To: All TNF 100 Sacobia Solo Runners

This post is not meant to pressure or give jitters to all the solo runners of this weekend’s TNF 100 Clark Sacobia. I just want to inform everybody that TNF 100 Australia which was held last 16-17 May 2009 at the World Heritage Blue Mountain National Park in Leura, Australia (1 1/2 hours from Sydney, Australia) had published its results and feedbacks about the race in their official website. How I wished the TNF 100 Sacobia Website would be as comprehensive as the TNF 100 Australia. Please browse at for the profile of runners, results, race information, and gallery of pictures of competitors.

In last week’s TNF Australia results, the Solo Men’s 100K Run was won by Andrew Lee with a time of 10:20:51 hours, breaking the a new record by 2 minutes from Andrew Komar’s time last year. In the Solo Ladies’ 100K Run, Julie Quinn finished the race in 12:13:45 hours, setting a new record time by shaving 32 minutes from last year’s time of Heather Logie.

Dean Karnazes finished the Solo Men’s 100K Run in 14:42:56 hours and ranked #39 for the top overall category after arriving in Australia on Friday night before the race started on Saturday morning. 

There were 333 runners in the Solo 100K Run and 31 teams in the relay run. Out of the 333 runners, there are no reports in the website on the number of DNF runners, however, in the “General Discussion” page, there were comments from solo 100K runners who did not finish the race.

To all the TNF 100 Sacobia Solo and Relay Runners, good luck and wishing you all the best!!!

My best wishes and prayers will also go to the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner Solo Runners and Team Relay!!!

To These Hardcore Runners, Good Luck & Best Wishes!!!
To These Hardcore Runners (With Me), Good Luck & Best Wishes!!!

6 thoughts on “To: All TNF 100 Sacobia Solo Runners

  1. miraclecello

    28 solo DNFs. Pace splits of last finisher makes for interesting reading: 7:40-9:48 over first third of the race, 13:11-15:43 in the middle sections and 23:33-24:09 in last third. Gradient and fatigue factors I presume.


  2. runnerforchrist

    Thank you for your wishes and prayers and for the update on that tnf100 australia. At this time, I don’t wanna read it hehe.


  3. miraclecello

    There are two there who actually successfuly executed a variation of our own plan — 5kph in the first half and 4kph the rest of the way. Detail in their profiles confirm this. Many thanks again for for the link BR (pretty interesting list there too, including at least two BDM personalities)


    1. kingofpots

      On the BDM personalities, one of them was DNF and the other one was DNS. they were not supposed to be there in the list of runners profile in the first place.


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