It is supposed to be entitled “Thinner”!

Most of the people, friends, and other runners had the same observation of me when they saw me for the past few days. Most of the time for the past 2-3 months, I’ve been always going to the province outside Metro Manila and training with my elite team. Seldom my friends and other runners would see me in the usual places where runners would do their workouts in Metro Manila.

Last week, I weighed myself naked and I was surprised that the weighing scale registered 136 lbs! During the start of my training in preparation for the 34th MILO Marathon Eliminations on the last week of March, I had a weight of 143 lbs. It was my weight when I participated in the Jeju International 50K Ultramarathon Race. After this ultramarathon race, it marked the start of my training.

The reduction of my weight by 7 lbs could be attributed to my regular runs to the “Brown Mountain” (BM) and long steady distance (LSD) runs along a hilly paved road during weekends. I have also joined the elite runners in their training which included two running workouts a day—hard training in the morning and another recovery run in the afternoon. In between such workouts, it included at least 2 hours sleep after lunch.

Even if I slept 7-8 hours every night and eat a balance diet in my food intake, it appears that I consume more calories when I run and I was able to burn more of my body fats!

Having said that the ideal weight for a runner (male) competing in a particular race is equivalent to his height in inches multiplied by 2, it would be best to apply this formula to myself, 67 inches X 2, is equivalent to 134 lbs! It appears that I have to reduce another 2 lbs in order to meet my ideal weight for the MILO Marathon. Well, I think my present weight of 136 lbs is already enough for me.

Actually, I really don’t worry about the observation and comment of my friends about my being thinner this time as the MILO Marathon is fast approaching. I always think that this condition is only temporary. It is faster for me to gain weight than shaving off those unwanted fats from my body. I am looking forward already to my rest & recovery (one month) after the race before I start again for my training for the 34th MILO Marathon Finals scheduled on December 12, 2010 with the hope of finishing the elimination race in less than 4:10 hours.

Whether I am thinner or lighter, I hope this will be an “edge” for me to register a faster finish time in a marathon race this time.

See you on July 4th.

Latest Pic @ frontRunner Clinic (June 24, 2010). Photo Courtesy of frontRunner Magazine

3 thoughts on “Lighter

  1. beabear29

    Sir, when I saw you at the FrontRunner event, I didnt notice that you lost weight… although you did look tired.

    Enjoy your 1 month post-MILO rest 🙂


  2. runningshield

    You are very right with the perfect running weight computation. For women its same computation but less 10 lbs.
    Most people will not agree with computation and i have gotten a lot of flak from it to but it works for me and it makes me run better.
    Im 5’5 and 129 lbs. But when im doing a marathon my weight goes down to 125lbs.
    Good luck for milo . you’re ready

    Raul Patrick Concepcion


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