Found As Trash!

Finisher's T-Shirt For A 10K Race
Finisher's T-Shirt For A 10K Race
While cleaning the Garage and sorting out the “trashes”, I found this Finisher’s T-Shirt  which was of the race packet I got when I ran the FAITH Christmas 10K Race inside Fort Benning, Georgia on December 3, 1983 (Saturday). Although there are no snows during winter time in the southeastern states of USA, the weather is still cold as ice sleet would form on the road or on the ground during the coolest months.
The T-Shirt is still in good condition but it became softer and thinner in texture due to countless washing and drying (with machines). I could still remember that this race was my first International Road Race during the time I had my military schooling in Fort Benning from 25 October 1983 to 10 May 1984. I could still imagine I was wearing a BOTAK runner’s cap, gloves, long-sleeved cotton Hobbie shirt, and running shorts during the run. I was able to finish this race in 43:40 minutes.
I did not put this t-shirt back to the trash bin or will never donate it as it is one of my souvenirs to show my “beginnings” in my running career. It could be considered as a “trash” already but in my mind and feelings, it seems I have found a  “gold bar” to keep forever.

2 thoughts on “Found As Trash!

  1. leaj23

    Good to know you’re back, Sir.

    Your post reminded me of my dad’s running attire when he ran his first and only marathon in Milo around 20+ years ago. I wonder if he still has that Milo singlet…

    See you this Sunday!


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