Bonifacio Day & McHappy Day

1. November 30 is declared as a Holiday and popularly called as Bonifacio Day (Araw Ng Kabayanihan) but it became more significant not because of the birth of the Father of the Revolution but because it was the day most of the politicians declared their candidacy to the different elective positions for next year’s national and local elections.

Gat Andres Bonifacio as Father of Katipunan

2. It was supposed to be a running workout day for most of the runners preparing for their next marathon race but most of the people went “running” to the COMELEC to file their respective COCs (Certificates of Candidacy). I doubt if these politicians are really “runners/joggers” at all.

3. Instead of having a Bonifacio Day Run to celebrate one of our important heroes, McDonald’s, a popular American Fastfood Chain celebrated the day with a McHappy Day 5K & 10K Runs. How I wish Filipinos would not forget our heroes. Without them, we would not be enjoying the freedom that we are all enjoying today. Are we losing our sense of nationalism or are we completely forgotten that we are Filipinos?

4. I only realized that it was Bonifacio Day when I saw two Ceremonial Guards of the Philippine Army standing infront of the Main Gate of the Headquarters Philippine Army. Just across the concrete fence of Fort Bonifacio, more than one thousand runners were celebrating with McDonald’s along the streets of McKinley Hill, a place which was part of Fort Bonifacio.

5. McHappy Day 3K/5K/10K Runs were done inside the confines of the McKinley Hill and it was done very orderly. I was happy to see very long tables in each of the water stations. There was an organized start and finish to all the runs. During the awarding ceremony, it was my first time to see an elevated podium for the top 3 finishers on top of the elevated stage.

Long Tables in Water Stations

6. I personally congratulated Coach Rio for the outstanding improvements that I’ve been seeing in his races since the TIMEX Run. Is this the result of his latest experiences in attending at least two major road races in California, USA? If so, then our road races are international in quality and standards!

7. One of the famous running coaches approached me and told me how my “boys” (my elite runners) sprinted on the last 500 meters of the 10K run towards the Finish Line. The coach was amazed on their “speed endurance” during the whole race! I just smiled at him and I knew that their training in the mountains for the past weeks is making some progress for better performance.

8. I observed that more Movie and TV Stars are joining the road races. Angel Locsin, one of the popular TV stars, finished her first 3K run during the McHappy Run. I had the chance to have a photo-ops with her and she was very kind and accommodating. More of the runners had their pictures taken with her.

Angel Locsin & BR

9. Aside from the “freebies” to the runners, the awarding ceremony was filled with popular TV stars and international singer. Phoemela Baranda acted as the Emcee and Charize Pempengco sang two songs to the runners. My Elite Team Bald Runner Distance Projects runners won the 1st & 2nd Places in the 10K run.

Rene Desuyo, 1st & Alquin Bolivar, 2nd @ 10K Run (The Elevated Podium is Nice!)

 10. The most glaring observation I’ve noted is the presence of old, young, beginners, and the whole family members joining such road races/fun runs like this particular event. It appears that fun runs are already becoming a way, event, or an activity where the whole family would be together during weekends and holidays. This is a good sign that the whole citizenry is adhering to sports activity that promotes good health and lifestyle.

One thought on “Bonifacio Day & McHappy Day

  1. Good to see some of the stars sweat it out like the rest of us. I actually like Angel Locsin. I think she’s pretty. Hopefully more and more people get involved with these runs and overall, a better appreciation for parks and open spaces. I’m for less “malling” and more running.


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