumb and stupid one. They don’t read the written Press Release given to them once they enter the venue before they ask a question because the answer is already on those printed pages. Almost all their questions start with the word “Why?” However, I was impressed when a recreational runner-reporter asked the question, “Why MILO thought of such advocacy (Help Give Shoes) now, after 33 years of conducting a nation-wide running events?” Well, the Team MILO answered that they have the same observation as I have expressed in this blog. 

Team MILO Marathon with TBR & BR!!!

This year’s 34th MILO Marathon Elimination is totally different from the past yearly event because of their “Help Give Shoes” advocacy for the underprivileged children; the introduction of qualifying times according to one’s age category; increase in registration fees but with better quality of race singlet, finisher’s t-shirt & finisher’s medal; better support services to runners in terms of safety, hydration (water & Gatorade), food replenishments (fruits & sports gels); increase in cash prizes for the winners; accurate timing with the use of the RFID Champion Chip; and a new race course (which I will discuss in my incoming posts).  

“Green” means the Environment! “Green” means MILO! “Green” means GO! Run the MILO Marathon! 

See you on July 4th!


9 thoughts on ““Green”

  1. loganfam

    Wow! Sounds like Milo has really raised the standard! Fantastic. Team Logan is considering running their race in Dagupan and of course here in Baguio also. I hope we see the same improvements in their provincial races as they are doing in the metro. See you soon. Craig, Michelle & Justin


  2. sundaywarrior

    Hi Sir Jovie, just want to confirm, I think I read this in one blog that it’s mandatory that only the Milo singlet should be used for the race?


    1. kingofpots

      chito, it is always one of the rules & regulations of road races which are sponsored by corporate brands for photo-ops purposes but i think the marshals will not prevent you from joining and finishing the case. see you on sunday!


  3. Sir, See on the Full Mary starting line, this is my first time to do the full mary, Without you our beginnings would never had started. 2 to 3 hours(Running Clinic) of your time was already enough for me to realize my love for running. How I wish I started earlier during teen years. -Beeps/APL Running Team.


  4. fanaticinformant

    I think one reason that Rudy Biscocho decided on doing three loops is to distinguish this race from the Pasig Marathon which he is also the race director. I personally don’t like running around in loops so I will have to psyche myself up just for this event.


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