Too Many Runners & Joggers…

30 06 2009

2nd GIG Run & BOTAK 100K Paa-Tibayan @ UP Diliman Campus/28 June 2009

Yes, there were too many runners and joggers…and even walkers and bikers at the UP Diliman Campus last Sunday, 28 June 2009. Aside from the fact that there were two major road races (2nd GIG Run & BOTAK 100K) during the day, UP Diliman Campus is becoming a favorite workout place for runners, joggers, walkers, and bikers during Saturdays and Sundays.

This is a good sign that more people are into physical activities and engage themselves into an active lifestyle. If only most of our populace are into any kind of physical activity, we could be resistant to any kind of disease, being healthy & strong, relieve the stress we encountered for the past days and even to the point of having a positive attitude in life.

Last Sunday, I joined the 2nd GIG Run as a part of my personal commitment to support the advocacy of the UP Mountaineering Club to plant trees at Angat & Ipo Dams. If not for the “balding” mountains & hills that surround the said dams, the Philippine Army Detachment providing security to the said installations would had never been “washed away” as a result of excessive water from rainfalls during one of the typhoons. Such incident resulted to the “missing in action” of one of the soldiers up to the present. It is suspected that the soldier got drowned and washed away by the strong current of water coming from the dam. Joining this race is my yearly commitment to honor the “MIA” soldier who happens to be under my Command when I was the Brigade Commander in Central Luzon.

The race started at exactly 6:00 AM for the 10K runners and after a few minutes, the 5K runners started their race. The route for the 10K consisted of two loops arounf the major streets of UP Campus which were very familiar to me. The race was uneventful for the first loop but I became slower on the second loop because of the vehicular traffic as well as the presence of so many runners, walkers, joggers, and bikers along the route who are not part of the road race. The traffic condition was compounded with the slower participants of the 5K runners. Aside from the traffic, I felt my body was sluggish because of “jetlag” and sudden change of environment & temperature.

A Pose With Members of the UP Mountaineering Club

A Pose With Members of the UP Mountaineering Club

Talking With Some Runners At The Starting Area

Talking With Some Runners At The Starting Area

At the Start of the Race

At the Start of the Race

My first loop was timed at 23+ minutes and I tried my best to maintain my pace with the target of finishing the race in 47-48 minutes but due to the reasons above, I finally finished the race in 49:04 minutes (based from my GF 305). It was a slow finish but I was happy to be back to the local running community and be able to talk to the usual runner-bloggers and got to meet the new ones.

Under Armor Shirt; CW-X Tight Shorts: & ASICS Hyper-Velocity Speed 3

Under Armor Shirt; CW-X Tight Shorts: & ASICS Hyper-Velocity Speed 3

After the awarding ceremony of the GIG Run, I had a chance to visit the Start/Finish Area of the BOTAK 100K Ultramarathon Race and I was able to talk to Christian Alacar and Neville Manaois, the Race Organizer & Race Director, respectively, and to some of the early finishers of the 100K race and newly-arrived 50K finishers.

Brief Chat with Christian Alacar, Race Organizer of BOTAK 100K

Brief Chat with Christian Alacar, Race Organizer of BOTAK 100K

Awarding Ceremony For The BOTAK 100K/50K Finishers

Awarding Ceremony For The BOTAK 100K/50K Finishers

I observed that the conduct of the Ultra race was a very successful one. This is a good sign that ultra distance running is getting a headway in the country. It is a matter of time that more of this kind of event will be conducted on a regular basis. My congratulations to the finishers of the 100K & 50K for being qualified to be called as “ultra runners”  and to the BOTAK management for their untiring commitment to promote ultra running in the country.

It was already about 10:00 AM when I finally left the UP Campus and there were still a lot runners & joggers along the major streets of the campus. I was all smiles when I left the campus knowing that more and more people are into running. How I wish that all people must be united to run or jog in order to provide themselves a venue or activity to be involved in an active lifestyle and relieve themselves from stress, thereby making them more healthy despite of what is happening around us.

More power to the runners!!!



8 responses

30 06 2009

I agree its a welcome development here in the Philippines. It used to be badminton but now its running. I hope people will start joining running. Notice there are many runner-bloggers too 🙂

1 07 2009
run unltd.

I wish our local ultra runnings should have a finish line that is the same or closely resembles those of international standards like the ironman’s. An ultra runner should finish in triumph and with jubilation and cheers from the crowd and should be welcomed as kings and queens at the finish line. I witnessed botak’s; nakakalungkot.

1 07 2009

Hi Sir Jovie welcome back, saw you during the first loop last Sunday but you said it right, and daming runners talaga at that time.

1 07 2009

Sir it’s nice to have you again here and am glad that upon arriving, you did already an awesome 49 minutes in spite of some difficulty along the way.
Even when I reached the U.P campus at around 6pm, there were still so many runners-a good sign for the running community.
See you around.
God bless you.

1 07 2009

Thank you very much Sir for joining the 1st and the 2nd GIG RUNs and for continuing to support UP Mountaineers’ advocacy to contribute to the restoration of Ipo Watershed in southern Sierra Madre.

Last Sunday’s GIG RUN will be featured tonight on BORN TO BE WILD, after SAKSI, GMA 7.

We hope to run with you again next year.


By the way, Sir, can you refer us to the current Brigade Commander in Central Luzon? or any other military officer designated in Norzagaray?


1 07 2009

Sir welcome back, your “slow” time of 49 minutes is fast.. I hope to reach it in the near future!

1 07 2009

Hi Sir BR. Great chatting with you and Vener last Sunday. I’ll send you the photos. Godspeed po sa Milo! -macky

1 07 2009

Hi sir jovie, welcome back. It was nice to see you again. Congrats on your run, wala pa rin kakupas-kupas… mabilis pa rin! Wish you well on your milo marathon on sunday. See you there!

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