Of Running Clinics; Meetings; & Visit

1. We no longer offer FREE Running Lectures/Clinics. We are now asking a honorarium for the conduct of our Running Lecture/Clinic. The fee will be used to support our Elite Team Bald Runner Distance Project and logistical needs for the 2nd BDM 102.

2. I was invited for the Send-Off Party this week for our athletes in Athletics (Track & Field) who will represent the country in the 2009 ASEAN Games to be held in Laos. The Track & Field athletes consist of 20 athletes; 6 Coaches; and 1 Head of the Party. The PATAFA Team will be leaving on December 6 for Laos. The 25th ASEAN Games will start on December 9. The TEAM Philippines “HOPES” to get at least 45-50 Gold Medals in the Games.

3.  I made a “surprise” visit to my Elite Team’s “training camp” in the Sierra Madre Mountains and we had some pictorials with them with their new Team Bald Runner uniform courtesy of MILO/Nestle, Phil. Altitude, Hill workouts, trail running, and clean air are the keys for better performance.

Elite Team Bald Runner Distance Project Members
Looking For A Brighter Future In Running

4. A Leadership Training/Speaking Engagement Module had been offered to me by a Private Company engaged in the conduct of training to corporate offices. I think this is a good job while I am on “rest & recovery” period.

5. “Brainstorming” session was conducted among the members of Team Hardcore and other ultrarunners about the creation of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) at the Board Room of Reinier Pacific which was hosted by Capt Amado Castro Jr aka Reinier6666. The meeting was very productive and I was able to gather positive insights about its creation and its availability for membership.

PAU's "Trailblazers" & "Pathfinders"

6. There are already 147 runner-applicants for the 2nd BDM 102. There are 40 slots reserved for the AFP/PNP runners.  If the slots for the AFP/PNP will be filled up, there are already 186 runner-applicants. However, I still encourage runners to apply in my Bataan 102 Events Page. There are 96 Days to go before D-Day!

7. More suggested logos for PAU had been received. Thanks for your interest to come up with PAU’s Logo. Deadline of submission is December 31, 2009.

(Note: Latest Awardees/Finishers of the 1,000-Km Club will be posted next!!!)

3 thoughts on “Of Running Clinics; Meetings; & Visit

  1. sfrunner

    Hi Sir Jovie. Nice post as always but the photos of Team Baldrunner and the new uniforms are outstanding. As always, hope things are well with you and the team.

    Please take care. I’m one year older next Wednesday!


  2. Tin

    #4 🙂
    nice pics! the team bald runner are looking good 🙂 really nice guys.
    & i like that place, usually drive there and have breakfast on sundays (lots of bikers though) — weekdays might be a good day to run there…


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